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  1. Re: Ukraine 2012 info Well,as far as i know Chernobyl and Prypjat are guarded by army and i never heard about public visitors.You could probably get there if you pay alot of money-i mean unofficialy but otherwise no.Also i don't think you will live long after visiting exclusion zone anyway,the radiaton level is still high.Just another abonded city,nothing special tbh-no dead bodies or anything like that. there is not many places in ukraine to go anyway.i wouldn't go there.High level of povetry,dead and abonded small towns,criminals.esatren Ukraine-Donbas,Donetsk,Dnepropetrovsk,Zaporozzja are sh*t holes-industrial estates-nothing to see at all exept of high polution level.Krimeriya(Krym)-yes,but very expensive.That's why our people go to Bulgaria or Turkey-it's cheaper.Odessa and sevastopol-maybe,it's ok.Kiev is spot on,probably the only place to see in Ukraine.Western ukraine is a bit more greener and with some style-Lviv is probaly one of the best places in Western Ukraine to go. If you do go there then whatch out for your wallets and mobile phones ;)
  2. Re: France - Coupe de Fance - 20-23 January sorry,not much time.will give reasoning later...maybe but today i fancy AC Ajacco @1.53 and Chateauoroux +0.5AH @2.025
  3. Re: Germany - Bundesliga - 20-22 January Well,HT and Bayern 2-0 down...;) A rise of a new champion?:unsure Need 1 more goal for my over bet...
  4. Re: Germany - Bundesliga - 20-22 January just a small example...back to game against India,i know it was friendly but... 1st half Bayern played full squad(main 11) but without Riberry.Indida didn't even come out of their half,not a single shot,even Bayern's keeper had to come out to the middle of the pitch to give pass-he was so bored.Bayern trashed India 4-0 but could be all 6 or 7. Then second half bayern only left 3 or so regulars and gave Ribery,Olic and others chance to play.F*cking hell,Bayern didn't score any single goal and could concede couple too-they were shocking.Ribery and specially Olic died after 30min they looked tired. So trust me Bayern without Ribery is fine but Ribery without bayern is nothing special.He has no discepline,gets frustrated quick,makes silly faults. Only my opinion anyway...
  5. Re: Germany - Bundesliga - 20-22 January yes,in Russia nd Ukraine we call them "Bavaria" ;)
  6. Re: Germany - Bundesliga - 20-22 January Well,first of all i'm not sure why Ribery is still injured.I was watching friendly game Bayern v India and he was playing in second half. Secondly i would not call it as a sinificant loss,he lost his form and he is not the same anymore so Bayern will be fine without him-trust me. But i aagree with overs in this match,also BTTS looks good.Both teams are in good form.not so sure about Bayern win-they don't really impress me when play away and H2H is 5-9-2.looks more like a draw to me so better to take goal market.
  7. Re: England/Scotland > Midweek L1 & All Cups - Jan 17/18 double bubble.both won :beer
  8. Re: England/Scotland > Midweek L1 & All Cups - Jan 17/18 Full strength? What's this then? Craig Mackail-Smith starts for Brighton after he suffered a nasty eye injury against Bristol City on Saturday. Will Hoskins, has a knee problem and misses out. Teenage forward Jake Forster-Caskey, who scored Albion's goal in the 1-1 draw with the Dragons last Saturday, also misses out with a dead leg. Ryan Harley was ruled out against City through illness, fellow wingers Kazenga LuaLua and Craig Noone and full-backs Marcos Painter and Mauricio Taricco are all out, while Gordon Greer is banned Or they are not important players....
  9. Re: England/Scotland > Midweek L1 & All Cups - Jan 17/18 Wolves v Birmingham under 2.5 Wrexham v Brighton under 2.5 Going with double both unders @3.06 bet365 Not much reasoning apart from team news.Looks like Wrexham is missing their leading goalscorer and striker Pogba while Brighton have the same problem with injured strikers.Just don't see many goals there. Well as far as i remember Wolves were never into cups and they are happy just to stay in EPL.Some players will be rseted today,among them top scorer Fletcher and Edwars and couple more injuries.Not sure how Birmingham will aproach this game but i can smell draw again.
  10. Re: England > Weekend > Premier League > 14-16 January 0-1 FT :beer Stats don't lie
  11. Re: England > Weekend > Premier League > 14-16 January Don't care what line ups are-i'm going with stats. City never scored more then 1 goal in last 6 away matches. Man City goals under 1.5 @2.65
  12. Re: France - Ligue 1 - 14-15 January 1-0 FT :beer Never in doubt
  13. Re: Netherlands - Eerste Divisie OK,going for more extreme and taking over1.25 goals at HT in all 7 matches.Friday 13 today ;) hope it will be bad friday for bookies not for us :) over1.25 goals at HT for all friday matches 7 Fold @100.00 Good massive luck :ok
  14. Re: Italy - Serie A - 14-16 January I don't think he is asking for z***n,he's just being sarcastic :lol
  15. Re: France - Ligue 1 - 14-15 January St.Etienne @1.66 was watching France Ligue alot lately and i must say that St.Etienne are in a good form lately specially at home.Yes,they lost to PSG but they desrved atleast a draw there-PSG keeper was awarded most points from France footy expert that week,he was just superb.sochaux are on a freefall and i don't know what can help them0they are just awful.I have no doubt in home win.
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