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  1. Two pics for tonight undercard of Wilder - Stevern Breazeale - Molina, Breazeale to win 1-6 round 3.1 Betfair Both guys like to bang, but Breazeale is the bigger hitter. He is in better form, because Molina came as a substitute for Steverne, In fact Molina is 5 kg more than his last fight, where he beat in a tough match a total outsider in 4 rounds. He will be destroyed even earlier, but it will be my second bet Breazeale - Molina, Breazeale to win 1-3 round 7.5 Betfair Same reasoning as above, adding just that Molina was KO-ed twice in first round and once in third in his losses. 12 of Breazeale's 18 wins came in the first three rounds. Lipinetc - Kondo, Lipinets to win 1-6 round 2.7 Betfair (you may find it at 2.8 at some bookies) Lipinetc is the clear favorite. He will win by knockout for sure, because he is few classes above the Japan fighter. Kondo never been stopped, but his opponents are on national level. Lipinetc already KO-ed few tougher opponents, who never been stopped before. Not sure if the Japan dude could handle to much in the ring against the pressuring Lipinetc. This is his chance to shine and to win the world title and I am sure he will like to make it in style.
  2. Joshua - Takam

    One more bet: Joshua on points 17.00 Betfair Takam looked impressive on the scales. He is really durable dude. Joshua will go for a KO, but he is smart guy and probably if he sees that he is not able to break Takam, he will push down the tempo. I expect from Takam to hug a lot.
  3. Joshua - Takam

    Joshua - Takam,Joshua by KO/TKO 7-12 Betfair 5.00 Joshua could have some problems in this fight because of the change of the opponent. Takam is game and lasted against Povetking up to the 10th round. He has great chin so probably will absorb the initial attack of Joshua. However I expect problems for Takam in the late rounds. Nice odds for that. Whyte - Helenius White by Ko/TKO 1-6 3.6 Betfair. Helenius didn't look so fit in the open training and in the weight in. He got the call just two weeks before the fight and initially refused, but then decided to take the money. Helenius's chin already was put into a question against weaker oponent. Whyte must shine here as he is probably the next Wilder opponent.
  4. September 18 - September 24

    This is my worst ever prediction
  5. September 18 - September 24

    Agabigun - Viola 8.4 Pinnacle Izmir challenge One of the rare gems that was missed by the bookies. It's one of those bets that you wouldn't mind to lose. The Turkish guy is just 20-year old and enjoys his best ranks. On paper he is far away from Viola as a class, but the Italian continue to show his bad form. He lost two in a row from outsiders and now is coming from a clay tournament. Agabigun is hard court player. He will have the linesmen on his side. The dude already scored several wins with 4+ odds this season. While Viola already lost once of those big odds earlier this season. I expect the odds to fall under 6 until the start of the match. Agabigun reached the semifinal among doubles last week in Istanbul, so he will be probably in pretty nice shape on the surface. I fancy an easy Troicki win tomorrow against Kuznetcov, who is totally out of shape. While Victor always plays solid on indoors. The odds are around 2.35 for the Serbian.
  6. US Open 2017

    Verdugo - Vukic 4.22 Pinnacle Very sweet bet. 10 minutes until the start. Both opponents are pretty close in level. Vukic is slightly better, but here Verdugo is serving great and showed better play earlier today. Vukic struggled against a guy, who is playinghis third ITF/ATP match.
  7. US Open 2017

    Sinakova/Hrdecka vs Hingis/Chan 3.2 Pinnacle Sinakova/Hrdecka started to play their best tennis here. The pair had no problems during the tournament and beat very easy classy doubles teams. They lost twice during the season from Hingis/Chan, but the second lost was very close. Hingis had very tough tournament, because she played also at the mixed doubles. She is the star of the team. Chan's record in big tournaments finals isn't so good. I expect close match, but 3.2 is a must play. The actual odds IMO must be around 2.5-2.6.
  8. US Open 2017

    Anderson - Nadal, Anderson to take first set 3.9 Pinnacle Nadal lost three times here his first set against opponents that are weaker than Kevin. The big server must start better than in the semifinal, where he made huge amount of UE. In their four matches Anderson once took the first set. And now he is in the best shape of his life. The odds are very good for me. In his 22 GS finals, Rafa lost 9 times the first set, so here the stats are also nice for such odds.
  9. Wimbledon 2017

