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  1. Re: Hunter Chase Season Hi Two good races worth watching today The 4.30 Catteriick is very competitive,with three horses Alittlebitopower,Farington Lodge and in particular Mydante sure to run well.But to many horses with live chances to risk real money! Bangor [5.10] I like Upham Lord,who ran really well after a long break last month,and connections are pleased with the old horses progress since. Stake [1.25pts Total] UPHAM LORD 0.25pt Win @ 4.2. 1pt Place @ 1.53 [betfair]
  2. Re: Hunter Chase Season Thanks Bingers Yeoman Sailor:WON [11-4]:ok Franco:Fell Profit to Recommended Stakes:0.77pts Ongoing Profit/Loss: + 10.65 Back on Wednesday just after 1pm
  3. Re: Hunter Chase Season Hi Hereford [5.10] Good race in prospect here,between an old un and and a Young Un:clap Yeoman Sailor at 11 years old impressed with a comfortable win in a competive point last month.The 7 year old Franco is very well thought of and getting stronger physically. Stakes YEOMAN SAILOR 0.25pt Win @ 5. 1pt Place @ 1.77 [betfair] FRANCO 0.50pt Place @ 1.72 [betfair] 0.25pt Reverse Exacta
  4. Re: Hunter Chase Season Hello Market Rasen [4.25] Shame the race has cut up,Favourite will be Vicars Lad who ran well for us the other week when looked unlucky not to Win.Will be hard to beat,but think The Vintage Dancer will run well.So not happy enough looking at the curent odds,to make a bet:( Back tomorrow just after 1pm
  5. Re: Hunter Chase Season Involved:WON [5-2]:clap Just Barney Boy:3rd Profit to Recommended Stakes: 2.34pts Ongoing Profit/Loss: + 9.88 Back Sunday just after 1pm
  6. Re: Hunter Chase Season Hello Kelso [5.00] Two horse that could be value to oppose the hot Favourite West Coaster are Involved who I know top Jock Richard Burton is expecting a good run,and Just Barney Boy who runs more good races than bad. Stakes [2.25pts] INVOLVED 0.25pt Win @ 5.2. 1pt Place @ 1.58 [betfair] JUST BARNEY BOY 0.50pt Place @ 2.42 [betfair] 0.25pt Reverse Exacta
  7. Re: Hunter Chase Season Result 3rd Profit to Recommended Stakes: 0.08pt:ok Ongoing Profit/Loss: + 7.54 Back Saturday about 1pm
  8. Re: Hunter Chase Season Hi Newbury [5.20] I like Cantarinho.Youngest horse in the race,always a positive in these type of races especially if like this one,they have Winning form. Stake [1.75pts total] CANTARINHO 0.25pt Win @ 2.46. 1.5pts Place @ 1.22 [both Betfair,who pay 123 the place]
  9. Re: Hunter Chase Season Kerstino Two:Unseated Rider [Jabiru Won]:eyes An Capall Dubh:2nd Loss to Recommended Stakes:0.41pt Ongoing Profit/Loss: + 7.46 Back today around 1pm
  10. Re: Cheltenham Tipsters Comp. Update Count me in mate please
  11. Re: Hunter Chase Season Hi Two decent Hunter Chase races today Taunton [4.30] Be surprised if this is not won by the progressive Kerstino Two or the course specialist Jabiru Ludlow [4.50] Top Point to Point Jockey Richard Burton likes An Capall Dubh who jumped like a stag when Winning last month Stakes [Total,2.25pts] KERSTINO TWO [4.30] 0.50pt Win @ 2.56 [betfair] 0.25pt Reverse Exacta:KERSTINO TWO/JABIRU AN CAPALL DUBH [4.50] 0.25pt Win @ 4.9. 1pt Place @ 1.84 [both Betfair]
  12. Re: Hunter Chase Season Cheers Bud WON [2-1]:notworthy Profit to Recommended Stakes: 1.28pts Ongoing Profit/Loss: + 7.87 Back next Week
  13. Re: Hunter Chase Season Hi 5.05 Chepstow I like Tremalt to run well.Comes from a respected stable who can get a horse fit first run,and has a very competent jockey riding. Stake [1.25pts] TREMALT 0.25pt Win @ 3.55. 1pt Place [123] @ 1.46 [both Betfair]
  14. Re: Hunter Chase Season Afternoon Todays race at Warwick is of no interest,with a Odds on Favourite and none of the opposition looking much. So back Saturday,where hopefully Chepstow"s race will be more competitive.
