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  1. Londero to beat Sousa 2.50 Pinnacle Londero is the new prodigy on clay. The guy beat so many clay good players last week. During 2018 he played 18 matches on clay on 3 challenger tounaments. Won one of them and reached the semifinals on the two others. Sousa just lost twice on Davis cup. His results on clay in the last few yeas aren't so good. He is losing a lot in the first round.
  2. Australian Open 2019

    Pouille (+2.5 sets) vs Nole 2.56 Pinnacle To have a TB 2.00 Bet365 90% of Lucas's losses came when he beats himself. He start to make series of UE, hitting the net or outside the court. He is very vulnerable when is playing on second serve. So I think that it will be tough job for Nole if he serves like against Raonic or Coric, but if he plays the way he did against Marterer or Popirin, he is doomed to lose 0:3. Looking the way he plays, he is doing better with each match. The big plus for him is that he never faced Djokovic so he will never remember the past matches when Nole killed almost everybody from the Top tier. I still don't think that Djokovic is at his best. Nishikori came to the match injured from the 5-setter against Careno-Busta. There is value to search for a set win for Pouille. Also I would try to have TB in the match. Pouille already played 8 TB, while Nole just 1, but in fact Djokovic never faced such a big serving player. I think that the even the first set will have a TB.
  3. Australian Open 2019

    Serena injured her ankle when leading with 5:1 and having a MB. After the match she said that it wasn't the injury that helped Pliskova, but the great play of the Czech player. But I think that injury and the tough match against Halep affected her. Osaka seems a valid small favorite here, but it can be pretty close.
  4. Australian Open 2019

    I've got three bets for the next stage. Nishikori (+2.5 sets) vs Nole at 2.11 Pinnacle Djokovic didn't look so well against very tired Medvedev. He has problems chasing some balls, which is extremely rare to see. Kei is a real fighter. I was surprised how well he was feeling after 5 hours war against Careno-Busta. Few years ago he stunned Nole at US Open. Nishikori vs Nole at 8.27 Pinnacle A long shot, but Djokovic didn't look so dominant as he was in the second part of season 2018. He is a big tournaments player, but matches like the one with Medvedev, or the lost final from RBA in Doha are posing some questions. Nadal to win the AO at 2.40-2.50 various bookies (Will Hill at 2.50) Rafa looks so dominant here. His serve is great and he went way more easier to the semifinal than Nole. Tsitsipas's hype is going to an end. Not sure how he will do with Rafa's top spin and way better receiving game of the Spanish dude compared to Federer. RBA was exhausted after so many 5-setters. Rafa beat twice Tsitsipas in two sets last year. The other big favorite - Novak Djokovic will have to face tricky Nishikory and service machine Raonic, a match that could be 4 or 5 setter. I expect if Nole and Rafa reach the Nadal probably will be a light favorite, because of his way to the final. Also Rafa's serve looked improved as they worked with Carlos Moya on that.
  5. Liam Williams - Mark Heffron 2.7 Pinnacle Williams fought with better oposition and I see him as the better puncher. The match will be pretty close, but those odds gives some value. Heffron is untested. This will be huge XP for him. It will be first match for him into the deep waters.
  6. Tennis Tips - 2018 Off-Season

    Don't worry with Pinnacle. You may always find a brokerage that will open accounts for you and you don't need to worry. I am using Asiaconnect and I am very happy with them (Also they are working with Matchbook, SBObet and some other Asian bookies). As mentioned above you may try Sportmarket or Samvo, depends on your preferences. Those country restrictions are hitting many more around the world, because the states want peace of cake for them and are trying to put some taxes on betting. So, don;t worry about Pinnacle. Sometimes with the Brokerage you may get faster translations and in argument about some line, you could have a slight advantage, because the Brokerage will connect with the bookmaker and they have hundrends if not thousends of accounts with them and if you are just a direct client to the bookie, you are all alone by yourself.
  7. March 19 - April 1

    Hoang - Tomic 2.35 5Dimes Hoang is a future Top 100. The dude got talent and he already beat some pretty good players this year on indoor. All of his matches this season are on this surface. This will be the first match of Tomic since AO. Probably he is warming up for clay season, because he missed American tournaments. Tomic's record last year at indoor is 2/4 and he was beaten by weaker plaers then Hoang. Gibbs - Vikhlianceva 2.1 SBObet They met last month in IW challenger. Gibbs won pretty easy with 2:0. Now she seems to be in better form. Hemery - Kudla 2.9 Unibet Kudla won his first match here after coming from Canada without a day rest. He wasn't so convinsing against Elias, who is mainly a clay court player. On the other hand Hemery is a player, who needs to find his form from the start of the tournament. He was very strong in his first match. The key point here will be Hemery's serve. If he did it well and not let Kudla to get BP, he will win. Kudla can't serve well, but he is very good in returns. This is my play of the day!
  8. March 5 - March 18

    Krajnovic (+1.5 sets) vs Federer 3.95 Pinnacle Krajnovic started pretty strong here. His season is very good. His losses were very close. Federer almost lost a set against Delbonis. Maestro saved a setball in the tiebreak. Pretty nice odds for a set for Krajnovic
  9. March 5 - March 18

