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  1. + 1,5 goal at HT seems very plausible to me. Barça has no other option than start strong if they want to reverse the situation, and the first half will probably define the outcome of this game. This will be my pick : first half goals + 1,5, 1,83 @ bet365. GL !
  2. Re: Sky Bet League 1 > February 18th & 19th This is really very strange....Gillingham´s odds are going sky high minute after minute...
  3. Re: The Skrill Premier > Tuesday October 8th That´s not the point at all of the discussion, but whatever....the point is why betting on amateur football leagues?? That´s the key...it was my last time definitely...tks for your comments anyways...
  4. Re: Brazil Serie A 2013 Thread Cruzeiro for me is the bet of the year, as I stated above...Gremio is a dull team, playing for 1-0 and that´s all...should win, but tight....Nautico is a lost hope and Vasco is definitely not favourite against Fluminense....lots of missing players, including Juninho Pernambucano...Flu, on the other hand, will bring back Gum, Felipe and Edinho, coming back from suspentions...Flu is a favourite for me here tonight, but, despite of being played on neutral venue, it is a derby from Rio....we never know...I´ll skip it and focus on the blue machine for a possi
  5. Re: Brazil Serie A 2013 Thread Dedé won´t make any difference at all...odds are 1.50 for Cruzeiro and going down...over 50.000 tickets sold already....blue show tonight (I hope!!)
  6. Re: The Skrill Premier > Tuesday October 8th ok...so please explain what happened here and how they knew it in advance, and all of us lost money...they´re pros my friend...
  7. Re: Brazil Serie A 2013 Thread I got them yesterday at 1.70...today it´s 1.55 already...that´s the bet of the year...not only for the obvious, but SP will be missing Ceni and L. Fabiano....come on!!
  8. Re: England: Blue Square Premier Oct 4-6 At last!!! 1 x 3 so far...show me the money!!! :cheers
  9. Re: International Friendlies > 2-7 September If we don't win this game by at least 2 goals difference, we better give up on 2014 and give it to Argentina, Colombia, whatever...:(
  10. Re: Copa America > Semi-Finals > 20/21 July NO MORE UNDERDOGS!!! PLEASE!!! :puke For the sake of good football, Uruguay will win this game and go the final!! Forlan will finally play his best tonight! Uruguay @ 1.92 betfair 6/10 :hope
  11. Re: Copa America > Wednesday 13th July And you don't know how to bet with asian handicaps, right??? :) That means that Brazil had to win by at least 2 goals....final score : 4-2...bet won :nana
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