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**June Poker League Result : 1st Autogree £75, 2nd Rivrd £45, 3rd Ian309 £30**


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  1. Re: Riga/Prague Nov 29-Dec 11 GSOP Prague Day 1 today :hope
  2. Re: What's your opinion? Just to be totally clear (not that I'm considering playing this tournament anyway, given that it's in Leeds), I would never enter a tournament where this was done.
  3. Re: What's your opinion? Seems strange that the rebuy is half the entry fee but you get another 10k chips. Tournament poker without antes totally sucks. If having antes will make the final table go too fast then there is something fundamentally wrong with the structure of the tournament, given that it's 40 minute blind levels.
  4. Re: Unibet Open - Riga 4 Day Event Dec 1-4 Finished 15/75 in the 6-max, only 9 cashed. Might skip the side event today + play online/watch NFL
  5. Re: At the end of my tether. End thread.
  6. Re: At the end of my tether. Apologies if this post comes across as a bit blunt, and it's almost certainly (given what you said in your post) not what you want to hear, but (assuming you're a long-term winning player) all down to short term variance. And deep down, you know that too. I'm sorry, but this is not a decent cash. If $300 profit in a $215 tournament is a decent cash to you, then you're playing out of your bankroll by playing this tournament. Even if you satellited in you still shouldn't be happy with a virtual min-cash. You win money in poker tournaments with occasional top 2/3 finishes, not with consistent min-cashes, that's just the way 99% of prize pools are set up. Get out of your head that you run bad. There is no such thing as run good or run bad in the long term. In the short term yes, but if you're playing within your bankroll this doesn't matter at all. Play for long enough and you will neither run good or bad, you will win (or lose) the money that your play deserves. If you are able to play more tables (when I'm not being lazy I'll be playing at least 6, maybe up to 12 tables) I would recommend this - the more tournaments you play, the less you will feel the short term variance. Edit : Just scrolled down and see you're playing 12-15 tournaments a week, that really is nothing. I can guarantee you that in the long term you will win exactly as many of these hands as you are supposed to. As I said before, all the money is in the top 2/3 places. If your 20BB stack loses a flip, so what, get over it, when you win (and despite what you say, you will) you're going to have a big stack, and a chance at winning the tournament. Why are you unhappy with this? I say it all the time, bad players make the games profitable. If you'd rather play with the pros, give Phil Ivey and durrrr a call, they'll find a seat for you in their game any time you want, and you won't last long! In summary : You win some flips, you lose some flips, sometimes you even get 2 outered. If you're a winning player you should be happy about this.
  7. Re: Unibet Open - Riga 4 Day Event Dec 1-4 Gl Andy. I'm going to play the 6-max today I think.
  8. deadlydaveLDN


    Re: Railing Out 10th, kept losing runner runner in the last few tables. Final hand flopped top 2 + NFD, he went runner runner straight.
  9. deadlydaveLDN


    Re: Railing Haha, ty, could be :hope
  10. deadlydaveLDN


    Re: Railing 6/15 in iPOPS3 ($109 1 Rebuy PLO), $27k for 1st
  11. Re: Unibet Open - Riga 4 Day Event Dec 1-4 Unlucky. Playing side event tomorrow/going to players party?
  12. Re: Unibet Open - Riga 4 Day Event Dec 1-4 Going to skip the side event today I think + play the 6-max tomorrow. 300+30 sounds more appealing than 360+40.
  13. Re: Unibet Open - Riga 4 Day Event Dec 1-4 Out on Day 1, didn't play great and didn't run much better. Ran into quads on a cash table and busted the 105Lat Turbo too, so not a great day! Managed to bump into andybell though (apologies if I don't recognize you tomorrow/later in week, I was/am quite drunk), good luck to all playing Day 1B, I'll be there for the side events I think.
  14. Re: Facebook poker .... for real cash!! If this happens we're all going to get very rich.
  15. Re: Unibet Open - Riga 4 Day Event Dec 1-4 Arrived in Riga, playing tomorrow, going to have a quiet night in the hotel tonight playing online, don't want to be hungover for the main event.
  16. Re: Has Poker Stars gone mad Variance, sample size etc. If you want to play loads of good players give Ivey and durrrr a call, I'm sure they'd welcome you into their game
  17. Re: Unibet Open - Riga 4 Day Event Dec 1-4 Great, I can make a fool of myself on camera now!
  18. Re: Has Poker Stars gone mad :zzz:zzz:zzz:zzz
  19. Re: Unibet Open - Riga 4 Day Event Dec 1-4 Playing Day 1a
  20. Re: Pokernyhederne 5.000$ GSOP Prague Freeroll on Bet24 Still in? Can't log in to watch for some reason
  21. Re: Pokernyhederne 5.000$ GSOP Prague Freeroll on Bet24
  22. Re: Pokernyhederne 5.000$ GSOP Prague Freeroll on Bet24 Good luck, many left?