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  1. Re: Flat Racing Tuesday 21st of August 4:05 Yarmouth Mrs Greenley 3/1 Boylesports I genuinely can't believe the generous price on offer here for this horse. Firstly the horse has won 2/2 starts at Yarmouth with the very latest win over the course being in an arguably better race than this one despite it being in a class 5. Anton Chigh can be evidence of that, having come 6th in that race and looking a bit one paced it then subsequently won its next outing easily and has since finished 2nd in two class 4s looking like a decent horse. Even My Own Way Home who finished 10th in this race has since won a class 5 and did not digrace himself in a class 4 in its latest run. In Mrs Greenley's latest outing at Newmarket it was given a terrible ride at the back my Ted Durcan, in which in the last half furlong absolutely bolted to come from last to 4th. Today sees the depolyment of Carson who has already won on the horse at Yarmouth. With it's experience and love of the track and ground, the fact it's very low in the handicap for its ability and unexposed it seems to me to be a great bet. 10 pts win p.s Imedla Mayem is very overpriced as well (12/1 at bet365) and I have gone for a cheeky forecase of Greenley/Mayhem at 37/1
  2. Re: Flat Racing Thursday 16th of August 16:45 Beverly Nearly A Gift - Been in drastically poor form this year but is a very good price for the following reasons. Firstly the horse is unexposed, secondly it's racing at its optimum conditions (Gd/frm and 5f) and most importantly it is ridiculously well handicapped. Last year after some impressive maiden form it started its handicapping career at a mark of 82. Today it races off 60 which is 22lbs difference compared to this time last year. At that time it raced very well in a class 2 race finishing second and it looked like it was going to be a good horse. Sadly it hasn't been able to live up to that, but today it races in a relatively weak class 5 race of a ridiculously low mark. It looked like it needed its last race and actually ran quite well and I think it has good EW potential Nearly a gift 1pt e/w at 17/1
  3. Re: Flat Racing Tuesday 14th of August Hi guys, haven't posted on here for a while, but been in a rich vein of form lately (won 16/21 horses in the last week) so thought I'd share my selection in the hope we can all beat the bookies. 7:35 Yarmouth - Play Street Since the step up in trip has been winning wonderfully. Absolutely hacked up in a strong Class 4 race two starts ago and LTO bolted home without getting out of 1st gear. Today sees it''s hardest test yet in what looks to be a competitive race. The Cecil horse will relish the step up in trip and there are few other horses that have shown decent form thus far. However, if Play Street travels like it has done lately I believe it can defy its 7lb penalty and Bentley's 3lb claim helps. Play street 10pt win
  4. Re: Placepot! please read! Clear some PM space Erhaab :)
  5. Re: Placepot! please read! My selections came nowhere but nevermind! Cheers anyway pal
  6. Guys sorry for creating a new thread on this, but I don't want to get my hopes up if it won't be that big of a return. Can someone just quickly try and calculate roughly how much I'll get back on the placepot here, these are my selections: Race 1: Sentrail and lethal force (Sentrail places SP 5/1) Race 2: Chicamadee and Nahrain (chicamee places SP 4/1) Race 3: So you think and Carlton house (Both place, 4/5 and 7/2 SP) Race 4: Prince of Joanne and Mull of Killough (Prince of Joanne places 16/1 SP) Race 5: Jubille Diamond and Mironica Race 6: Duntle and Ladys first I've put on 20p a line which equated to about £12 Thanks!!
  7. Hello guys. Just wanted to let you know of a decent tip. I'm a long standing Wrexham fan and I have to say that we look absolutely terrific this year. Some of our players could genuinely play in the Championship (Lee Fowler being one) and as a result of the off field troubles and the rectification of them, our squad has never felt a better connection with each other or the fans. We have accumulated 10 points out of 12 and currently sit joint top in the league. Now that our Supporters Trust is taking over the club tomorrow this squad unity can only get better and considering other teams such as Luton and Fleetwood do not look like they are going to 'Do a Crawley' I think we genuinely have a shot at the top here. We are still 12/1 on Victor Chandler!! On an asider bet, Jamie Tolley is usually fantastic odds for us to either score first or anytime (I had 5/1 anytime and 16/1 fgs against Lincoln which he duely obliged) so make sure you keep a track on his odds Cheers
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    Re: Placepot Ah yes that makes complete sense actually. The dividend for Warwick was £100 before deductions. So that means I would have only won back about £25 (30% of £85). A bit pointless really!
  9. Jono333


    Re: Placepot Thank you for your response mate! Does it go by odds then? How does the odds affect the pay out, and how do you get people winning thousands off them? Thanks
  10. Jono333


    Hi everyone, I know this is a bit cheeky but I was wondering if someone would be able to help me workout how much I would have won on the placepot. Only one race let me down so it would have been interesting to know my potential outcome. I did a placepot at Warwick, and according to the Totesport placepot information at Warwick http://club.totesport.com/totepoolLiveInfo/Java/index.htm the total pot was £39,586 the number of "Winning units" (Does this mean tickets?) was 287.50. The bets I had were Leg 1: Blue Deer (SP 5/2) *PLACED* and Vintage Grape (SP 12/1) *Did not place* Leg 2: Our Picadilly (SP 14/1) and Memphis man (25/1 sp) both did not place :( Leg 3: Emkanaat (Sp 4/9) *Placed* Leg 4: Knocker Knowles (SP 9/2) *PLACED*, Surrey Spirit (13/2 sp) *Did not place* Leg 5: Lupo Durgo (SP 8/1) *PLACED*, Mite Mouse (3/1) *Did not place. Leg 6: Into the wind (Sp 9/2) *PLACED*, Supa Seeker (N/R) - I guess this means it went onto Into the wind possibly who was JF? and Hint of Honey (10/1 sp) Who did not place** Overall I put on £14.40 which I guess is about 30p per line? Would anyone be able to work out how much I would have won approximately based on this information. I would be eternally grateful. Thanks a lot Jono
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    Place Bet

    Re: Place Bet Ah right, cheers. Surely it is affected by the odds of the horse though? The higher the odds the more payout? I just don't understand how
  12. Jono333

    Place Bet

    Re: Place Bet Placepot
  13. Jono333

    Place Bet

    Hi everyone, I really do not understand how place betting works at all, despite researching it! Would someone please be able to give me an estimate on what I would win if my place bet came in today? I've put a five bound place bet at Newton Abbot: Leg 1 - Ramses De Marigincy to place (Currently 3/1) Leg 2 - Bid Art to place (Currently 4/1) Leg 3 - Advancement to place (Currently 11/2) Leg 4 - Thunder Child to place (Currently 5/1) Leg 5 - Glan Lady to place (Currently 2/1) Leg 6 - Brilliant to place (Currently 16/1) I've only done those selections and put £5 on. Thank you everyone
  14. Re: Best bet of the day 13th Aug 2:20 Sandown Francis Walshingham - Looks a decent punt in this small field. Came a decent 4th LTO in a decent race over 6f LTO and previous to this came 4th in another good race over 6f. Drops down to 5f today at Sandown and with this drops a couple of pounds to 73. The trainer has recently hit decent form and the horse has a very good jockey in Drowne on board. The draw may be a concern over this track. However, I believe with the favourite perhaps too high in the handicap and not much else on show it will be able to overcome this. Francis Walshingham @ 5/1 (Skybet)
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