  15. Re: Hunter Chase Season 2nd Profit to Recommended Stake: 0.41pt:rollin Ongoing Profit/Loss: + 6.59 Another second,but a profit is a profit. Back tomorrow for Warwick,hopefuly it will pass the inspection.
  16. Re: Hunter Chase Season Hello Two interesting Hunter chases this afternoon. 5.00 Haydock This is competitive,havnt got a strong opinion about who will Win,but I do think Bohemian Spirit is the improver in the race and should run well. 5.10 Huntingdon Lancastrian Jet will be well suited by this track in my opinion,and although now 14 has the heart of a lion. Stake [One bet only] LANCASTRIAN JET 0.25pt Win @ 5.2 [betfair]. 0.50pt Place @ 2.32 [both Betfair]
  17. Re: Hunter Chase Season 2nd Profit to Recommended Stake: 1.15pts:ok Ongoing Profit/Loss: + 6.18 Back Weather permitting on Wednesday!
  18. Re: Jordans Lad--- 15.10 towester Well done Bud Skated in,and well backed too
  19. Re: Hunter Chase Season Afternoon Fontwell [3.30] Earthmover is a worthy Favourite,and sure to run well but is 14 now and maybe worth chancing a young Pup to upstage him today:tongue2 Mrs Be is a highly rated mare with a top Jockey riding today,and impresed Winning her Point last month.Getting the weight today should ensure a decent run. Stake MRS BE 0.25pt Win @ 6.6. 1pt Place @ 2.4 [both Betfair]
  20. Re: Hunter Chase Season Hi NO Bet for me on todays Fakenham race. Sleeping Night should Win if the Jockey stays on! But I dont want to find out if he does or not at odds of around 4-7. Also no interest in chancing my money on any of todays rivals. Back on Sunday
  21. Re: Hunter Chase Season Well Done Lads! Red Brook Lad:3rd Perange:Last Loss to Recommended Stakes: 0.10pt Ongoing Profit/Loss: + 5.03 Back about 12.30 for todays races
  22. Re: Hunter Chase Season Afternoon Sandown [4.20] Again two horses Im concentrating on here Perange:With top yard,needed badly last run. Red Brook Lad:Won this last year,and impressed in his Point win recently Stakes [2.50pts total] RED BROOK LAD 0.50pt Win @ 5.7. 1.25pts Place @ 1.92 [both Betfair] PERANGE 0.25pt Place @ 2.26 [betfair] 0.25pt Reverse Exacta
  23. Re: Hunter Chase Season Coole Abbey:2nd Nisbet:Pulled Up Loss to Recommended Stakes:0.50pt:sad Ongoing Profit/Loss: + 5.13 Back about 12.30 with a look at todays Sandown race.
  24. Re: Hunter Chase Season Afternoon Musselburgh [4.30] Im betting in this race;) Two horse race for me Coole Abbey:Loves it around this CD Nisbet:Right Handed track specialist. Staking [Total,2.50pts] COOLE ABBEY 0.5pt Win @ 5.2. 1pt Place @ 2 [both Betfair] NISBET 0.5pt Place @ 2.52 [betfair] 0.25pt Reverse Exacta
  25. Re: Hunter Chase Season Hi Todays Hunter chase at Folkestone is a No No again! There is an odds on Favourite too short to back,and none of the opposition look worthy of chancing for a Place bet Back tomorrow loooking at the Musselburgh race.
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