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  1. Re: FA Cup > January 6th Everton v West Ham - Everton to win 2.00 (NetBet) Have to agree with Fader here. Bearing in mind the history West Ham have at Goodison, this is only going to go one way. It is definitely one of West Ham's bogey grounds. I think form will be set aside and Everton will win. This is partly gut instinct; I am also a long-term Hammers fan. The misses for West Ham are big and Everton are keen for a morale-boosting win - and a cup run for the Toffees would be a nice distraction from their league form. That and West Ham's woeful record at Goodison (and generally against Everton) means an Everton win all the way. In my opinion.
  2. Re: Group A - Brazil v Croatia > Thursday June 12th Jelavic is nowhere near the quality of Mandzukic - I would be looking at a tight game with Brazil winning 2-0. Brazil are very strong defensively and will nearly always score (maybe not 4..) so I'm happy to take a fired up Brazil against an understrength Croatia at 1.98 on -1 Handicap at 32redSport
  3. Re: Indian Premier League great entertainment though! tight bowling and low scores - who'd have thought it couldve been so exciting..
  4. Re: Indian Premier League RCB v KKR - RCB 1.65 (SBOBet) I know this doesnt represent great value - but I think it is clear that with Gayle, Kohli and DeVilliers - there is enough power here to overcome the KKR attack. Even if they play out the Narine overs for 20 runs, the rest of KKR bowling isn't too strong. The RCB bowling is far more balanced this season, so think the odds are just acceptable to have a fairly confident go on RCB here. I know the 20/20 format is a great equaliser but lets see how it goes!
  5. Re: ICC World T20 2014 UAE - 2.05 Betway (medium stake) I have to agree with Kev here. Netherlands are in minor disarray, with poor form and controversy surrounding Cooper's late inclusion. UAE have won this fixture both times previously and their spinners will fare well on this slow-ish pitch. Only drawback is that it's a small ground and if Netherlands bat first and a couple of the Dutch get going they could post a good score. but I think the UAE spinners will win the day.
  6. Re: ICC Champions Trophy 2013 thanks Kev, bad luck on yours tho. Am with you on WI tomorrow too for exact same reasoning..
  7. Re: ICC Champions Trophy 2013 England v Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka 2.42 SBOBET I fancy Sri Lanka here. Got a funny feeling England are a bit over-confident and Sri Lanka are always dangerous. They've got to win to stand any chance of progressing, so think some of their experienced players might turn up and perform. Malinga is obviously a nightmare for England's batters, but on Sundays evidence against NZ, the rest of their attack is pretty good too. Fancy England's top 3 to struggle and get out, leaving too much for the fancy boys down the order - whether setting target or chasing. Only worry is SL's flaky and out of form batting, but just think they might just go for it and it'll work. Good luck all
  8. Re: ICC Champions Trophy 2013 Australia v New Zealand - New Zealand 2.10 BetVictor These odds surprise me and I think this game is closer than the odds suggest, therefore there is value in a punt on NZ here. The Black Caps are a much more settled unit than the Aussies and I think this and their tenacity will see them over the line today. Guptill, N McCullum and Vettori all look good and all it will take will be for Southee and Mclenaghan to bowl how they have been doing to restrict Australia. Australia look devoid of passion, skill and drive. The Warner incident will not help stability, but irrespective of that they have looked poor so far this year generally. Probably be a wash out! Good luck to all!
  9. Re: ICC Champions Trophy 2013 India v West Indies - India 1.64 888sport these are slightly skinny odds, but I just think India have too much for WI today. Both teams won't fancy a damp morning, so the chasers might have advantage. WI are forced to change due to Ramdin debacle and not sure this will help team morale. India have so much firepower batting and I think just enough nous in their bowling. Think the combo of in-form batters and their spinners Ashwin, Jadeja and Raina will be too much for the WI, who I'm not sure have the 50 over staying power to win. Good luck all!
  10. Re: Indian Premier League 2013 Sunrisers v Chennai - Sunrisers 2.25 BetVictor Sunrisers have won every home game and this is mainly due to their excellent bowling attack. Steyn, Ishant, Perera and Mishra seem to have the combination to stifle every batting line up at Deccan. CSK are playing extremely confidently, but Hussey, Dhoni and Bravo are in a slight dip in form. Margins are always small, but I fancy Sunrisers to bowl CSK out. This should enable them to win, whether batting first or not. Dhawan has found batting form as Kev says and this could also be a factor.
  11. Re: New Zealand vs England - Test Series 1st Test Nick Compton 1st innings run - under 24.5. 1.83 Ladbrokes Just one for me for the first test - Compton is under pressure and hasn't settled yet. If England bat first I can see him desperate to build an innings and losing track of scoring. If batting 2nd I think he'll feel less pressure and could play more rashly. Not sure any of that really makes sense but I just feel he's unsettled and frustration will lead to a low score. lets hope for an entertaining game!
