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  1. Re: Hunter Chase Season 2006 Good Afternoon Sedgefield [ 4.30] NO Bet Despite small field,no idea who will Win.Although there is a good word for outsider Polish Cloud
  2. Re: Hunter Chase Season 2006 WON [7-1]:lol Profit:3.10pts Overall: + 5.82
  3. Re: Hunter Chase Season 2006 Good Afternoon Newbury [ 4.20] Pretty keen on Ramirez.He is an improver in a race mainly consisting of exposed horses.Has rock solid form,and travels kindly in his races. Recommended Bet [With Betfair] RAMIREZ 0.25pt Win @ 9.4. 0.50pt Place @ 3
  4. Re: Hunter Chase Season 2006 WON [10-11]:ok Profit: 0.13pt Overall: + 2.72
  5. Re: Hunter Chase Season 2006 Good Afternoon Ludlow [ 4.45] Been in piss poor form recently,but that Wonderful Hunter Red Brook Lad should come to the rescue,having only Burtons horse to worry about.Will "Buy" money with a Place play. Recommended Bet [ With Betfair] RED BROOK LAD 0.50pt Place @ 1.26
  6. Re: Hunter Chase Season 2006 5th:spank Loss:0.25pt Overall: + 2.59
  7. Re: Hunter Chase Season 2006 Good Afternoon Exeter [ 4.20] Favourite Knife Edge has taken well to this type of racing,and be suprised if he isnt in contention at the finish. Recommended Bet [ With Betfair] KNIFE EDGE 0.25pt Place @ 2.16
  8. Re: Hunter Chase Season 2006 Sorry Bowles,just looked too difficult! Hereford [ 5.10] NO Bet Big field,poor horses
  9. Re: Hunter Chase Season 2006 Good Afternoon NO Bets Cheltenham [ 4.00] Cracking race.Cobreces should run well at a good price. Fakenham [4.15] Dont bother!
  10. Re: Cheltenham Tipsters Comp ~ Friday Selections Hello 10pts Win - Harbour Pilot [4.00] 5pts Win- Travino [ 2.35] 5pts E/W- Celestial Gold [3.15]
  11. Re: Cheltenham Tipsters Comp ~ Thursday Selections 10pts: Impek [ 2.35] 5pts: Mighty Man [ 3.15] 5 Ew: Basilea Star [ 4.40]
  12. Re: Cheltenham Tipsters Comp. ~ Wednesday Selections Hi 10 Win: Denman [ 2.00] 5 Win: Kauto Star [ 3.15] 5 Ew:- Dom D"Orgeval [ 4.00]
  13. Re: Jump Season Horse to Follow Well,its the moment of truth! Ive hedged half my stake on Betfair @ 6.4 to guarantee a profit.But Im pretty hopeful the horse will Win and produce the big pay day.
  14. Re: Cheltenham Tipster Competition - Tuesday 14th March Selections Afternoon 10pts Win: RACING DEMON [ 2.35] 5pts Win: MOULIN RICHE [ 4.00] 5pts E/W: ROSECLIFF [ 5.20]
  15. Re: Hunter Chase Season 2006 Good Afternoon Stratford [ 4.40] NO Bet Christy Beamish will be odds on,but too short for me.
  16. Re: Hunter Chase Season 2006 Good Morning Warwick [ 4.30] NO Bet Knife Edge should Win,but not betting 8-11 to find out.
  17. Re: Hunter Chase Season 2006 5th:unsure Loss:0.25pt Overall: + 3.09
  18. Re: Hall Green Dogs [ Friday] Mission Accomplished Trap 1 Won Race 3 @ 4-1.Forecast 1 with 3 also came up at 19.98-1. But Im only doing the Win bets,and am happy to stop betting with a £20 Profit.
  19. Re: Hall Green Dogs [ Friday] Hi Will be having some bets on a good meeting at Hall Green tonight. Have noticed how well this week,including at todays Bags meeting how well the inside is running. Trap 1 has finished in the first two,62% of the last 24 races. So will aim to profit this evening by backing T1 each race until in profit. Forecast wise,1 @ 3 Reverse could be profitable,and if you are feeling really lucky 123 in combo tricasts!
  20. Re: Hunter Chase Season 2006 Good Afternoon Sandown [ 4.25] Wouldnt be surprised if First Love gets beat.Outsider Haut Cercy could surprise if on a going forward day Ayr [5.20] Will be surprised if Barryscourt Lad is beat.Won a Point nicely the other week. Leicester [2.50] I like Coole Glen who wouldnt know how to run a bad race Leicester [ 4.00] Not a race to get excited about.Winner should be one of these,The Lyme Volunteer,Curly Spencer or Sea Ferry. Recommended Bet [ With Betfair] COOLE GLEN 0.25pt Place @ 2.18
  21. Re: Hunter Chase Season 2006 Good Afternoon NO Bets Wincanton [ 3.30] Raregem looks a good thing if it gets around Towcester [4.50] Good little race.Think CD Winner Uncle Mick could surprise especially with the talented Jamie Snowdon riding.
  22. Re: Hunter Chase Season 2006 Pulled Up:( Loss:0.75pt Overall: + 3.34
  23. Re: Hunter Chase Season 2006 Good Afternoon Catterick [ 5.00] Interesting race,especially with the top jockeys Burton and Pritchard riding.But I think they will be upstaged by Beauchamp Oracle.He is the only horse with rock solid form in the race. Recommended Bet [ With Betfair] BEAUCHAMP ORACLE 0.25pt Win @ 3.1. 0.50pt Place @ 1.6
  24. Re: Hall Green Dogs [ Tuesday] Had profitable night Pete Won £30 on first race,and decided to bank that and have no more Win bets.Trap 6 did win twice more though,7-2 @ 4-1. Played forecasts and tricasts rest of night,getting just the one 20-1 F/cast. Left with about £15 profit on the evening:notworthy
  25. Morning Im going to Hall Green tonight,for an Evenings Greyhound racing. As Pete and I alluded to last week,the Wide runners appear to have an advantage at the moment. Hope this continues tonight,as Im having £10 each race on Trap 6 till in profit:) Will also do some small reverse Forecasts on 3 @ 6,and Combination tricasts with 3,5,6.
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