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  1. February 19 - February 25

    Lottner - Martic 2.62 Paddy (Probably there will be better odds tomorrow) Lottner is coming after a pretty strong performance at Fed Cup. This will boost her confidence and she adores the indoor. This is the worst surface for Martic, who gave herself a nice break and it's strange that she didn't went for the big tournaments in Doha/Dubai, but came here.
  2. February 12 - February 18

    Finally something positive this week
  3. February 12 - February 18

    Inglis - Khromacheva, Perth ITF, 3.48 Pinnacle Inglis is on fire. She is very low on ranks, but is playing great. She just beat Gabriela Tayor, who won a tournament last week. Khromacheva is pretty good player for that level, but her level of opposition was far more weaker then Inglis, who never have problems in Perth. I see the odds here for Inglis at 2.5 max.
  4. February 12 - February 18

    You may get almost every tournament to watch via link at stream sites like batmanstream.net, livetv.ru, fromhot.com (not sure if it's legal to post the links). Rough week for me, but here I think this one could be a changer Maceiras - Mannarino 4.7 Pinnacle Maceiras already stunned two favorites here. Johnson and Chardy weren't in their best shape, but it's the same for Mannarino. He played Davis cup, where he lost from out of form Timo de Bakker. Then went to Sofa and played very bad against another out of shape player - Bagdatis. He was pretty lucky in his match against Gojowcik. Maceiras is a real fighter, who saves a lot of break points and Mannarino recently has problems when he is behind at the start of the set to get back.
  5. February 12 - February 18

    Two more picks from Doha Kvitova - Svitolina 2.20 Will Hill H2H is 6:1 for Kvitova and most of those wins are very convincing. Let's no count on that, because Svitolina's rise is in the last year. Elina sill is not in her best shape. Sometimes she has problems in hot condition. Kvitova is starting to get her best shape. The only question for her is will she be fresh. She played Fed Cup and scored two nice wins. Also she managed to beat tricky Radwanska (who had beat her the last three times they met). I think it's 50-50 match with nice juice to get. Doubles MErtens/Shuurs vs Sinakova/Krejcikovaa, only odds at 1xbet, but I think they will come at other bookies at around 2.4. Expect the odds to go down to 2.1 Mertens is out from the singles tournament and may concentrate on doubles with her long time partner Shuurs. Both already won a tournament this year in Hobart. They started pretty well against top pair Atawo/Groenfeld. Krejcikova/Sinakova also won a tournament, but they have problems in the first round against the team of Bartel and Withoeft, who aren't really doubles specialist. Another close clash with better odds for Mertens/Shuurs.
  6. February 12 - February 18

    Nice call on Rybarikova. Buenos Aires doubles Podlipnik-castillo/Vassilevski vs Molteni/Zeballos 2.00 Pinnacle Pod/Vas was seasoned double with a lot of wins. They are improving season after season. The team looked in good shape in their first match and gave only 2 break points to Ramos/Belrocq. Escofller - Lee 3.5 bet365 Missed the better value with starting odds at around 3.5. Escoffler is playing great here. He is very strong on serve. I watched his first match, where he beat one of the most promising players of India. Lee is better ranked, but here he has some problems against very weak Indian players. I woudn' give more than 3 to Escofller. Shimizu - Fourlis 4.47 Pinnacle Fourlis is very overrated. I can't understand why she is favorite in most of her matches. She is making so many errors. Now against Shimizu she could suffer some big problems. The Japan player is very strong on hard and earlier this season she even won matches against pretty decent players on clay. She started with surprising win here against Cristian (211 in the world).
  7. February 12 - February 18

    De Schapper wins by WO! Seems Vatulin was more injured by him....
  8. February 12 - February 18

    The source were my eyes. He called for a medical during his previous match and didn't move so well. It was in the middle of the third set, when he won a game to lead 4:3.
  9. February 12 - February 18

    Ilkel - Uchyama, 3.4 Challenger Chennai Ilkel loves hard surface. He is solid server that started with a nice big odds win. Uchyama is very inconsistent, despite the fact that he has a third set tiebreak win over the Turkish player. The odds here must be max 2.5. Dudi Sela - Tiafoe 2.25 Pinnacle Sela started pretty easy here against Bashiashvili smacking him 4:0 in both sets and then finishing pretty easy. Tiafoe still got a lot to learn. Recently he lost from Kecmanovic, who is by far weaker player compared to little Dudi and also from Ebden at the start of the season. Here against 17-year old Corda (AO junior winner) he lost a set. Dudi Sela Tiafoe
  10. February 12 - February 18

