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  1. Re: online Cash game KK cutoff I didn't intend to sound arrogant and i'm sure many players who responded are successful cash game players. I was just alarmed at many people who seemed to suggest that this was an autocall, as though kings can never be folded preflop properly for cash, clearly a misguided response. My use of deepstack is to emphasise that this is not a tournament, and definately not a low M situation. Also i know of plenty of people who play regular cash games with 40BB and 50BB starting stacks(something which changes the dynamics of this decision obviously), in fact my loca
  2. Re: online Cash game KK cutoff errrrr.. double posted...sorry.
  3. Re: online Cash game KK cutoff This isn't a high M tournament situation but a deepstack (although not awfully deep) cash game. If my opponent has 40 BBs this is an easy call with my kings(in fact the 3bet is slightly over pot sized only). As far as Harrington on cash games(deff not as good as his tourny books) goes he doesnt give specific advice on this scenario but at the end of cash games v.2 you will find an interview with Bobby Hoff, arguably the best cash game player alive. He gives alot of insight into not only KK as a hand, but to deepstack dynamics. I dont know if the fold was co
  4. Re: QQ Early in Turbo I'm sure it varies site from site but i have found that in turbos in low stakes that pf allins are frequent throughtout the first few levels at least. i wouldnt be surprised to see this turd turn over AT any pair KQ or KJs.This isnt an important(both in expected quality of play and stakes wise) enough tourny to have to make great laydowns, just call and if they have aces or kings you are in trouble, if they dont, you likely need to dodge an ace at min.You are a heavy favourite to have the best hand at this point in time.
  5. Re: Tough Spot...or Not There's alot of players who would refuse to fold KQ or AQ to allin on that flop, KT(if it's there) also.KK will not fold to you. I've seen players make similar calls with hands as weak as 2nd pair top kicker. Even if they can see your cards and play perfectly you'd want to jam,the far most likely outcome is that you take it down, a great result!! Giving a card cheaply here can't really help you IMO because there's not much for someone to catch which will allow them to catchup enough to play whilst not improving thier hand to the winning hand.
  6. Re: Tough Spot...or Not gross... you probably have to call against most mediocre players... all they could realistically have that beat you would be quad fours jacks full or queens full. QJ (the most likely problem hand on the flop) has been counterfieghted. Its completely realistic that they could turn over a combination of KK QJ or KT. This coupled with the odds means i am likely to call.. but i concur with most in this thread in saying that i would not have had a decision to make because i would have jammed that flop 100% of the time in this situation against most opponents.
  7. Re: Cash game hand - You played fine. You can't call the turn bet as he is saying he has a much stronger hand then yours by now but you cannot fold on the flop either.There are just too many occasions on that kind of flop where people will try to raise you off it thinking that you most likely had 2 high cards that missed the flop.The most important reason why you CAN NOT fold the flop is that you are in position and get a huge amount of information before your next decision(turncard +his action after checkraising you).If he checkraise-continue bluffs you then he has the heart of a lion and de
  8. Re: online Cash game KK cutoff it came out wrong clearly. I meant too much credit in expecting them to 3bet offering good odds to induce a call.I hav'n't seen that play much. it's typically; blow your load and get it all in or minraise. 2 extremes.
  9. Re: cash players advice small hand, small pot. Why raise and give them a chance to bluff you off it? as you will certainly be folding to a sizable raise(or any raise) if you bet. Edit* you can always blame the pf call as a randomizing play! it's only a small error anyway, although i wouldn't get into the habit of calling with hands like that too often.
  10. Re: online Cash game KK cutoff ECLACKER: Whilst players at this level are good preflop is thier starting requirements, i think you give thier play a little too much credit.This kind of play is actually more common then a small 3bet offering great odds with the top Pairs and i dont think i have seen JJ 3 bet, ever, deep online. BLATCH:Like i said in OP, i haven't been making any moves at all and have been slightly card dead in previous 40mins or so.He has only seen me reraise preflop once previously, with aces.Jam3bet is not uncommon for aa kk qq. STEVE-O This is deep stacked cash(although no
  11. Re: online Cash game KK cutoff Looser players can 3bet with QQ because they convince themselves that you could be reraising with AK and hence they should get the money in immediately. Clearly stupid logic on so many levels but used nonetheless. Similarly with AK they can figure because they have a king and ace that its unlikely(instead of less likely) that you have KK or AA and that you MUST be reraising with QQ and they can shove at a bad flip+ fold equ. It's allways frustrating to fold KK pf or even QQ though, especially when you are playing tight aggressive.
  12. What do you guys think of this? all feedback would be aprecciated(spelling?). Fulltilt .5/$1 i have 170, villain has 101.8. The relevant details from poker tracker are: VP4 PR4 agr-factor infinite. For those who are unfamiliar: VP is the % of the time that a player voluntarily puts money into the pot preflop, PR is the % of the time that a player Raises preflop(regardless of whether it's an open raise, a raise or a reraise) so someone with VP4 PR4 has played 4% of hands when required to enter the pot(as opposed to being in blinds where you are already in the pot and arn't required to enter)
  13. Re: Cooler KK in the BB - re-shove from a tight player committed GAF. good job, seems to be just an interesting scenario to throw up. ill pose the question to some of my mates who are reg "cooler" and SNG players and see how they apply logic.:clap
  14. Re: Cooler KK in the BB - re-shove from a tight player I think the fact that he open limped in such a late position is indicative of weakness.Unless he has a good reason to suspect a raise. In cash games when against short opponents who employ this maneuver it generally means a middle or low pair, the thought process for them is something like "he probably raised with 2 high cards so i can get it all in in front", which is clearly flawed but common nonetheless. A player with aces wouldnt expect a raise unless there was a perenial raiser behind him because he limits the number of raising hands
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