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  1. Zhang (+1.5 sets) vs Halep 2.43 Pinnacle Zhang is playing her best GS tournament. She is doing very well. H2H is 2:1 for Zhang, who won the last two matches between them. I think that she will be capable to take a least a set.
  2. I am really impressed by Gauff, such a focus and superb shot. Added to her powerful serve. It's worth to try overall bet for a title at 18 (at the exchanges). Wozniacki looked awful in the first round before Tormo's injury, while Zhang seems to drink some rocket fuel and is hitting the ball like a machine gun. Would try for Zhang at 3.22 Pinnacle.
  3. It will be a real shame if Janko didn't win a set. So many missed chances up to know. He should even close the match up to now. Let's shake fingers to take the second! The dude still got it. Just need a bit of luck
  4. Two from me from Lugano: Lapko - Swiatek 3.00 Bet365 Swiatek is a bit overrated. She still has young blood problems and her condition playing too much matches in a row sometimes cause problems. Lapko's season is awful up to now. She is kind of players that needs to start well in a tournament. And here she just destroyed Rodina. While Swiatek was well pushed by Kuzmova Voegele - Ferro 1.60 188bet It's a very rare thing to see me post a bet bellow 2.00, but Voegele is kind of sure bet for me. She is playing amazing and at home. Stephanie showed improvement in IW and here, where the field is far more weaker she could go for something big. Last year she reached the semis so there are some points at stakes for her. A good result here could get her in RG main draw.
  5. Kohly has won 6 ATP events in his career, all of them are on clay. He also has 6 more finals on clay. Even when he is not in form, he is very experienced and is tough to beat. With this tapes of Vesely, I wouldn't touch such a match. Specially on Pinnacle where 1st set rule apply. Andujar is tired, but he won the event last year So he has a lot to lose.
  6. You know the swings can be bad sometimes. I am pretty sure everything will change for you in the second part of the season. Two from me. Ostapenko - Vondarusova 2.32 Pinnacle For the first time this season Ostapenko showed class in his match against Zhang. Vondurosova had some tough moments in her first match. I expect here 2:0 win for Jelena. Ostapenko is a player that is searching her form in many tournaments before hitting the bull's eye. Krajnovic - Goffin 2,65 Betclick The odds already went down for this one. Still have a value even at 2.50. Krajnovic beat some inform guys as Berankins and Kukushkin in two sets. He smashed Goffin a month ago. David seems to have big problems in last 12 months. Everything started when Dimitrov injured his eye. David is out from Top 20. He don't have points to defend here.
  7. Good one on that! Seems your guy is on fire. Bad call by me on that one!
  8. Kanepi - Georges 2.25 bet 365 I am big on Kanepi tonight as well. She is like a sleeping giant. Just need to get back to her power tennis after so many injury problems with her legs and knees. As mentioned above, she tested the ground. I am big fan of Georges, but she has two major problems. She can't show good tennis in two tournaments in a row and is depending a lot of her first serve. She did't do well in Dubai and I am not sure if she improved.
  9. Guys, Andujar is very classy player on clay. When he is in form, he is capable to beat Top 20 players with offensive display, not waiting them to make mistakes or not to have a day. Wu is a fighter, but I don't think he will be capable to beat Pablo, which career was almost destroyed with so many injuries and surgeries. I would skip this match. Yeah, Wu always has a chance to take the match, but there is a syndrome that I am trying to heal in myself. To bet once again on a player that brought you money in his next match.
  10. Mchale - Pavlyuchenkova 2.70 Pinny Pavlyuchenkova's shape wasn't very good in her previous event. While McHale is starting to build up the momentum. She was very strong in her matches here. I expect Christina to win here.
  11. I like that too. Going pretty big on Yasline. When she is in form, is capable to do big damage. I think that if she drops 5-6 kg, she will be playing way better.
  12. Cheers mate! One more: Caruso - Lorenzi 2.25 Unibet, 2.26 188bet Caruso showed very nice form first time this season on the same courts. Lorenzi had to travel from South America, where he played on clay. He never liked the hard courts.
  13. Wu - Gonzalez 2.21 Pinnacle Wu could be the next big China star. The dude scored some nice wins on clay last season and is in nice form comming after futures win. Gonzales is nowhere close to his best. He is pretty slow and this is the treason he has more succes on hard then on clay in recent years
  14. No play for me. I like Mcnally a lot, because she is future Top 100 for sure, but Plyskova is very experienced with big serve. Mcnally is kind of seek and destroy player. If she wins here it will be by 2:0. I was heavy on her against Golubic, but she couldn't deliver (Didn't expect Golubic to make such a strong tournament.). I expect from Mcnally to take the first set
  15. Bonaventure - Danilovic 2.63 at boyles Danilovic is a bit overrated on hard. Ysaline has better serve. It's very important for Bonaventure that it won't be a hell of a heat with big humidity. She just can't play well in those conditions. 20-26 Celsius is well for her.
