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** September Nap's Competition Result: 1st Boulder5111, 2nd Craig Bluenose, 3rd Barnsley Chop, 4th Zilzalian KO Cup: Bathtime For Rupert, Most Winners: Waggy**
**October Poker League Result : 1st muttley £75, 2nd ian309 £45, 3rd thebestthere £30**
** Last Man Standing Result - Ivailobg/Cookro split 1st £125 / Larking22 1st Consolation Cup £50 **


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  1. Me too, must be 10 years!
  2. Re: Flopped broadway staright Cash game 50% to way more than double your stake, that sounds like good odds to me. And they might not have even had hands as good as you thought. You cannot fold there, end of story. Cash game, tournament, anything.
  3. Re: Flopped broadway staright Cash game Is this a joke? You had the nuts, you cannot fold. If you are scared about someone hitting their draw you should be playing at lower stakes where you are not scared of this.
  4. Re: Hypers 1500 goal Anyone who can profitably 4-table $60 Hypers (if not 4-tabling the same opponent) is up there with the best poker players in the world IMO. The edges (as your results show) are tiny, even if you find fish to play against, which is not easy at that level. Even 1-tabling against fish and never tilting at lower levels is tough enough. All going good here, just grinding it out steadily, multi-tabling on small stakes stuff.
  5. Re: Hand - Close to winning 550 euro seat You might end up having to get 64 in later with less chips, but you also might be a player or 2 closer to the seat, and with no less equity than you would have got it in earlier.
  6. Re: Hand - Close to winning 550 euro seat I cannot believe that someone min-raising with 7BBs is folding 5-7 times out of 10. I've played enough satellites (albeit for online not live tournaments) and pretty much never seen anyone fold in this spot.
  7. Re: Hand - Close to winning 550 euro seat Although given that people think it's a good play to playback with 64 there, maybe the min-raise isn't so terrible after all.
  8. Re: Hand - Close to winning 550 euro seat Also, min-raising is horrible with that stack size whatever cards you have.
  9. Re: Hand - Close to winning 550 euro seat I'm sure the guy isn't min-raise folding a 7BB stack, if he has 12+ the re-shove is fine. Finding better spots may be overused but in this instance it the correct use. Why would you want to put your chips in a spot where he might fold 1 in 10 times and you're never ahead. Ever.
  10. Re: Hand - Close to winning 550 euro seat You don't even then have to fold your way in with 6BBs, you just have to find a better spot to get your chips in and survive.
  11. Re: Hand - Close to winning 550 euro seat Shove is horrible, the guy is basically never min-raise folding there, so you're just putting all your chips in way behind his range.
  12. Re: Hypers 1500 goal Nice $7 graph. Have played a decent amount of these HU Hypers and no idea how anyone can play more than 1 table of them (and that's from someone who 12-16 tables MTT SNGs). Do you know your ROI 1-tabling compared to 2+ tabling?
  13. Re: Hand - Close to winning 550 euro seat Easiest fold ever. People panic too much with shortstacks and think they need to win a pot quickly. You just need to get to the last 6 with 1 chip. Think about what kind of flop you're hoping for with 64 and how often this is going to happen.
  14. Buffalo @ Jacksonville Jacksonville 11/10 Wrong favourites in this game. Jacksonville have been gradually improving all year and have actually won 4 of their last 5. Unbelievably they are still mathematically in with a shot at the playoffs. Even if they weren't they're a team that Gus Bradley has highly motivated for every game. Maurice Jones-Drew is doubtful but Jordan Todman will be a capable replacement against a team that's given up more rushing TDs than anyone else and 2nd worst in 20+yd runs. Buffalo are 1-6 on the road (1-7 if you include their "home" game in Toronto). Their seaso
  15. Re: Daily Mtt Winnings January 2013 - $$$$ Only Please Ended the weekend as I started. $2765.84 [ATTACH]4095[/ATTACH]
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