    Astana Challenger Q Matsui - Grenier 3.75 Pinnacle Matsui is Top 200 doubles player and former Top 260 among singles. He is a typical hard court player, who made some stunning single wins. One of them is over Arvidson three weeks ago on clay. The same Arvidson scored some surprises on the following week. Grenier is nothing special. He is 5:5 in his last 10 features matches, including 3 losses from total outsiders with odds 4+.
  10. Wimbledon 2017

    ITF Winnipeg Muller - Hibi 4.52 Pinnacle Muller just beat in a very tough match Danielle Lao, who is on Hibi's level. She won four matches in a row and seems is in good shape. Muller's doubles partner Perez just played with Hibi so she could give some hints on the wekanesses of Hibi. H2H is 1:0 for Muller, but their sole match is in 2014. Hibi lost the last two QF matches that she participate into from outsiders. Her two wins here were against players who are far away from her level. 3 to 3.50 is the more reasonable odds here for Muller.
  11. Wimbledon 2017

    Medelin Challenger Salamanka - Souza 5.25 Pinnacle This is my play of the week. Salamanka is a veteran (Former 137 in the world), who played most of his career in Colombia. I watched his match yesterday againts Arevalo. He was in control during the entire match and never gave a BP chance despite three setter with two tie-breaks. The dude has amazing forehand and is serving solidly. He is slow and had some problems with his sholder, but for this price it's worth a try. Souza had awful season. He is 8/13 on clay loosing a lot. In his previous tournament he also had some problems and retired in the first round. Souza's first two opponents were very weak and this is why he beat them easy.
  12. Wimbledon 2017

    Galovic - Otte 3.84 Pinnacle Going big for Galovic here. The guy is in the form of his life. He came from winning a challenger on hard, beating Basic, Caruso, Halys and now here he is showing even better tennis. Galovic had better opponents here. He was loosing from Florian Mayer, who cause some problems to Cilic on Wimbledon and then scored another surprising win over Gombos Otte gave everything against Janowic and Marterer having problems with a lot of DF. I see the match pretty equal with Otte slight favorite, but Galovic's odds must not been more than 2.50. Everything over 3 is clear value. I expect the odds to drop to around 3 until the start of the match.
  13. Wimbledon 2017

    Voracova/Ninomaya vs Niculescu/Chan 3.71 I was impressed yesterday by Voracova and Ninomaya. They played like a seasoned team. Ninomaya is very strong on the net, super fast and smacking volleys. Voracova had nice back court game. Niculescu and Chan aren't the best double team, but they managed to reach the семиfinal. IMO the odds must be even after Vor/Nin's performance in the last few days.Niculescu and Chan had very easy draw and never meet a strong team. Huge value here.
  14. Wimbledon 2017

    I am willing to pick Rybarikova at odds 3.75. Now they are 3.20, going up from the starting 2.95. Probably in exchanges that odds may be reached. Muguruza is showing very good tennis, but she lost her only clash against Rybarikova on grass. Rybarikova could imitate the fairy tale of Ostapenko at RG.
  15. Wimbledon 2017

    Guys, Some doubles picks from me Skupski/Skupski vs Melo/Kubot 4.88 Pinnacle Melo/Kubot are without loss this season on grass. But they have two very tough 5-set matches here. Skupski/Skupski are local lads, who are improving each year. They already beat two very good couples in four sets. Melo/Kubot are still favorites to win, but 4.88 is too much. I wouldn't give more than 3.75 for Skupski/Skupski. Barty/Dellaqua vs Makarova/Vesnina 2.49 Pinnacle Barty/D reached the final at Roland Garros and they had 23/4 all time record on grass. Makarova and Vesnina couldn't find their form from last year. They won just one tournament this year. B/D are leading 1:0 in H2H and the match was in 2013 US Open. Ninomaya/Voracova vs Kuznecova/Mladenovic 6.1 Pinnacle Ninomaya/Voracova destroyed Hradecka/Sinakova, who are IMO better couple than Kuznecova/Mladenovic. They don't have the same experience as Kuznecova/Mladenovic but seems they are in great form. Kuznecova and Mladenovic needed three sets in their last two matches.