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  1. Re: The "All Green" Grand National 2010 - NOW INCLUDING 2011!! Just had a read of this thread after seeing it in our sig mate...cracking work and a good read :ok
  2. Re: KEY RACE: King George Chase - Kempton 26th Dec - 3m Wow you guys really do pounce on people quick. Well done Kauto, I was there, infact I'm on TV just before Ruby throws his goggles (or whatever you call em) into the crowd. :D That's his best performance yet, and lays down the gauntlet for Denman for sure. :loon
  3. Re: Nbl Punter 80% Aah so this is the source of the PM. :ok Yeah we went to most of teh Carlton games last year, I lived near him till I came back to the UK recently. He doesn't post on here too much nowadays. I replied to your PM rleague_punter.
  4. Re: AFL Finals Week 2 Oh jesus. I was meant to ring up at QT and totally forgot. Mate said they'd be about 4.00 I said 3.50 :puke:puke Still, a winner nontheless...regardless of how it finished. Pies were always too big a price there.
  5. Re: AFL Finals Week 2 I'm all over Collingwood today. The price is ridiculous. People (and therefore bookeis) forget so quickly what went on during the h/a season, like they did with Geelong and St Kilda, offering silly odds (especially on Cats last week). It's the same here for the Pies, they've got a decent record against Adelaide of late, and they are a good backs against the wall side. It's not often teams go out in straight sets either, and let's not forget it's in Melbourne. $2.20? Yes please. :ok
  6. Re: AFL Round 22 I happen to agree, mate. We're obviously better than that and Brisbane are very beatable, home or away. Just concerned that in the big games we capitulate. Like rabbits in the lights sometimes. Shame it didn't turn out Blues/Bombers at the G friday night, woulda been epic. But hey-ho. Yeah, I shall enjoy the Brisbane nightlife, off up there on the Thursday, may aswell make a long weekend of it :cheers Demons +51/Dogs +6 :ok
  7. Re: Front Runners - Is there a site that lists them? :sad
  8. Re: Front Runners - Is there a site that lists them?
  9. Re: Cricket: The Ashes 2009 Brilliance by Fred, the best bowler in the World on his day. Just has that knack of finding another gear in the big matches, and dragging his team through. Sublime to watch. :ok
  10. Re: AFL Round 17 I'd have to agree that Freo are too short, but I think they'll win. With Sandilands and Pav back, and no Cox (for the year I think isn't it? I hope so, I traded him out of my SC team)...and the obvious tanking, there's no reason whatsoever for them to win this match. No bet though really. Saints -11.5?? Yes please :loon I think the dogs are slightly over-rated and Saints are still looking pretty unstoppable with their suffocating game. I'd have this line closer to 25 to be honest :D Also like the look of Hawthorn +28.5 at first glance. :ok
  11. Re: Cycling: Tour de France (July 4-26) Sh!t...not good for Lance, what's the reason? I'm off to take a look. Looking forward to tonight's stage, a little build up to the Alps to come next week :tongue2
  12. Re: AFL Round 16 B@stards, all of you :spank Yeah, we'll not win a flag for a while you're right, but 10-20 years is a bit strong :loon Not sure how you can predict what's gonna happen that far down the track :tongue2 I absolutely froze my bollox off last Saturday at the G, probably the coldest I've been at a game for a long time...the game was friggin terrible too, I just wanted to leave by 3QT...but at least Fev warmed things up nicely. :ok As for this week, indoors I think we'll have to much for Sydney, I like the ins/outs...Scotland and Bower in for Hartlett and Armfield (who bot
  13. Re: Las Vegas 2009 Thread Good week again guys :ok Good to meet up with everyone, and good to see Ben and Graeme who I don't see all that often. Shuffleboard at $25 a game :rollin
  14. Re: AFL Round 6; Was at the G yesterday, what an epic, epic finish. :loon Fev, what do we do with him :wall
  15. Re: How much money to make with courtsiding one tennis tournament? Yeah fine mate, not too far from the fires but far enough away not to be affected here. :ok
  16. Re: How much money to make with courtsiding one tennis tournament? Yep, Pipo is clearly head and shoulders above us all. So much so he has to come on here and post about it.
  17. Re: How much money to make with courtsiding one tennis tournament? Brilliant :rollin
  18. Re: Cricket: Australia vs New Zealand ODI Series & Twenty20 International Was in Melbourne yesterday so went to the game. How incredibly boring it was. The crowd was shocking (I know the G often looks emptier than it really is, but it was bordering on embarassing yesterday)...left at change of innings before we fell asleep :loon Oh, good tipping Kev. :ok Sprised the 6's line still stays so high :eek
  19. Re: Australian Open 2009 - bets, predictions, reasoning Don't think I'm alone in thanking the lord for this.
  20. Re: Australian Open 2009 - chat thread, (in-play comments and banter) Dead now.
  21. Re: Australian Open 2009 - chat thread, (in-play comments and banter) Fancy meeting up for a beer before the semi on Thursday? :beer
  22. Re: Australian Open 2009 - chat thread, (in-play comments and banter) Seriously, stop talking sh!t all your life. All this fixed stuff, it's total bullsh!t. You're not from Eastern Europe by any chance are ya? :\
  23. Re: Australian Open 2009 - chat thread, (in-play comments and banter) Mate, shut up will ya :lol Just got back from the tennis. I have to watch that back on TV, but I don't think I've ever seen anything so devastating. Utter, utter brilliance from Federer...I thought that 5 setter would do him some good, and it seems it has. I think that's probably the best performance I've ever seen tbh :eek
  24. Re: Australian Open 2009 - bets, predictions, reasoning Mate I've been to 2 of her matches and this really isn't the case. The buzz there is insane...you can cut it with a knife. The crowd are pulling her through this tourny...I think she can do it again tonight as long as she's not too fatigued :loon
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