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** November Poker League Result : 1st ian309, 2nd juanmoment, 3rd McG **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st Soi Bongkot, 2nd fischer21, 3rd chillymonster, 4th Pempi, 5th patriciamarc **
** October Naps Competition Result: 1st sirspread, 2nd kenisbusy, 3rd Artie77, 4th Mick33. KO Cup Winner: The Equaliser, Most Winners: CS333 **


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  1. Re: Scotty's 2nd Attacking Drip!! (Currently £509.16 in Profit!!) :cow:cowSUPERB MATE WELL DONE :cow:cow This say's it all Keep it up mate :ok
  2. Winner4Me

    All in hunt

    Re: All in hunt Good luck sloppy.
  3. Re: Best Bet of the Day ~ 6th September Ethaara 1st (Lost on the lay) Woodcote 3rd :ok Minus fifteen 4th :ok Not bad, considering the poor races today.
  4. Re: HooLooVoo's copycat hunt :lol Doing ok on this mate, bit up and down but still going and that the main thing. Keep it up.:ok
  5. Re: Best Bet of the Day ~ 6th September SPOT ON mate :nana 33-1 Well done indeed
  6. Re: Kempton 6/9 CAPE HAWK 2nd :clap Done better than me mate. :lol
  7. Re: Scotty's 2nd Attacking Drip!! (Currently £470.52 in Profit!!) If this bets come's in mate and you make the £500, i think you should get an award. i dont know if anyone else would aggree with me on this but Scotty has done remarkably well on this and his other drip thread. I would like to be the first to recommend scotty for a Award. Keep it up Scotty. :ok
  8. Re: Kempton 6/9 Ok i will work my way through them. 3.25 I would have EBN MALK @ 10-1 E/W Down in the weight's.One who also has good form. Should run well here. ALFRESCO @ 14-1 E/W Down in weights again,good form and should run well here today imo. WILLOW DANCER @ 20-1 E/W You may think i am mad but,Although this horse has a poor draw i am going to give it a go.Again down in weights and good form. I like the look of all of these.:ok
  9. Re: Best Bet of the Day ~ 6th September I am in two minds today as what to do.. Im going to go for... KEMPTON 4.30 Woodcote Place E/W Down in the weights today but same class as lto.George baker booked for today and this is what has swayed me today.The horse has shown a massive improvement imo, and should do well here today if not win it. My others were:- ETHAARA was a lay for me @ 5-2 Minus fifteen place @ 14-1 Secret Night place @18-1 Good luck for today, some very tricky races today.:ok
  10. Re: Winner's Footy Thread (Paper Trial) Here are today's chance's.:D Gerorgia to bt Rep ireland £10 @ 5.5 Albania to bt sweden £10 @ 6.2 Iceland to bt Norway £10 @ 11 Bolivia to bt ecuador £10 @ 8.2 Slovenia to bt Poland £10 @ 7.6 Theres the five, see how they go.:tongue2
  11. Re: Winner's Footy Thread (Paper Trial) No propbs sloppy mate.I will do this just for you mate ;)
  12. Re: Winner's Footy Thread (Paper Trial) Thanks all the same mate but it wouldnt be my Glory hunt if someone else were to help.:ok
  13. Re: Winner's Footy Thread (Paper Trial) Of course i will. Until the bank has gone or i double it.:ok
  14. Re: Winner's Footy Thread (Paper Trial) BET £50 LOST £40 WON £38 + Stake Back Loss of -£2 Not too bad imo. BANK £1069 :ok
  15. Re: Winner's Footy Thread (Paper Trial) Oppps, made a mistake, meant to putting 10p on per game and i backed Malta £2 to win @ 100 :loon Be really really nice if it wins.:lol
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