  16. If you are not sure for some match, just skip it. This is the best way to deal with those. Search for matches that you are very confident with.
  17. She has huge problems with her serve and is making a lot of DF, but she is a typical fighter. She was very close to take a set vs Golubic last week. I like to play her when she is outsider, specially when she is showing some form, taking a match or two in a tournament without making many DF and with better second serve winning % then 35.
  18. If Baptiste has lost the TB in the second, probably he would lose the match.
  19. Sorry, just saw your post here. In fact she has some injury and played too much on singles and doubles in the last few days, so the best she did was to take a set in the semis. Crespatte - DH Lee 2.90 Pinnacle Crespatte changed the level this season. He started the season pretty well stunning a lot of guys, who are on DH Lee's level or better. Last season he played mostly on hard and won a lot of futures evens. DH Lee is pretty risky dude. He can lose from everyone. He did well last week, but have just two days to rest before traveling from Japan to China. Nice value.
  20. Dorosina vs Rodionova 2.23 SBOBet ITF 25k Moscow Doroshina is the last year winner here. She won easy her two matches. Yesterday the Russian played two matches for a total time of 2 and a half hours. Rodionova also played two, both 3-setters for a total of 4 hours. Rodionova is fighting in every set here.
  21. Londero to beat Sousa 2.50 Pinnacle Londero is the new prodigy on clay. The guy beat so many clay good players last week. During 2018 he played 18 matches on clay on 3 challenger tounaments. Won one of them and reached the semifinals on the two others. Sousa just lost twice on Davis cup. His results on clay in the last few yeas aren't so good. He is losing a lot in the first round.
  22. Pouille (+2.5 sets) vs Nole 2.56 Pinnacle To have a TB 2.00 Bet365 90% of Lucas's losses came when he beats himself. He start to make series of UE, hitting the net or outside the court. He is very vulnerable when is playing on second serve. So I think that it will be tough job for Nole if he serves like against Raonic or Coric, but if he plays the way he did against Marterer or Popirin, he is doomed to lose 0:3. Looking the way he plays, he is doing better with each match. The big plus for him is that he never faced Djokovic so he will never remember the past matches when Nole killed almost everybody from the Top tier. I still don't think that Djokovic is at his best. Nishikori came to the match injured from the 5-setter against Careno-Busta. There is value to search for a set win for Pouille. Also I would try to have TB in the match. Pouille already played 8 TB, while Nole just 1, but in fact Djokovic never faced such a big serving player. I think that the even the first set will have a TB.
  23. Serena injured her ankle when leading with 5:1 and having a MB. After the match she said that it wasn't the injury that helped Pliskova, but the great play of the Czech player. But I think that injury and the tough match against Halep affected her. Osaka seems a valid small favorite here, but it can be pretty close.
  24. I've got three bets for the next stage. Nishikori (+2.5 sets) vs Nole at 2.11 Pinnacle Djokovic didn't look so well against very tired Medvedev. He has problems chasing some balls, which is extremely rare to see. Kei is a real fighter. I was surprised how well he was feeling after 5 hours war against Careno-Busta. Few years ago he stunned Nole at US Open. Nishikori vs Nole at 8.27 Pinnacle A long shot, but Djokovic didn't look so dominant as he was in the second part of season 2018. He is a big tournaments player, but matches like the one with Medvedev, or the lost final from RBA in Doha are posing some questions. Nadal to win the AO at 2.40-2.50 various bookies (Will Hill at 2.50) Rafa looks so dominant here. His serve is great and he went way more easier to the semifinal than Nole. Tsitsipas's hype is going to an end. Not sure how he will do with Rafa's top spin and way better receiving game of the Spanish dude compared to Federer. RBA was exhausted after so many 5-setters. Rafa beat twice Tsitsipas in two sets last year. The other big favorite - Novak Djokovic will have to face tricky Nishikory and service machine Raonic, a match that could be 4 or 5 setter. I expect if Nole and Rafa reach the Nadal probably will be a light favorite, because of his way to the final. Also Rafa's serve looked improved as they worked with Carlos Moya on that.
  25. Liam Williams - Mark Heffron 2.7 Pinnacle Williams fought with better oposition and I see him as the better puncher. The match will be pretty close, but those odds gives some value. Heffron is untested. This will be huge XP for him. It will be first match for him into the deep waters.