    King - Sela 3.9 Maratonbet King was very strong on his serve game against Klizhan. He showed strong mentality and when Klizhan was capable to make a rebrak in the third set, he was back from 0:40. Sela's form is very questionable. I watched him against Lara and he throws his racquet all around. Sela is a guy that is capable to destroy the oponent if he has a day, as he did in the first round. In the last two years Sela is loosing in his very first match here. Lara - Mahut 4.55 Pinnacle Mahut beat Oliveira, but the stats and many breaks didn't speak well for the French veteran. Now he will meet Lara, who is better player on hard then Oliveira. Still Mahut is the favorit, but as I post yesterday, Mahut said that he has problems with his knee during the previous tournament. Babos - Bencic 2.23 The odds went up for Babos in Pinnacle, but I think she's got better arguments. Timea won in Taipei and was very game against top players. Bencic is with four losses in a row. She has problems to find her rythme and Babos is a player, who could seek and destroy you in a very short time with her serve. Liu - Kenin 3.34 Pinnacle Liu was the only player that managed to take a set from Errani last week at IW challenger. She is a former ¹1 among juniors and won Wimblendon last year. She is well rested, while Kenin already played two matches in the qualifications. Pretty close match it should be with a decend price for Liu. Flipkens - Makarova 3.54 Pinnacle Flipkens had some shoulder problems at the beginning of the season. She looked pretty well during Budapest indoor tournament, where she reached the finals in doubles. Flipkens started last year with a surprise 1st round win over Bellis. At the same time Makarova was beaten in the first round, so she will not have points to defend. The correct odds here should be 2.50-2.75 for Flipkens.
  10. March 5 - March 18

    Nishimoto - Brescia 8 5dimes/Bet365 Nishimoto made a big rise in ranks and in her game starting from the same tournament last year. She reached the 1/4-finals, her biggest career achievement. In the first round she stunned a player with the same odds. Brescia is 1/3 this season. She finished 2017 with two injuries and still isn' capable to show her best. I expect her to drop some places in the ranks in the near future. She also preferes clay than hard (have some nice results on hard also), but my bet is here mainly on her lack of goodd results/form in 2018
  11. March 5 - March 18

    Lara - Hemery Lara - Hemery 2.16 Lara played nice tennis for his level during IW challenger. He missed some chances to beat Sela. The guy is pretty strong on hard this year. Hemery is very risky player. He need to be in shape as it wasn't the case during IW challenger. In his match against Pospisil he made 12 DF.
  12. March 5 - March 18

    Kratzer - Vickery 4.09 Pinnacle The odds are too big to be missed. Both overcame players, who seems to have problems with injuries. Vickery's season is not so nice for her. She has her ups and downs. I see that match pretty close and the fair odds for Kratzer must be around 3. She is a player, who used to have a nice run in a tournament when she starts strong. Giron - Stakhovski 2.82 Giron beat three opponents at IW challenger and was close to eliminate Pospisil, who is better player than Strakhovski. Sergey is 0:3 on hard this season. He can't be such a favorite against typycal hard court specialist. The real odds are around 2.5 max Song - Daniel 7.7 Pinnacle Daniel has only two wins this season vs 8 losses. The first is against unranked player, the second is against number 1500 in the world. Song showed some promissing tennis for his level at IW challenger's Q. It's a pretty long shot, but if Daniel don't have a day, we could see a big surprise. The real odds should be around 6. Korda - Smyczek 6.69 I bet on Korda's previous match and he couldn't play his game in the first game against Gombos, but in the second he was far more competative. Smyczek is with two back-to-back losses. He is a player, who could always sunk down. This is bigger stage for Corda and if the game of AO junior champ is sharp since the start of the match, he could make a surpsise.
  13. March 5 - March 18

    Oliveira - Mahut 5.82 Pinnacle Oliveira is a clay court player, who decided this year to play mostly on hard/indoor. He beat Vanni and Hanfman this year and took a set of Bublic. Mahut is different animal, but he is now 36. He's got some phisical problems in Marseiile. He played three tournaments last month with matches on singles and doubles. All of them on indoor. This season on outdoor hard he lost from Popirin and Petrovic, who are on Oliveira level. I can't see how the odds could be more than 4.50. Also Mahut was quoted in L'Équip to say that he had pain everywhere. "I'm going to pay the most attention to is my knee because he's the one who stopped me for a long time. The hip and the back are more pains of fatigue, of chaining. As soon as it's over here, I'll rest. "
  14. March 5 - March 18

    Walter - Myers 8.08 First match for Myers in 8 months. She often is beaten by huge odds. Walters is nothing special, but already scored two wins on the tricky grass turf in the Q.
  15. March 5 - March 18

    Lisicki - Kenin 2.4 Pinnacle Sabine looked reborn in Taipe. She has enough time to rest after her last time and to prepare for Q. Kenin is close to Top 100, but still is not among those girls. Kenin was beaten by Loeb and Wickmeyer recently, who are on Lisicki's level. In 2015 Sabine reached the semifinal. This is great chance for her to make a nice comeback and to win some points for rankings.