    Copil - Dzumhur 2.74 Pinnacle Copil was a pure force of serve last week in Sofia. He will celebrate his best rankings that will bring up his self confidence. Dzumhur made some great results last year on indoor hard, but last week he has huge problems with his serving games. Not sure if he will be capable to broke Copil so easy as he did with Bemelmans. Huge value here! Vatulin is now strong favorit against De Schaper, I hope that Kenny's injury is not so big and he will start the match and will finish the first set.
  11. February 12 - February 18

    Just watched a bit of Doha and the temperatures there are so high. Mladenovic has some problems with breathing. I think that we may see a lot of surprises, specially for players, who are coming from Europe, where it's still full winter.
  12. February 12 - February 18

    Kvitova to win WTA Doha 13 at Bet Victor Kvitova was amazing in Saint Petersburg. She showed her best shape even she was a bit ill. She didn't much of a chance to in form Mladenovic and Georges. Now the field is way much stronger, but I see only Kerber as a real treath and we all know that the German is not so consistent, specially after pretty stong Grand slam tournament. Svitolina also is very strong at such events, but she disapointed at AO. In her draw are out of shape Radwanska and Svitolina and in the semis she could face the winner of Kerber - Wozniacki.
  13. February 12 - February 18

    Inglis - Mrdeza ITF Pert 3.54 Pinnacle Inglis played some very good matches this season against far better and in form players. On the other hand is Mrdeza, she is totally out of shape. There isn't a single sign that she could get back on track. She is mostly clay court player. Vatulin - De Scheper, Vatulin 2.24 They met a month ago. De Schaper Schepper won, but Vatulin was leading 6:3, 5:2 and missed several matchballs. Kenny got some problems in his previous match and called a medical Time out. I am going big on that one for 2:0 also. Monteiro - Verdasco 3.14 Pinnacle Monteiro managed to gain some momentum in his previous tournaments. Verdasco is coming from a big pause. Not sure if he will manage to show his best tennis here. Nice odds Babos - Mertens 2.56 Babos was impressive in Taipei. She was running like an Olympian and was hitting huge serves. She is playing very smart and if she continues that way she may attack Top 10. Mertens was a destroyer last month, but against Mladenovic she wasn't so special. She spent some time traveling and will not be so fresh. Maria - Withoeft 3.10 Maria showed nice tennis in Fed Cup matches. It will boost her morale and she will be more than ready to use the current form.Withoueft is a clay court player, who don't like much to be on hard.
  14. February 12 - February 18

    Sureshkumar - Petrovic 7.17 Pinnacle Challenger Chennai Sureshkumar is a local lad, who beat Diez this season on clay. Now he is up against Petrovic, a dude, who often losses from big odds. Sureshkumar is 19-years old guy, it will be a grand slam final for him here. Bourgue - Gombos 2.62 Pinnacle Challenger Cherboug Bourgue is the last year winner here. He didn't start very strong the season on indoor hard, but lost from in form Halys and Berankis. He scored nice win over Fritz and De Greef at AO. Gombos is also not in the best shape of his life. The direct H2H is 3:0 for Bourgue, including win here last season.
  15. February 5 - February 11

    Jof De Shepper - Clarke 4.76 Pinnacle De Shepper is a local guy, who beat pretty easy Moriya. His serve is solide. Clarke is nothing special. He was beaten in his previous tournament by a guy, who is ranket 550+, so I can't see why the odds are so big. Zhuk - Bellis 3.10 Unibet I am very impresed by Zhuk. I watched her reaching the final at Newport Beach challenger from qualifications. She is very good technical and is running a lot. Still with a junior build. Bellis is not so consistent and often is loosing against opponents with big odds. Tormo - Bondarenko 3.8 Pinnacle Tormo made a lot of DF and UE, but she was serving pretty well at all in her first match. On the other hand Bondarenko was awful in the serve and made 15 df against Karatancheva. Tormo has a better opponent in the first round - Naomy Broady. Pretty close match, I wouldn't give more than 3.00 toTormo. One more from Doha Pera - Mchale 2.13 Pinnacle Mchale is having the worst start of the season in her career. She is still strugling to find her best game. Pera is very stable. Pera was impresive against in form Martincova, looking at the stats.