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  1. Re: Grosvenor Poker GUKPT September League - Over £1000 Added - Starts Weds Sep 5th!
  2. Re: Birmingham - Gala Casino I'd heard good things after the refurb but have only in the last few weeks started going there. I am impressed on the whole and think it's a great addition to the Midlands poker scene. Positives Unconditional Guarantees Valet parking Excellent poker room Very good cardroom manager Good dealers Good schedule for my regular buy in level (£20 - £40) Anyone answers a mobile phone their cards are insta mucked Sunday comp starts at a great time (see schedule below) Plenty of valets on duty Very good snack menu The restaurant looks good though not tried it yet Slight Negatives A little bit cliquey and I've witnessed some blatant soft play in a satellite recently No penalty or even a warning for folding out of turn Breaks are too far apart (2 hrs) and too long when you get one. The 1st break last's for 30 mins which is unnecessary. Driving to it, (located right in Birmingham city centre) is a total traffic nightmare. Monday 8:30pm. £10 Unlimited Re-buy 90mins late entry/alternates Double chips on add-on £1000 Unconditional Guarantee Tuesday 8:30pm. £25 Deepstack Freeze-out 120mins late entry/alternates 15,000 chips £1500 Unconditional Guarantee Wednesday 8:30pm. £20 Deepstack freeze-out 120mins late entry/alternates/re-entry 12,000 chips £1200 Unconditional Guarantee Thursday 8:30pm. £40 Megastack freeze-out 120mins late entry/alternates 18,000 chips £2000 Unconditional Guarantee Friday 8:30pm. £20 with one optional Re-Buy 120mins late entry/alternates 6,000 chips starting stack, 9,000 chips for re-buy £2000 Unconditional Guarantee Saturday 8:30pm. £30 Deep stack Freeze-out 120mins late entry/alternates/re-entry 15,000 chips £1500 Unconditional Guarantee Sunday 5pm. £25 Deepstack Freeze-out 120mins late entry/alternates 15,000 chips £1200 Unconditional Guarantee Overall I've been pleased with it.
  3. Re: GUKPT Goliath - G Casino Coventry - avongirl 5th for £8100 Sorry for being slow, I've been meaning to come on here since the Goliath finished and say a very BIG "Well done" to Helen for a totally brilliant performance and result. Couldn't have happened to a nicer person. :cheers :beer
  4. Re: PuntersLounge World Series of Poker 2011 - Coventry G Casino - Sat 3rd Sept I'd very much like to play both events. Will vote a little nearer the time when I can be definite.
  5. Fluence


    Re: Coventry Hi Lemonballer, I play a lot at the G Cov (at least once a week). The Friday comp is getting much better now. It used to be self deal but they now have dealers virtually all the time on a Friday night. £15 + £4 admin. I would also suggest it's worth an extra £1 to enter the Royal Flush Jackpot they run. Thereby making it a total £20 which isn't bad for a Friday night out IMO. Last week it had 60 runners so it has the feel of decent comp without the need to arrive home after the milkman if you make the final table. A few tips. If you register at least 1 hour prior to start time (7.30 latest) you get an extra 20% of chips added to your stack, so 1,500 on a Friday. You can I believe even enter over the phone at the cash desk though I've not done this yet. Also if you make the Final table of any normal weekly comp you get an invite to a special freeroll that starts at 6.30pm on a Saturday. This comp has just 3 prizes in the form of GUKPT vouchers (like getting Tesco club points!). Winner £75, 2nd £50 and 3rd £25. It only has about 10 turn up. If you want to go any week and would just like someone to be able to say hello to when you arrive let me know.
  6. Re: GUKPT Goliath 24th - 28th August 2011 - G Casino Coventry Nice one. See you there (I've won a seat via a live sat @ G Cov)
  7. Re: GUKPT Goliath 24th - 28th August 2011 - G Casino Coventry Just to let you know that G Casinos are running simultaneous satellites in EVERY G Casino cardroom for Goliath packages. Still to be 100% confirmed but it looks likely to be the following: £40 freezeout with 8k stacks and 30 minute blinds. The package is worth £300. So £120 seat and 3 nights in the Ricoh Arena Hotel. I will confirm the dates when definite but looks like it will be Mon 6th June, Mon 4th July and Mon 1st Aug at a G Casino near you!
  8. Fluence

