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  1. Re: Poland Orange Ekstraklasa May 15th 2010 2:1 FT +14.8u
  2. Re: Poland Orange Ekstraklasa May 15th 2010 Slask Wroclaw - Arka Gdynia 15.05.2010 17:00 BIG value for us!! Last round in polish ekstraklasa. Arka must win tommorow to safe in league. Both teams do not like each other, even not tolerate! Players of Slask Wroclaw announce the victory and say that any price they want to win tomorrow. Slask will play tomorrow in the strongest composition, including Sebastian Mila and Vuk Sotirovič who are currently in good form and they are a force team. Arka Gdynia will play tomorrow without: Tadas Labukas (16/0) Wojciech Wilczynski (7/1), Mateusz Sieb
  3. Re: Polish Ekstraklasa 28-30/8 Zaglebie Lubin - Arka Gdynia 30.08.2009 14:45 Today, the Dialgo Arena will meet two weakest teams. Zaglebie i Arka not won the league at least one point, experiencing failure after 4. In team Zaglebie Lubin today can't play first goalkeeper Ptak. Team sold in midweek Michal Golinski. 2nd gaolkeeper Kopyl is very very poor player!!! he have late reflexes. Zaglebie in 4 games lost 13 goals!!! However in team Arka Gdynia paly without Robert Bednarek and maybe Tomasz Sokolowski (??). Both teams announce the game by 3 points. "The crux of the winning points. I t
  4. Re: Polish Ekstraklasa 28-30/8 1:1 FT half won + 1.2u ;)
  5. Re: Polish Ekstraklasa 28-30/8 3:0 FT easy ;) +3.85 u
  6. Re: Polish Ekstraklasa 28-30/8 Korona Kielce - Cracovia Krakow 29.08.2009 19:15 Korona Kielce is poor form, in last 3 games lost. They lose with Polonia Bytom 0:1, 0:2 with Jagiellonia Bialystok and 0:5 with Lech Poznan. Today they play without Krzysztof Gajtkowski and Edson. Rest players are fit and can play today with Cracovia. In team Cracovia today can't play important striker Bartosz Slusarski, but in team are two new players Radoslaw Matusiak (he score one, won goal in last week) and Michal Golinski. Cracovia have new coach, Orest Lenczyk at 2 weeks. Last weekend they won 1:0 with
  7. Re: Polish Ekstraklasa 28-30/8 Cuiavia Inowrocław - LTP Lubanie IV league Kujawsko-Pomorskie 29.08.2009 17:00 Cuiavia is one of the favorites for promotion. In 3 round they take 6 points. In last week they won 4:2 with Grom Osie. They lose 2:3 with Sparta Brodnica in away and won 2:1 with Unia Wabrzezno in home. Tomorrow they play in home with very poor team LTP Lubanie. Lubanie in 3 rounds they take only 1 points. They draw 2:2 with Sparta Brodnica, lose 1:3 with Unia Wabrzezno and lose 0:1 with Gwiazda Bydgoszcz. Info about squad I will add later... GL :) pick Cuiavia Inowroclaw od
  8. Re: Polish Ekstraklasa 21-23/8 KSZO Ostrowiec v ŁÃ³dzki KS 24.08.2009 19:15 I league In today's match guests will look quite weak, left the band Mladen KaÅ¡ćelan., One of the main players in Lodz club. Batata not play well. Into question is the appearance of Thomas Ostalczyka and Nerijus Radziusa, both complain about the injuries. In addition, it is worth noting that KSZO not lost in their own stadium since 15 months! In a pre-sparring KSZO lost 0-2 to ŁKS and today the players are very mobilized, and they want to keep a good streak of games without defeat their own object. Probably lin
  9. Re: Polish ekstraklasa 7-9.11.2008 Polonia Bytom - Legia Warszawa Of Polish leader ekstrakalsa, Legia Warsaw today will drive to Bytom on succeeding victory. Moods in zespole they are very good. Winnings with Wisla Karkow (2:1) and with Lechia Gdansk (3:0) they show that Legia plays very good. Today will play in the full composition. Anyone does not complain on the contusions but competitors announce that they drive to Bytom on 3 points. Team Polonia Bytom today also will play in the full composition. Polonia Bytom: Pesković - Hricko, Klepczyński, Owczarek, Komorowski - Trzeciak, Grzyb, Ba
  10. GKS Belchatow - Cracovia Krakow GKS Belchatow plays better and better. In and this the better form is a team leader, Lukasz Gargula. On the contusion returned striker Mariusz Ujek. Belchatow returns to the war for the higher investements in league. Coach Pawel Janas very good put in order the team. However this that happens in Cracovia team… team plays very weakly. The change of coach for the time being did not go out on the good. That here a great deal to write, Cracovia waits today the very heavy game in Bechatow. Probably line-ups: PGE GKS Bełchatow: Kozik - Jarzębowski, Drzymont, Pie
