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  1. Re: Brazil » Série A (9/12 oct) Atletico Mineiro miss main player Diego Tardelli I know that. On international duty.
  2. Re: Brazil » Série A (9/12 oct) The reason I say it could be at a (N) venue is because whenever you select either side to win on sportingbet is comes up with - Atletico Mineiro (N), Cruzeiro (N) etc. Which normally means its been played at a neutral ground. Like I said, I could be wrong. :ok
  3. Re: Brazil » Série A (9/12 oct) I also believe Miniero v Cruziero is being played at a (N) venue? So they don't have a home advantage. I could be wrong on that. Someone with more knowledge will need to verfiy that. Palmeiras tonight missing Diego Souza their best player on international duty? And Vagner Love suspended from picking up the red in the last game? Again, someone with more knowledge will need to verify them 2.
  4. Re: Russia PL. 01-02-03 November Await to hear one of you brilliant write ups Serg :ok At first glance a Tom Tomsk+ looks quite appealing.
  5. Re: Australia A League ( 31 10-02 Nov. ´08 ) having watching the match now there is only 1 team in this game and they're deservely leading. Adelaide lead 1-0 at HT from a penalty from a big dive by cristiano. Then 1-1 another penalty on vargas by cristiano from a ludicrous shoulder barge off the ball. This match is just comical, I just can't see how Adelaide have made it to the Asian Champions League final the way theyre playing. Aurelio Vidmar is just letting them lap up pressure at home. he is playing like a away team. Fair play to Melbourne.
  6. Re: Australia A League ( 31 10-02 Nov. ´08 ) I see some nice looking value in Adelaide at home this morning. Adelaide on a real high with making it to the Asia Champions League final and their current league position I can see them carrying it on here. I watched them play vs. Perth Glory and they were poor very poor but still came out of the match with the win and 3 points. Melbourne have lost the last 2 to Newcastle Jets who have really been unperforming this season (Necastle also missed a penalty in that game) and to a sydney side that really arn't the best away. So for me, Adelaide sli
  7. Re: Double your money with 'evens' Selection 1 Toulouse @ evens To Win Market Win/Draw/Win Event French Ligue 1 Toulouse v Monaco 20:00 25/10/2008 Bet 2 £15 :hope:hope
  8. Re: Double your money with 'evens' Thank you. FT Wuppertal 2-1 Werder Bremen II 2' 0-1 Grankov 39' Stuckmann 1-1 48' Reichwein 2-1 :clap:clap Staked : £15 Returned :£30 Banked £15
  9. I've won some money on poker and thought I'd try a glory hunt. I've looked at the glory hunts on here and thought I'd just go for something simple, risky but simple. Simple betting on a team to win at evens Start with £15 (I could go straight out but lets give it a go. It'd return £15 profit which I will bank everytime if successful.
  10. Re: Russia Premier League ( 25/26/27 10 2008 ) Step up Serg. ;) I enjoy hearing your thoughts and take some good tips out of them :ok. Hoping for some more this weekend.
  11. Re: World Cup Qualifiers - Oct 11/12 Maybe even a Luxembourg double chance?
  12. Wednesday 24 September 2008 Home Draw Away BPP San Luis v Argentinos Jr (23:45BST) 2.00 3.65 4.20 101.21 % Details » Hide « San Luis v Argentinos Jr Thursday 25 September 2008 Home Draw Away BPP América de Cali v Botafogo-RJ (02:00BST) 2.50 3.40 3.20 100.66 % Details »
  13. Re: World Cup Qualifiers - Sep 10/11 I'm not to sure on Australia. I watched them abit back at home to Iraq I think it was and they were dodgy in defence and terrible in attack. Everything was a cross with nothing on the end of it. Along with that, Uzbekistan like many other teams are prodominatly a home tean. Very successful at home. I'd be wary of it.
  14. Re: Argentina Apertura 2008 Round 4 Hey buddy. Got anything for tonight ??
  15. Sunday 31 August 2008 Home Draw Away BPP Atlético Paranaense v Palmeiras (20:00BST) 2.50 3.50 2.94 102.59 % Details » Hide « Atlético Paranaense v Palmeiras Grêmio FBPA v Vasco da Gama (20:00BST) 1.50 4.80 7.60 100.66 % Details » H