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  1. Many leagues still available! Basketball Writers Wanted For Hello, with new design of our ultimate basketball previews site, we are hiring basketball writers for many leagues! If you are able to find relevant informations for basketball matches including news, missing players (marked by their importance for the team), contact me Include: Your prefered league Prove of you experience Tags: None
  2. Hello, we are looking for someone who will be able to cover basketball leagues (missing/doubtful players). Contact me if you are interested.
  3. Re: Brazil Serie A and B RATINGS 2011 Hi man! Is there any preview for Serie B for this year please?
  4. Re: Norway, Adeccoleague, 5-7th of april. I have Haugesund too, Tromsdalen without their captain, they sold their best striker Lamøy to Sandefjord. Their midfield is quite young for Addeco in my opinion. But Rodmann is back in the team.
  5. Re: Norway, Adeccoleague - silly season 08/09 Hi, is this league tricky, or good for betting? I would like bet only this.. Any opinion, please? Are there highlights from Accoligaen?
  6. Re: Norway, Tippeliga, 5-13th of July. Hi all..Where can I find a tactic of single teams, please?(especially the spacing)