** Nap's Competition Result : 1st Barnsley Chop, 2nd Daisychain, 3rd Bathtime For Rupert, 4th Marmalade, KO Cup Tipsterix, Most Winners Calva Decoy**
**June Poker League Result : 1st Autogree £75, 2nd Rivrd £45, 3rd Ian309 £30**


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  1. Re: New WSOP rule regarding "verbalising" every action on the final 2 tables The masses aren't watching, even poker geeks are giving up on the terrible quality live stream this year.
  2. Re: New WSOP rule regarding "verbalising" every action on the final 2 tables It's a terrible rule, the WSOP realised this and that's why it's no longer mandatory.
  3. Re: a hand from BBP Final Table For me that's probably a pre-flop fold, but if you raise it has to be a shove. 3x raise is terrible, though if you go for the 3x raise then you should basically not be folding to a raise.
  4. Re: Pokerstars Currency Options Thanks Andy, what do you think (when taking lengthy breaks) about leaving 1/2 in $ and 1/2 in £ (or even 1/3 in each of those and 1/3 in euro)? Should nullify any currency fluctuations I believe?
  5. What should I be doing with my pokerstars $$ while I'm not playing to best protect myself from currency fluctuations? Leave them in $$ or convert to ££? Or is it just a bit of a gamble where I risk losing/making money whichever one I choose?
  6. Re: Vicky Coren Having read Coren's book - For Richer, For Poorer : A Love Affair With Poker - I didn't think there was any chance of her ever getting married. Great book by the way, massively recommended.
  7. Re: Celebrity Apprentice USA To be fair, that's not her fault!
  8. Re: Pokerstars TCOOP (19th Jan-29th Jan) Playing the 3xturbo rebuy at the moment - apparently someone rebought 64 times :lol
  9. Re: Pokerstars TCOOP (19th Jan-29th Jan) lost a flip, onto the next one
  10. Re: Pokerstars TCOOP (19th Jan-29th Jan) Anyone who is average or better at O8 make sure you play the TCOOP at 7, it's going to be incredibly soft.
  11. Re: Pokerstars TCOOP (19th Jan-29th Jan) 11.7k at the first break, would imagine the bubble won't be far from the 2nd break
  12. Re: Pokerstars TCOOP (19th Jan-29th Jan) Incredibly soft field from what I've seen so far :ok
  13. Re: Pokerstars TCOOP (19th Jan-29th Jan) Will play #1 today, maybe #2/3
  14. Re: 2plus2 campaign to blockade Pokerstars Mass sitout worked at when it first opened I believe, though with a smaller player pool the effects were probably more obvious
  15. Re: Unibet Open 2012 Would definitely recommend these if anyone's planning on some live poker in 2012, really well run if Riga is anything to go by :ok
  16. Re: Happy Xmas to all PL Poker Players Merry Xmas all
  17. Re: PuntersLounge Christmas Freeroll - Gutshot Poker - Thurs 29th December 2011 Password please :ok
  18. Re: 2012 PDC World Darts Championship To be fair, Korte hit 4 180s.
  19. Re: Blackbelt Poker 6-max turbo Double or Nothing Challenge If it is then they're the dumbest bots/collusion rings ever.
  20. My history of completing challenges is not good. However I don't think many/any of the past ones have had a clear/easily achievable target. This one does, so that will hopefully make me keep going with it. I recently played a couple of live tournaments. Although I didn't cash in either I've come to the conclusion that they are seriously soft, and want to play more. But I don't plan on spending several thousand every month playing in them at a stage where that would kill my bankroll if I run bad for a few months. Enter Black Belt Poker I won't bore you with all the details, but essentially it's really a complex rakeback deal, where you can purcahse live tournament entries or be staked for live tournaments. I've decided that the quickest way to earn belt points is 6-max turbo double or nothings. I will be playing from $11 to $33. Obviously I need to win 55% to break even. I am currently a Orange Belt, meaning I earn 4pts/$ raked. I think I can probably rake around $50/hr, or 200pts. Essentially by the end of this month I will be Purple Belt comfortably. At which point it will be 5pts/$ raked, or 250pts/hr. Again, it will be pretty easy (assuming I'm breaking even/winning in these things) to reach Green Belt. That is the point the challenge will really begin. I think I'll have to play close to 150hrs of mind numbing double or nothings in February to reach Blue Belt (which is where the staking deal begins) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am aware I have massively criticized this format of poker before. And I still hate it, I just think it's the easiest way to reach my goal. Not sure exactly what I'm going to post in this thread. Probably the occasional bankroll/belt points update. Starting out with a bankroll of £200. I will be more than happy to just break even, but the standard of play I've seen so far, I think a winning % of around 60% is probably going to be quite easy.
  21. Re: 3 packages to PL guys in one day!!! WP all, and GL in the live events
  22. Re: Ask Liv Boeree! Wealthall is brilliant
  23. Re: Riga/Prague Nov 29-Dec 11 Went out just before the money, played well but couldn't get anything going today, didn't manage to ever get much above 80k. Could have folded into the money but have to play for the win.
  24. Re: Riga/Prague Nov 29-Dec 11 Thanks all, just seen my table draw + it seems a lot easier than yesterday. The big stack is to my left but played with him all of Day 1 and nothing to be scared of there, very easy to read.
  25. Re: Riga/Prague Nov 29-Dec 11 End of Day 1 75k having been down to 9k (from 20k) at one point. Around 200 players remaining out of about 500 entrants, and it's a sick, sick field for a 1k.