  12. Re: New Zealand vs England - Test Series Series bets: Kane Williamson top NZ batsman in series 4.33 BetVictor Ian Bell top England batsman in series. 6.00 BetVictor Jimmy Anderson top England bowler in series 3.00 BetVictor England to win series 3-0 3.00 BetVictor I'm lumping these together as they are all linked. This is a series that England will almost certainly dominate. generally NZ is still in some disarray; and they have big misses in Guptil, Mclenaghan and possibly Bracewell. Bell and Anderson have both been in good form and I expect them to take it into these three matches. I think the NZ batting will struggle - I was tempted by Watling, but have plumped for Wllliamson as I think he'll hold firm during collapses. good Lucy everyone, should be a good series. I'll come back with a couple for 1st test later
  13. Re: South Africa vs Pakistan - T20 Series & ODI Series i completely agree Kev, tha Akmals are back too. Think these are good odds on Pakistan. They always seem to be able to tap into the Imran Khan cornered tiger mentality in the shorter forms. I'm taking: Pakistan to win 1st T20I 2.20 Ladbrokes
  14. Re: West Ham v Tottenham Hotspur > Mon 25th February West Ham v Spurs - over 35 booking points 1.90 Ladbrokes west ham are so unpredictable, i think any handicap or result bets are dodgy. West ham welcome back Collins hopefully which should make the defence slightly better, but then they have rubbish record against Spurs. West ham also have poor disciplinary record this year and with Bale and Adebayor diving around, I think the Hammers might cover this on their own. Small stakes only though.
  15. Re: New Zealand vs England T20 Series & ODI Series 3rd ODI Ross Taylor top NZ batsman 4.50 BoylesSports Just a one unit bet here. Have been waiting for Taylor to hit form. England didn't bowl to him well and I don't think the tactics will change. Taylor's lovely to watch and seems to have hit some form and with all the other batters except B-Mac failing this looks like good value. He'll hit a load of sixes and only danger is Brendon who might catch him in last 10 overs! Should be a great game.
  16. Re: Arsenal V Bayern Munich > Tuesday 19th February Arsenal +0.5/+1.0 1.740 BetVictor I think this is market is a bit wrong. There seems to be a lot of love for Bayern. Remember they play in the Bundesliga - I realise this may sound unpopular, but I reckon the PL in England is stronger. Arsenal are good at home in Europe and Wenger will have them motivated for this one. It's basically their season, so the team will be hungry. Yes Bayern are a top team - which is why there is a degree of cover in this bet, but I can see Arsenal holding Bayern and possibly nicking it.
  17. Re: New Zealand vs England T20 Series & ODI Series 2nd ODI - Nz V Eng Just a couple of things I've noticed about this ground: last time England played here it was a tie with 680 runs scored. The ground is small and as kev says hard to defend on. Looking back, there has been a steady stream of centuries scored at this ground. It seems one of the keys to posting big score is an anchor at beginning of innings. So. for a small to medium stake, I'm, going with: Century to be scored 2.37 Ladbrokes
  18. Re: New Zealand vs England T20 Series & ODI Series yes injured Guptil helped get over the line just - cheers:ok
  19. East v West - East M/L 2.20 BetVictor - medium stake think the west just have too many beat up old timers. Howard and Bryant have not been great for lakers recently. Think the Heat boys and Melo will jump this early on and never look back. The west has home court advantage but I don't think that counts for much. Should be an entertaining game! Good luck all
  20. Re: New Zealand vs England T20 Series & ODI Series 1st ODI England v NZ NZ most sixes 2.375 BetVictor On a reasonable six-hitting ground, think there'll be 6 or 7 in match. NZ with McCullum, Taylor, Guptil and the tail, should hit more than England's less flashy line up. Morgan is only danger, but he didn't look great in last T20 he had a knock in.
  21. Re: Bangladesh Premier League when they needed 46 off 3, I put the kettle on... Slightly sus when I saw how close sylhet came!! Phew anyway... Agree with all the oddness of this tourney , but it's looking like Dhaka's to lose from here..
  22. Re: New Zealand vs England T20 Series & ODI Series Oh well...
  23. Re: Bangladesh Premier League Dhaka v Sylhet - race to the final game Dhaka 1.57 ladbrokes i know this isn't much value , but Dhaka now have Dilshan, Gayle, Pollard and Ashraful. It's a T20 team that shouldn't lose. They have Thomas to bowl too and he's one of the best.
  24. Re: New Zealand vs England T20 Series & ODI Series 3rd T20I New Zealand 2.20 I have to fancy the Black Caps here. Momentum is with them and with Taylor due an innings and their bowlers generally in good form, I think the toss may not be that meaningful. NZ will be confident if batting first that scoreboard pressure will tell; if they bowl first then they have the edge bowling-wise and I believe will restrict England. Morgan isn't fit really and all of the English bowlers seem a bit off.
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