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*** Punchestown Festival Competition: Well done to 1st. Craig Bluenose, 2nd. Lee Grays & 3rd. Carole Dawney ***
** April Poker League Result : 1st kevsul, 2nd Rob Valk, 3rd McG **
** Last Man Standing Results - glavintoby & Redno2009 both win £125 **
** April Naps Competition Result: 1st Sugardaddyken, 2nd TRAINMAD091, 3rd Harry Faint99, 4th Gary66. KO Cup Winner Waggy, Most Winners: Xtc12 **

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  1. Re: **Poker Sunday 4th December** I'm in a $50,000 guaranteed tourney at Blue Square tonight with currently only 172 entries. I qualified via a satellite but you can enter for $36, perhaps GaF can workout if this is good value or not.
  2. Re: The Sun Final. Very Late Breaking News well done fenners many congratulations:ok
  3. Re: **Poker Thursday 1st December** I was chip leader when SO went down, seems to be happening too frequently with these. They use the same software as Virgin because theirs is down also.
  4. Re: $5000 Virgin VIP Invite Freeroll right everyone get in there:nana
  5. Re: $5000 Virgin VIP Invite Freeroll I have not had an invite for this tourney but I have just registered and it seems to have accepted me! Virgin are my ISP so I do not know if that counts for anything.
  6. Burt Saddo

    Real Names ?

    Re: Real Names ? :rollin @ sharpe1ne. Mine's BurtSaddo or BurtSads but you may call me John young man.
  7. Re: Betfair CITY A.M. Trading Aces Challenge freerolls got it tonight.They probably tried to get it off Sam Torrance the tight bugger:ok
  8. Re: Betfair CITY A.M. Trading Aces Challenge freerolls those of you who won money in this freeroll series have you actually had it credited to your account yet? i'm still waiting from Thursday.
  9. Re: Is tonight the night???? I managed to see this last night and I was very impressed GaF and so were the commentators also. Shame about the string bet as I am sure it probably affected your concentration, prior to that I would have fancied your chances the way you were playing. Always next time.
  10. Re: Betfair CITY A.M. Trading Aces Challenge freerolls wouldn't take out Sam but I might his missus if she's available.Suzanne something isn't it, used to be an actress of sorts?
  11. Re: Betfair CITY A.M. Trading Aces Challenge freerolls not won the bloody book though, out in 16th:@ Went all in with AKs hit trips on the flop but he hit his flush on the river, that was stupid of me as I was cruising in 6th spot at the time. Must have still been too excited about taking out Sam.
  12. Re: Betfair CITY A.M. Trading Aces Challenge freerolls knocked out sam torrance tonight with a full house. Am I right in thinking I have won 50 Quid? That's if it was really him I suppose.
  13. Re: **Poker Monday 31st October** There is a bankroll booster today at Blue Square GAF, starts at 19.45.
  14. Burt Saddo

    888.com UK Open

    Re: 888.com UK Open Unlucky GaF, I know it's no consolation but when you play live again at least you will remember this incident and not repeat it.
  15. Re: Registration at Table Open ***Punters Lounge v The World*** Saturday 29th October 8pm and this: Notification of Issue Registration Project: Help Desk Issue: Dear Games Grid, Issue Number: 25267 Priority: Medium Status: Request Date: 10/29/2005 Time: 17:43:53 Created By: jillspaulding@cs.com Description: Entered on 10/29/2005 at 17:43:53 by jillspaulding@cs.com: Here is a list of emails of people very upset and would like to be contacted by Games Grid. carlos@changingskin.com jmathews@melingvt.com dannylethai@yahoo.com.au raquel@pokermediagroup.com john.morton@virgin.net da
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