** July Nap's Competition Result : 1st Rainbow, 2nd Trainmad091, 3rd Zidane123, KO Cup Bathtime For Rupert, Most Winners Alastair, Goodwood Comp: Glavintoby**
**July Poker League Result : 1st Craggwood £75, 2nd Like2Fish £45, 3rd Rivrd £30**


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  1. Re: Daily MTT Winnings August 2011 Going to try to actually put up all my cashes this month since I'll be playing a lot more over the next few months. $38.95
  2. Re: Red Spade Open - $1million tournament at PokerStars July 31 Sorry staffy, unable to log-in to my pokerstars account before this starts so can't stake anyone else! Gl to all playing, espcially if they're Polish!
  3. Re: $1million tournament at PokerStars July 31 So far it's team Poland with heniek and rejmak, anyone else interested PM me tonight
  4. Re: $1million tournament at PokerStars July 31 Money sent
  5. Re: $1million tournament at PokerStars July 31 I'm thinking 70-30, but don't worry about buy-in back first, just split whatever any cash is, and you can keep any $100 bounties you win? Anyone else wants the same deal PM me (will stop people who have just signed up). Can't guarantee stakes but will have a look, let me know usernames on Stars, FT and iPoker.
  6. Re: $1million tournament at PokerStars July 31 What % of yourself would you be looking for if I staked you the full amount?
  7. Re: $1million tournament at PokerStars July 31 Any good tournament player should be playing this, even if it's bigger than your regular buy-in, it's going to be probably the softest big guarantee tournament ever.
  8. Re: Daily Scheduled MTT Winnings July 2011 $2112
  9. Re: Tournament Strategy - Game Selection I'd totally disagree with this I'm afraid. Bad players tend to be eliminated (on average) earlier than good players. Therefore you want to be playing from the start to play with the bad players for longer. Yes it's annoying to be sucked out on, but it's also a great time to build a stack, and in the long term you are losing lots of $$$ by regging late.
  10. Game Selection Most people only think about Game Selection when playing cash games, and don't give it any thought when playing tournaments. 1) Most obvious game selection is that if you want to be a tournament specialist stick to tournaments only and don't go anywhere near cash games. There are a few players in the world that have mastered both, but these are rare cases, and many tournament stars are cash game fish and vice versa. 2) On weekdays I would recommend not starting any tournaments before 6pm (UK time) or playing any tournaments starting after 11pm. This is due to the much larger concentration of fish/recreational players during these hours. Weekends you can be more flexible since the fish won't be at work. With US players now gone anything starting too late is likely to be pro-heavy now. 3) Rebuys are your friend. Yes it's frustrating when you keep getting it in good and outdrawn in the 1st hour but just look at all the reckless play and dead money in the field. There's more value in rebuys than just about any other tournament. Not only that but you only pay rake on your 1st buy-in, not on any rebuys/add-ons. 4) Turbos/deepstacks. Good players do have an edge in turbos but for me the edge is too small and the variance too high to make them worth bothering with. Deepstacks (like the marathons on Pokerstars) may give the good player a huge edge, but you will waste 14hrs playing and probably hate poker by the end of them. There's a reason why most tournaments have a "regular" structure - because that's the best structure. 5) Stick to one game. For most people this is NLHE. But if you're a PLO specialist who sucks at NLHE don't waste your cash playing NLHE. 6) Play Guaranteed tournaments only - most of these clear the guarantees, so you're not getting any added value, but they do attract swarms of fish. Likewise, any tournament which has satellite entries into it (eg Sundy Million) is going to be hugely profitable. Anyway, I think most of that is pretty obvious, but it's amazing how many people will just jump into any tournament at any time (I did until recently), so hopefully someone finds something useful. I'll make more posts whenever I think of anything interesting.
  11. Re: Daily Scheduled MTT Winnings July 2011 I did say yesterday that I'd remembered how to play MTTs $6913.42
  12. Re: Daily Scheduled MTT Winnings July 2011 Remembered how to play MTTs after playing like a fish for a bit $881.62
  13. Re: Cricket: England vs Sri Lanka T20 International & ODI Series Rashid, Bresnan, Shahzad. No Yorkshire bias at all then :lol
  14. Re: Daily Scheduled MTT Winnings June 2011 $486.50
  15. Re: Daily Scheduled MTT Winnings June 2011 $1650
  16. Re: Daily Scheduled MTT Winnings June 2011 Decided to start playing some MTTs again, took this one down $1638
  17. Re: Matt Perrins Wins Event 9 - 2/7 Draw Lowball Having Never Played Before Just backs up the theory the 2-7 is a game of very little skill
  18. Re: Phil Ivey To Boycott the WSOP
  19. Re: Phil Ivey To Boycott the WSOP He's suing for $150m. Not sure how this is going help people get their money.
  20. Re: WSOP Betting This is true. Well, technically he's suing Tiltware (which may or may not be exactly the same as full tilt)
  21. R32 matches for the $25k Heads Up
  22. Re: To sit or not to sit 2p2 pokercast did a great interview with Olivier Busquets (livb) recently, easily one of the best they've had in my opinion. He made the point that there is no table/opponent selection if you're sitting at tables in HUSNGs since you have to play anyone that chooses to sit with you. Unlike HU cash where you can just sit out.
  23. Re: THE major Poker sites and their owners charged with illegal gambling I guess it's ok for the banks to break the law if the DoJ tells them it is :lol
  24. Re: THE major Poker sites and their owners charged with illegal gambling It was Mike
  25. Re: THE major Poker sites and their owners charged with illegal gambling Ok, so Matusow basically saying what everyone else was thinking, though probably not the best idea coming from someone sponsored by FT. The reason he probably laughed about UB was that he was one of the biggest losers from the cheating scandal there, so he's not exactly unbiased. Though he may have a point, since UB is mainly US players, and they don't really have an incentive for getting money back to the players. Whereas Stars/FT (if they want to keep their overseas business) have to be seen to be doing the right thing. I've (as expected) received my withdrawal from FT btw.