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** September Nap's Competition Result: 1st Boulder5111, 2nd Craig Bluenose, 3rd Barnsley Chop, 4th Zilzalian KO Cup: Bathtime For Rupert, Most Winners: Waggy**
**September Poker League Result : 1st Kevsul £75, 2nd Gemic £45, 3rd Barry John £30**


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  1. Guys just read with dismay that the lottery is going up to £2 a ticket , iv always played the lottery but I am aware of the odds and as some one once said Its a tax on fools. I was reading recently about the punters falicy when it comes to the betting of red and black at roulette ,many punters believe that if a run of one colour occurs then the odds will shift in favour of the next bet been the opposite colour ie 10 reds on the bounce so the next colour must be black. As we all know the odds are always even. (ok the green makes it slightly under but you get the picture) Well instead of havin
  2. Re: Making Money on Betfair Six aside thanks for the update.I would think this scenareo encouraging as thinking back over my long gambling career I cant recall such a run.I do however see that it is possible and with this in mind I would argue that should you not be greedy then taking small hits often and having the largest bank possible in relation to the profits required would give you a good chance of succsess.My aim would be only to double up in the year if this was achievable then I would think we are onto a winner.:hope
  3. Guys after yet another losing saturday footie accumulator when the obligatory sure thing went and lost it got me thinking of a new stratergy for the laying of favourites on bet fair. Now it would appear to me that the bookmakers have essentially built their empires on the back of losing favourites. With this in mind it looks llike statisticaly only one in three favourites actually win. My system is that I aim to start with a large bank in relation to the stakes I aim to place. In my case I will start with a bank of £250 and lay each favourite to win 0.26p (0.25p profit and 1p commis
  4. Re: The Steady drip as a long term system Guys the targeting of fixed profits is what I would hope would make this system a profitable long term reality. If you decided that you would only reach 50% of your original stake and then re-started cashing out the 50% profit, this would able you to lock your profits in with if the worse case scenario a score came in then only the losses would be kept to a minimum.Also as you would be running multiple banks hopefully the ones that showed profits would pay for the odd faliure. The advantage of the system is that you can be selective in relation to t
  5. Re: The Steady drip as a long term system Respect to you Scotty what a run and that kind of form is basis for my idea.The continued sequance is likely at some time to throw up the rogue result which would mean the loss of the entire bank. I can see the attraction of this in the glory hunting scenareo but could the system be bastadised to allow for continued profits all be it without the long term sky high profits. Would it not be possible as suggested to set five seperate banks off running at the same time but obviously laying a number of differant scores. If you were happy to re start the
  6. I am sure most people are familiar with the steady drip stratergys mainly feautering correct scores over on the Glory hunters section.The 1% drip system as used to good effect by Hodgy is running strong after over 200 bets and has turned £20 into over £200.The risk element of these challenges is that should a loser come up they will lose their entire bank.The system works by risking the entire bank on a unlikley result. Football scores are one such favoured avenue.My idea would be to use the drip but only aim to make half your initiall stake,and to have multiple banks running together.For in
  7. Re: Home Win What about looking at the racing and football outlooks stats page in this weekly publication they list a league based on teams last six games this makes for a truer picture of current trends.This may allow for greater prediction accuracy
  8. Just recieved a flyer from the above firm (based in wakefield West Yorkshire) I just wondered if any one had either used this firm before or if they had any knowledge of this system.As all system flyers do it promises high returns.It does look interesting but would like to see the system reviewed.Can anyone offer any knowledge
  9. Re: Laying Favs increasing stakes after loser Davey I was only using the £1 as a nominal figure.I understand the implications of a losing run but the point of starting small with a large bank was that I would hope that this would compenste for the losing run.Also the odds that you take on I accept is also an issue.My thoughts are however that I have been betting for a long time and cant recall the last time six favs at any price came in let alone ten on the bounce.My attraction if anything is not to be greedy and go for small but consistant wins.I am not wishing to become a millionare just
  10. Guys looking for your thoughts on the following system. I am of the understanding that statisticaly only 1 in 3 favourites win.If this is the case couldnt you increse your stakes after a loser to get your winnings back and make a small profit. Now I know that you will immediatly shout me down with cries of its the Martingale system and a recepie for disaster. Well to combat this what if you had a decent bank for instance £500 and your bets were £1. So your first fav would have a £1 on it if it losers you carry on covering the bet plus making a pound. Now if you stoped at a point lets say £5 a
  11. Re: High risk,High reward Laying system -Thoughts please. Guys yep three 5.1 winners in a row unbelivable but its done me.Back to the drawing board regards Bravo
  12. Traditionaly I have layed short price favourities on bet fair.I have never got anywhere as those favourites would come in too often to make any decent profits.As such I had a re think and change of direction. I now lay horses in the same races but lay the horse which is around the 5/1 mark (normally third fav) well its so far so good with the last twelve horses losing and my bank has grown six fold. Now I relise this is against normal advice .I would like to know if others out there in punter land follow a similar system and how they have done long term.My system has only run for around a mont
  13. Hi has anyone any info on this course.It sounds great but then they all do.It is based on trading on Bet fair.
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