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  1. As Tomas said, it's a circus. The real grating thing with Djokovic is he doesn't need to be a petulant little bitch, just play the tennis and he will win but the moment he loses a few points he's throwing his racket at people and marching off court because he felt a drop of rain. No respect for the rules and the umpire was pathetic in this instance. That being said, TB didn't win the important points. Had nearly as many break points as ND and lost 3-0.
  2. Re: French Open 2015 Stan can take a set to 6-6 with a 30% first serve vs 70%. Wow.
  3. Re: ICC World T20 2014 I will be interested to see how the toss affects the odds. It seems to be pretty hard to win here chasing a score at the moment.
  4. Re: West Indies vs England - ODI Series & T20 Series Always a good plan to give Gayle and Smith a bit of a kickstart by bowling pace on a wicket that doesn't suit them at all. I do wonder what these hoards of analysts are being paid to do when they clearly weren't paying attention to the 20 overs that just happened.
  5. Re: Cardiff City v Manchester United > Sunday November 24th COYS
  6. Re: World Grand Prix 7th-13th October swear blind I saw 7 180s in the Lewis - Pipe match, I guess I must be going crazy as PDC site have it as 4-2 Pretty rediculously unlucky (again) on both the 180 bets Kev.
  7. Re: Champions League T20 2013 How on earth did I manage to bet on over 44 first 6 overs in that. FML.
  8. Re: Champions League T20 2013 The thing that has surprised me the most about this tournament is how absolutely terrible most of the fielding has been. Oh and comedy batting collapses like the one going on right now, no one seems to possess a brain in cricket anymore
  9. Re: Champions League T20 2013 is mishra even going to bowl here? wtf are srh doing? Not to mention KS who was quality on the IPL. Seems like terrible captaincy to opt for duminy and thisara instead.
  10. Re: World Matchplay - 20-28 July Unlucky if you don't get this kev, those earlyish bounce outs definitely affected van gerwen's decisions. Should have sailed over. edit/ since I started writing this theyve hit like 6, nice call kev haha.
  11. Re: British Lions Tour 2013 Woodward and the other old hangers on are setting the lions up for a bit of a fall here with their comments tbh. Now if they dont win by 50 it will be seen as a complete and utter failure.
  12. Re: British Lions Tour 2013 Hmmm I am not sure. I don't know much about super 15 rugby but it was quite clear that the Barbarians were awful against both England and the Lions. Surely this team (although without the big names) will at least do the fundamentals well. This Lions team also almost certainly has less test starters than the one that was fielded vs the barbarians too. I am torn really. I expect the lions to win comfortably and if it was -15 I would take it (snapped that up vs a woeful barbarians) but it is such a big number.I think it is a big overreaction and I am not sure it is fully warrented. I will probably be on Western Force quite small or maybe the under (haven't looked at the number yet)
  13. Re: Indian Premier League 2013 jeez how has cricket ended up like this? Utter utter mindless rubbish.
  14. Re: Npower Football League Championship > Playoff Semi 1st Leg > 9th / 10th May I am starting to think Vydra just cant do it when the pressure is on. Belted a shot from an impossible angle and scuffed the two actual chances he had from the middle of the box. Commentators keep saying hes tired but he moves around the pitch okay and plays well in general.
  15. Re: Indian Premier League 2013 I don't think Kev really means 'it will be a huge surprise', I think he means it will be a surprise, nothing is a huge surprise in T20 - it only takes 2 good overs with the ball or bat and a game can swing, a dropped catch here or there. Variance plays a massive part and as such, 8/13 is short on any team really.
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