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** September Nap's Competition Result: 1st Boulder5111, 2nd Craig Bluenose, 3rd Barnsley Chop, 4th Zilzalian KO Cup: Bathtime For Rupert, Most Winners: Waggy**
**October Poker League Result : 1st muttley £75, 2nd ian309 £45, 3rd thebestthere £30**
** Last Man Standing Result - Ivailobg/Cookro split 1st £125 / Larking22 1st Consolation Cup £50 **


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  1. Aye, haven't been here for a while, but saw his wife's post on his Facebook profile. What an absolutely shite 2020 it is. RIP Graham
  2. 💔 Absolutely gutted to hear this sad news on Facebook just now. Will always remember the 'little' things, like the chap turning up from abroad for a tipster job. 🤣 Paul knew it was coming but stared it straight between the eyes with a great big fcuk you.
  3. Well I started doing ratings the other week, sacked it off when they cancelled. But Ballyoptic, Potters Corner & Kimberlite Candy all scored well, gonna have a fun play on those 3.
  4. Good luck all, don't think any of these will win, but it's the only way I'll win 230 As: Ardenlee Star305 As: On A Session340 As: Mirage Dancer420 As: Keystroke500 As: Sir Maximilian535 As: Paddys Motorbike
  5. 230 As: Kemble305 As: Private Secretary340 As: Jash420 As: Pretty Pollyanna500 As: Nonchalance535 As: Byron Flyer
  6. 230 As: Real Appeal305 As: Great Scot340 As: Star Catcher420 As: Dee Ex Bee500 As: Motafaawit535 As: Summer Moon
  7. 230 As: Kimari305 As: Western Australia340 As: Magical420 As: Veracious500 As: New Graduate535 As: Temple of Heaven
  8. 230 As: Mustashry305 As: Arizona340 As: Blue Point420 As: Pheonix of Spain500 As: The Grand Visir535 As: Latrobe
  9. 235 P: Singing Banjo310 P: Se Mo Laoch350 P: Stormy Ireland425 P: French Made500 P: Swingbridge535 P: La Tektor610 P: Siberian Star
  10. 340 P: Alpha Male420 P: Pravalaguna455 P: Timeforwest530 P: Supersundae605 P: Eglantine Du Seuil635 P: It Came To Pass710 P: Gardens of Babylon745 P: Longhouse Poet
  11. 340 P: Bercasa420 P: Impact Factor450 P: Jarob530 P: Killultagh Vic605 P: Three Musketeers640 P: Chacun Pour Soi715 P: Black Tears745 P: Cayd Boy
  12. 340 P: Conron420 P: The Holy One455 P: Paloma Blue530 P: Commander of Fleet605 P: Kemboy640 P: Colreevy710 P: Jett745 P: Bioverdia
  13. 340 P: Blue Templar420 P: Klassical Dream455 P: High Expectations530 P: Min605 P: Evie's Song640 P: A Plus Tard715 P: Farceur Du Large
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