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  1. Re: Goteborg vs Trelleborg (Team News) Yeah iam looking forward to this game too many are backing goteborg and will be fked if they lost.
  2. What do u think is the safest bet of these all I think all of you will agree that instead of betting on germany or spain and they going to penalities. I personally feel spain will win but dont want to bet on outright ---1.74 and risk it againist germany though they play might differ. I really am not certain how many goals there might be in todays game and seeing germany which can play pretty good defensive game i doubt if there will be many goals in the match and each of them may just canacel the other out at 0-0 .But that seems highly unlikely with spain and there might be atleast the
  3. Houston Dynamo v Dallas 1.8 3.8 4.8 betfair It would be great if anybody knowing these teams shared some knowledge of whether this match can be a draw or will houston win as its winning for a long time at home.
  4. Re: Semi Final 2 - Russia v Spain How much would you be betting if at 85 min spain are 2-1 russia like yesterday Germany v turkey.
  5. Re: Semi Final 2 - Russia v Spain Do you people read the news.Both the teams during the past matches they played always had a draw they wont play attacking football today eventhough everybody expects that they would be playing a more defensive gameplay today as both sides are attacking by nature,so they expect one side to make a mistake of attacking and then the other team will slip and make a goal. I feel over 1.5 is a good bet @1.45 betfair what do u people think.over 2.5 is at @2.3 which sounds better than 1.45 but my concern is that both teams would be playing defensively and there mi
  6. Re: Semi Final 1 - Germany Vs Turkey ANy thoughts on this match Fylkir v Grindavik Iam posting cause it might be helpful for all you cash lost betters.This match seems to have good odds june 25 22 uk time. Fylkir 1.88 v(draw 4.1) Grindavik (4.33) I never heard of these teams so if someone can comment who will win or draw it would be great. Iam done with this headache Germany may as well draw at the end of 90 min and dont cry saying people didnt warn you already.They arent so great as the hype,Lots of sluggishness i seen in the matches eeven in austria match for peace sake man iam bo
  7. Re: Semi Final 1 - Germany Vs Turkey Genius Dont get greedy,I am telling you again.ok The Germans will play like usual cautious since they know the run and hit play of Turkish players. Iam not saying Germany wont win it just might happen after 90 min.SO dont run having a feeling and put 600 pounds. Put it after half time.Ok ill wait till 80 min this time and put it even then i would be doubtful because i just dont trust the turkish players and i want to enjoy football i dont want to put a lot of money and feel bad just because germans players won after 90 min.You might as well t
  8. Re: Semi Final 1 - Germany Vs Turkey Yes Thanks for that explanation.Those betting sites should really mention all those at least in help section. Well Just how r u so sure that the Germans are going to win just tell me Cause i lost a Sum of 550 pounds on their match with croatia.My concern is i want to bet another lumpsome on this match. I know they played great againist portugal.But having said that dont you really think it has all got to do with Swienstiger that day i mean he was lucky like a horse shoe every corner,pass he took ended up going to the goal. Dont tell me you did
  9. Re: Semi Final 1 - Germany Vs Turkey Well i really really am rooted for the Germans to win , I want to bet 300 pounds but will not before the match starts as much as i know the germans are very strong and all againist european nations.The turkish players are like mad and crazy in a way ,i just find their style of play very weird. They all go running towards the otherside like crazy and the ball is hit from the turkey side and they just bump the ball somehow into the opponents goal.Its frustrating to watch such play. There is no planning,nothing they defend well and at the end always the
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