** Nap's Competition Result : 1st Barnsley Chop, 2nd Daisychain, 3rd Bathtime For Rupert, 4th Marmalade, KO Cup Tipsterix, Most Winners Calva Decoy**
**June Poker League Result : 1st Autogree £75, 2nd Rivrd £45, 3rd Ian309 £30**


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  1. Re: WCOOP 2011 Threatened to get my stack moving up again, before 4-betting the table maniac w/TT. He obv had KK and flopped a set. Lucky it was LHE and not NLHE or the money would have all gone in pre flop. Just took a nice pot off him in LO8 though, 15/51.
  2. Re: WCOOP 2011 31/58 going into my fav 2 levels (LHE and LO8)
  3. Re: WCOOP 2011 People play triple draw so badly. Including me. 23/60
  4. Re: WCOOP 2011 :lol They prob need to train some of the players too
  5. Re: WCOOP 2011 wtf? a 15 minute break :wall
  6. Re: WCOOP 2011 Nice PLO double up, 18/70
  7. Re: WCOOP 2011 Just lost half my stack. Forgot I was playing a tournament against calling station limit players and bluffed in NLHE. 55/85, maybe I'll still bubble!
  8. Re: WCOOP 2011 And another with K high in Stud v the same player :lol I'm going to be lethal when I actually start hitting cards. 5/93
  9. Re: WCOOP 2011 Just won a nice Stud pot with a pair of threes :lol back up to 8th
  10. Re: WCOOP 2011 Couple of horrible situations in razz round, down to 18th with 99 left, 84 paid, final table here I come...
  11. Re: WCOOP 2011 Haven't played any of these until tonight. Registered 2.5hrs late for event 31 and with 109 (of 632) left I somehow find myself 3rd. Long way to go, not even in the money yet, so not getting too excited (esp. as I'm not any good at half of the games in the 8-game :lol)
  12. Re: Dream Job end thread
  13. Re: Daily MTT Winnings August 2011 Pretty sure I'm going to win something big soon, in the meantime, more min-cashes and more damage to my bankroll. $455.68
  14. Re: Daily MTT Winnings August 2011 $171.12 gotta love KK v AA at 6am :cry
  15. Re: Daily MTT Winnings August 2011 $1123.20. So frustrating to completely outplay every player on the final 3 tables and then get coolered by the super-fish, nut flush v full house after he check calls flop with an underpair to board. Suprisingly he wasn't a northern european idiot either :lol
  16. Re: Daily MTT Winnings August 2011 4 cashes for $277.07, couple of other tournaments to (hopefully) come tonight to rescue the night. Managed to bubble the Sunday 2nd chance in a huge pot for close to the chiplead JJ v AK, obviously A on the river just to make me feel worse about it. Wouldn't mind so much if the flop was AAK :lol
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    Re: Railing good luck
  18. Re: Daily MTT Winnings August 2011
  19. Re: Did I play this hand right ?
  20. Re: Daily MTT Winnings August 2011 $3088.42 I hate 2nd place. Had a 2-1 chiplead too and had him all in with 54 v JJ on 654, turn 6. Think that probably gets me about level for the week, maybe not even that :lol
  21. Re: Daily MTT Winnings August 2011 $74.51 There goes one of the potential big scores, 1 left :hope
  22. Re: Daily MTT Winnings August 2011 13 cashes for $1820.23 from the last week, horrible week, way down, couple of possible bigger ones on the way though :hope
  23. Re: Did I play this hand right ? I think the most important question here is why did you bet the flop?