    New Club Scam

    Re: New Poker Club Opening in Brentwood, Essex. £10k wow, sounds almost too good to be true.
  9. European Poker Tournament Record Attempt. The official announcement for this is not till next week so this may change slightly but this is how things will run as far as I am aware. Others have reported this on some other forums but some of the details they have may be slightly out of date now. The latest news is as follows. £100 Entry + £20 Registration* * 25% of the registration fees are being donated to Marie Curie. No Limit Holdem Deepstack (25,000 starting stack) £100,000 Prize Money Guaranteed From August 24th to 28th 2011 They hope to get over 1,500 players and break the European Record but DTD may well set a new even higher record shortly! G are going for, 3 x Day ones (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) starting at 12 Noon each day, with 500 players each day. They may even have a 4th day 1 if the event gets enough interest or just increase the number of runners per day. 1 x Day 2 on Saturday Final Day on Sunday (play to finish) The tournament will be held in the conference suite adjacent to the casino which is part of the Ricoh stadium, they can easily accommodate 500+ players in there it's huge. Entry via any G or Grosvenor Casino and satellites will be held weekly at G Coventry, and various other Grosvenor and G Casinos and online at The event is being run in association with the Ricoh Arena,, D4events & Marie Curie Cancer Care. One huge mistake IMO is to hold it at the same time as the APAT event at DTD. I would definitely have played both if they were on separate weekends. I will post details of the side events on my blog; as soon as I have them.
  10. Re: DTD £58 Live Tourney, £40k gtd prizepool 29th-31st Oct Get to the G Cov on Sunday nights then, £25 FO with £2,500 guarantee and only 52 runners last week. Also a £50 comp with £5k guarantee on Tuesdays which sometimes (but not always) has overlay.
  11. Re: DTD £58 Live Tourney, £40k gtd prizepool 29th-31st Oct Unreal. Based on that logic why does anyone enter the WSOP main event? Until this event normal amateur/recreational poker players would never have the opportunity to play a 900 runner deepstack comp with a 45 min clock. £8 juice is more than casinos charge but DTD has the best dealers and is the best run club in the country. Also casinos can afford to charge less as they make so much from the table games. They'd kill to have 900 punters in their club. DTD has overlays in the club and online that average between £10k - £15k a month. Most people, me included, thought they would not get 600 and would therefore be looking at £10k overlay. Don't begrudge the fact that on this occasion they have made the guarantee. I was one of the 1st to buy in and am really looking forward to it.
  12. Re: Punterslounge WSOP 2010 Thread I won't vote as I feel it's up to you guys to decide for yourselves. On the venue though I would say that the G Coventry is certainly the nicer of the two. In fact it's probably (decor wise) the nicest casino in the UK. It's a way from Cov town centre if you want to go into town to do other things but it has entertainment on in the bar on Friday and Saturday, so something for early exits and non playing partners. If I lived equal distance to both though, I'd probably prefer the better "added value".
  13. Re: PuntersLounge Bloggers € Hi Guys. I have a blog here: I don't post on here all that often so if you don't want to add me the list I'll understand.
  14. Re: Aussie Millions 2010 Wow good luck to the player, who ever it is. I won a seat for the main event in 2007 and loved every minute of the trip. What a great place/tourney.
  15. Re: APAT Team Event, G Casino Manchester Jan 23rd/24th I'm looking forward to saying hi to as many of you as I can during this event. I will be there representing "Eat My Stack". I think this will be a great weekend. :hope :beer