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  1. Hi, couple of questions (have the full cgm software ) what is the best section/filters to find Both teams to score bets? also, in upcoming section when clicking on the game is there somewhere to find the true odds a match should be, for the draw for example? so I can identiy value, Thanks.
  2. Live Shots feed

    sofascore.com, and flashscores.com are maybe the best free sites http://inplayscanner.com is great if you're prepared to pay the monthly fee
  3. Lay The Draw CgmBet Selections

    Looks like these both won, well done. Can you explain a bit more about the formula you use on CGM to get these selections. Interesting strategy. I take it you only go to a maximum lay odd of a certain number ? hence some are unmatched.
  4. Is there any way to name the strategies you make in the upcoming games section, rather than just default 1, 2 3, etc ?
  5. Lay The Draw CgmBet Selections

    Hi, How did you get these figures, did you have to use excel formulas or can you discover profit or loss over the 3 seasons via just the CGM tool ? thanks
  6. Re: Semi Final 2 - Russia v Spain The problem was here, Spain only had to keep Arshavin quiet, which they did - while Russia had to worry about 4 or 5 attacking players, lol wish I considerd this before the game.
  7. Re: Wimbledon 23rd June - 6th July good stuff, I shoulda played those first 3 in a treble.
  8. Re: Semi Final 2 - Russia v Spain gone for russia to qualify & over 1.5 goals Double @ over 3/1. Seems value.
  9. Re: Semi Final 2 - Russia v Spain I'll go with Russia to make the final @ 2.37 just incase they fail to take chances in normal time, I think we've seen tonite the first game of this tournament has counted for little as a Turkish team who were badly outplayed by Portugal on day 1 gave the favourites a very good game,... not to mention the Netherdlands Losing to Russia 3 -1 after an impressive 4 - 1 opener vs Italy.
  10. Re: Wimbledon 23rd June - 6th July ah, nice1
  11. Re: Wimbledon 23rd June - 6th July Paddy Power.
  12. Re: Wimbledon 23rd June - 6th July How will a retired match effect a tennis treble ? seems like the other 2 will be winners, but J.C ferrero retired when losing 2 sets to 0 , will it go into a double, stakes returned, loss ?
  13. bets for euro 2008

    Re: bets for euro 2008 anyone know what DAY the player of the tournament is announced ?
  14. Re: Portugal v Germany -1st Quarter Final I'm going for draw after 90 mins @ about 3.1 (adding it to a double), 1 -1 wouldn't suprise me here. Both have goals in the the team, but Germany will surely pay close attention to Ronaldo and stop alot of chances by doing this.. On the other hand Portugal boast possibly the best defence in the tournament with the likes of Carvhalo, Bonsigwa, Pepe etc to shut out the likes of Padolski & Gomez.. I think 1 -1 or 2-2 has a decent chance consdering how close in quality the teams look on paper.