** Nap's Competition Result : 1st Barnsley Chop, 2nd Daisychain, 3rd Bathtime For Rupert, 4th Marmalade, KO Cup Tipsterix, Most Winners Calva Decoy**
**June Poker League Result : 1st Autogree £75, 2nd Rivrd £45, 3rd Ian309 £30**


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  1. Re: Pokernyhederne 5.000$ GSOP Prague Freeroll on Bet24 :hope
  2. Re: Pokernyhederne 5.000$ GSOP Prague Freeroll on Bet24 Given it's a freeroll I assume it's now approaching the final table then :lol
  3. Re: The Random Shameless Brag Thread II :lol Pretty sure no-one's going to post anything that makes me laugh more in here.
  4. Re: The Random Shameless Brag Thread II Good effort :ok
  5. We need more random shameless bragging around here :lol So post your graphs, sharkscopes, brilliant calls/laydowns, whatever, and say "look at me, I'm great" while feeling no shame in doing so. First up, look at me, I'm great. Sharkscope for my 3 i-poker accounts (just incase anyone doesn't know, you're allowed a separate account with each ipoker skin).
  6. Re: Daily MTT Winnings November 2011 $1408
  7. Re: Pokerstars $1 Million $55 Buy In Sunday 20th November You're not supposed to get people to fold shit hands, you're just supposed to dodge the river.
  8. Re: Daily MTT Winnings November 2011 $4224
  9. Re: Riga/Prague Nov 29-Dec 11 Flying to Riga Nov 30, Prague Dec 5, London Dec 12.
  10. Re: Pokerstars UKIPT Season 3 - Just Announced Correction, shows how little attention I pay, only 1 1k last year.
  11. Re: Pokerstars UKIPT Season 3 - Just Announced You can look at it the other way and say that 770 is a decrease given that half the events were 1k in the past. If 770 is too much people can always play the 330/220 sides.
  12. Re: Pokerstars UKIPT Season 3 - Just Announced Won't change as a lot of people won't bother travelling for a 500 but prob will now, a few of them will make up for the few that can't pay the extra 200. Casual players will continue to satellite in.
  13. Re: Virgin Air Miles - Help Needed Going there to play poker? If so I've got 3-4k that I'll transfer for a % of you in a tournament!
  14. Re: Riga/Prague Nov 29-Dec 11 I assume you've won packages and are staying in whatever hotel Unibet have sorted? Not sure whether to buy in with hotel included or just to the tournament and sort my own accommodation (if I don't qualify for the whole package on Sunday). Also, when do you arrive?
  15. Re: Riga/Prague Nov 29-Dec 11 Not sure yet, once I figure out cheapest flights (which is being complicated by the Prague leg of the trip) I will let you know.
  16. Tons of poker going on in Prague at the start of Dec, plus the Unibet Open in Riga. Made a spreadsheet with as many events as I can find (and then deleted the spreadsheet by mistake :cry but luckily managed to get a screenshot first). Hopefully someone finds it useful. Image seems to be really small text but Ctrl+ solves that. I'm planning to play the Unibet Open, then fly to Prague and see what I feel like playing once I get there. Anyone else going to either?
  17. Re: Unibet Open - Riga 4 Day Event Dec 1-4 Sounds good (assuming I'm not busy winning the tournament!)
  18. Re: Unibet Open - Riga 4 Day Event Dec 1-4 Probably playing in this
  19. Re: Cricket: Pakistan vs Sri Lanka Test Series No team in the world would have chased that, SL could have just bowled way outside off stump and put every fielder on the boundary if Pakistan tried and that would be game over, might as well just play 6 overs and call it off.
  20. Re: Darts: 2011 World Grand Prix They often mention the BDO (or at least, certain commentators often mention "the other side")
  21. Re: WCOOP 2011 Out of this one in NLHE again, A7 losing to A2:lol just before the money
  22. Re: WCOOP 2011 Just regged for the $109 8-game, hopefully as many donks in this one.
  23. Re: WCOOP 2011 :puke Was all-in preflop NLHE KJc v K9s for top 10 stack flop was 2 clubs, river 9 (no club) 32nd
  24. Re: WCOOP 2011 Stud killed me, then folded in Stud H/L big pot, 1st hand of round when I would have chopped pot, thought it was still Stud. Oops. 24/35
  25. Re: WCOOP 2011 9/39 at the break, got through the razz round nicely, just stud and stud 8 to escape unharmed now