** July Nap's Competition Result : 1st Rainbow, 2nd Trainmad091, 3rd Zidane123, KO Cup Bathtime For Rupert, Most Winners Alastair, Goodwood Comp: Glavintoby**
**July Poker League Result : 1st Craggwood £75, 2nd Like2Fish £45, 3rd Rivrd £30**


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  1. Re: Coincidence ??? :zzz:zzz:zzz
  2. Re: Coincidence ??? Yes, we are
  3. Pretty major news on this in the last few days. Most of it already speculated about, but this is pretty much the "smoking gun"
  4. Re: Coincidence ??? :rollinIf you think it's rigged stop playing (It's not rigged btw ;))
  5. Re: Cash Strategy - Value Bet?
  6. Re: Cash Strategy - Value Bet? My thoughts (before reading GaF's answer or the outcome) was just to shove here. I don't play 6-max anymore though, so I'm probably thinking more from a HU viewpoint where this is a standard shove and get called by worse. In other words, my view is kind of useless in this situation :lol
  7. Re: Cash Game Challenge 4 Life Move up to where they respect your raises IMO
  8. Re: Should I Quit? You don't enjoy poker, you don't win at poker and you'll be going to uni where there are so many better ways to spend your time that playing poker. Pretty obviously, you should at least be taking an extended break to enjoy uni, if not quitting entirely. Edit : take this from someone who wasted a lot of time/opportunities at uni. It's all worked out ok in the end, but I still wish I'd put a lot more into/got a lot more out of that experience.
  9. Re: Cash Game Challenge 4 Life I have to agree totally with this, and my experience is the same. The more I read strategy/watch videos, the more I tend towards breaking even. If I take a week or two off from poker/reading anything strategy related, and just come back playing my own game, that is when I totally crush.
  10. Re: Pokerstars FPPs Not sure exactly how it works to be honest
  11. Re: Pokerstars FPPs In fact, you should be able to get (under VIP Bonuses and Cash Rewards) $25 and $50 VIP Reward Bonuses Plus the first 6 VIP Stellar Rewards which total $100 So $175 straight into your account
  12. Re: Pokerstars FPPs Also, no point getting a security token unless you have tons of money in your account. Generally the only accounts that ever get hacked are one's which people know have large $ amounts in them.
  13. Re: Pokerstars FPPs You can get cash without being Supernova ($75 total I think at your VIP/FPP level)
  14. Re: UKIPT Season 2 Schedule Announced Best hand I saw was 99 (1st hand of the tournament UTG), also AK once, was out in 4.5hrs. Despite being card-dead I didn't play great anyway, and got what I deserved.
  15. Re: Daily Scheduled MTT Winnings February 2011 $1179.60
  16. Re: 2011 Heads Up Cash: February All In EV $1,020.83 from 3,932 Hands Exactly, the fact that they are the same in the long run proves that it is a good measure.
  17. Re: 2011 Heads Up Cash: February All In EV $1,020.83 from 3,932 Hands If you play 10 million hands what "other luck factors" are there? Everything evens out in the long-run. I'm with GaF, I don't understand your anti-all in EV stance.
  18. Superbowl today and I'm guessing it will have some impact on online MTTs today given how massive it is in America. Wouldn't be surprised if some guarantees are missed but look out for tougher fields as casual players sit it out today.
  19. Re: PL Achievements -2011 $1.5k cash
  20. Re: Daily Scheduled MTT Winnings February 2011 $1703.32
  21. Re: UKIPT Season 2 Schedule Announced There'll be loads of cash games, maybe not for the first couple of hours on the Day 1s, but other than that there will be loads of action
  22. Re: UKIPT Season 2 Schedule Announced So who's actually going to Nottingham then? I'll be arriving on Fri 11th but playing Day 1B on the 12th, so if anyone's free and wants a few beers on the Friday give me a shout.
  23. Re: 2011 Heads Up Cash +$1300 Getting worse tonight, playing horribly, gonna get back purely to 50NL for a bit :puke
  24. Re: 2011 Heads Up Cash +$1300 Pretty horrible session tonight, played against a big losing player but in fairness to him he completely outplayed me. I should have left earlier than I did, but because he was a losing player I assumed I would beat him, even though I couldn't really figure out any leaks in his game. A lesson learned, back to +$1300, back to the fish hunt.
  25. Re: 2011 Heads Up Cash +$1800 Wiped out that rakeback in a morning session :lol Will be back tonight for more anyway. Jan target not hit, because of lack of play, but I'll set a Feb target anyway. Goal 2 : +$10,000 by the end of February This will be tough since it's a short month, I'm at UKIPT in the middle and on vacation from the 25th, but I'll give it a go anyway :ok