  11. Re: Polish cup 28.10 Legia Warszawa - Jagiellonia Bialystok Jagiellonia with B team. Coach Jagi, Michal Probierz sey: I want to give to rest best soccer players, on league game with Cracovia. Therefore today they will play by reserves. In the composition on the today's the game find sie even 16 years old the players: Grzegorz Arłukowicz and Michał Fidziukiewicz. In personnel on the game with Legia has only to be found two soccer players from a departure number eleven - Damir Jojasević and Tomas Pesir. However Legia today will play in the strongest composition. Jan Coach Urban said: "Ver
  12. Lech Poznan - Odra Wodzislaw Lech is today plays in full competitions. Only 1st goalkeeper is out for today. After injures come back Rengifo. Lech Poznan is very good, offensive team, have very good offensive players like: Stilic,Peszko, Murawski, Lewandowski or Rengifo. Each with them can win game, shoot goal or assists. In team Odra Wodzisław without many players: all injures; Jan Woś(mid. 8 games and 1 assist - iportant player), Bartek Socha, Marcin Kokoszka, Aleksander Kwiek, Robert Kłos(defender,7 games and 1 assist), Adam Stachowiak (1st goalkepeer - very important player). Both tea
  13. Re: Polish 1st league 24.10 Hi! I play only one game in polish league today: http://www.punterslounge.com/forum/f57/polish-ekstraklasa-25-10-a-74914/ good luck ;)
  14. Re: Polish ekstraklasa 25.10 Legia - Wisła Krakow (game is today 26.10) This is very important game in Polish ekstraklasa. Important both teams. Team Legia did not lose from 7 games and in my opinion today also will not lose. Today team Legia will step out nearly in the all composition, will be lacking: Wojciech Szala (defender) and winger Borysiuk. Also is long injures: Kumbev and Edson. But in team return the important players: Roger and Radovic!!. However in team Wisla will not play: Rafal Boguski (very important winger) and Konrad Golos. Team Legia has more valuable players, commuters. I
  15. Gornik Zabrze - LKS Lodz This game this perfect occasion to the conquest of 3 points for the team Gornik. Coach Henryk Kasperczak this very outstanding coach and I think that today I will mobilize by team. Gornik today in the full composition. They return to the team: Jerzy Brzeczek (very very important player) and Thomas Zahorski (important forward). However in team LKS will be lacking Dawid Jarka(important forward). Perfect occasion on the winnings of game for Gornik, because how LKS it is necessary to win with such team!! Probably line-ups: Gornik: Vaclavik - Bonin, Hajto, Pazdan, Magi
  16. Re: Polish 1st league 24.10 Znicz Pruszkow - Podbeskidzie Will be this for sure very heavy game for both teams. However I see here larger chances on by the winnings of team Znicz Pruszkow. This game is special, because in the preceding season exactly through the defeat 0:1 with Podbeskidzie, this team Znicz did not promote to the top league. Time on the settlement of accounts from a preceding season! With such Saturday attitude in the evening they will go out on the sports field of the first-league soccer players Znicz Pruszkow which greedy of vengeance for the May defeat striking their cha
  17. Re: UEFA Cup - Thursday 23rd Oct 08 nice mate :cheers
  18. Re: Polish 1st league 24.10 0:1 FT + 2.10 units :nana:nana:nana
  19. Odra Opole - Widzew Lodz Both teams recently weaker they play. Today team the Odra Opole will be in a dignified manner weakened, particularly the middle of field. Will be lacking a very important player, Thomas Copik (pauses for the yellow cards) but also Madrin Pegzik (red card in the preceding game), doubtful is also the performance Artur Monasterski, defender which in the preceding game experienced the contusion. Team Widzew in the full composition, in the gigantic offensive force how: Robak, Mierzejewski and Napoleoni. Widzew this the very good club, which is one from the candidates to p
  20. Re: UEFA Cup - Thursday 23rd Oct 08 3:1 FT :cheers + 5.2 units :nana:nana:nana:nana:nana
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