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  1. Guys I have a question. It is out of topic but I think it interests everyone here. Is there any place that I can find WTA break percentage when serving for match? Even at 5-0 5-1 they are getting broken and it is really interesting. If anyone has this data or a tool to find this data it would be amazing to see. Cheers.
  2. Trevisan lost the 2nd set from 5-3 up and missed 3 set points. If she had won maybe Kanepi would not try as much in the 3rd but we never know. I'm on Burel too lets see if this is going to work out ?
  3. New main draw came out there are 2 spots for LLs so top 2 seeds in qualifying who lost are going to be LLs so Kanepi and Alexandrova for sure in. Next is Linette and then Matric.
  4. Same thing goes for Kanepi match. I read on twitter that even Magda Linette is a LL. So I guess Kanepi and Alexandrova are LLs as well. I bet Trevisan to win live. Lets see how it goes.
  5. @darko08@carina007 do you guys know if Ekaterina Alexandrova is already a LL if she loses? She's nr 1 seed in the qualifying atm. Burel already beat her a couple of months ago even if she is not. But if she's guaranteed LL she might as well not give %100.
  6. First set is 7-6 ? But Nick has a break so it looks safe!
  7. Is this Emma Raducanu or Monica Niculescu? Ugly tennis.
  8. You are right. I love Gary but I just don't trust him. He is older, he is playing back to back while Rob has rested one day between. Also he's pulling down a little hence his 180s are fallen a lot. He was a machine at T20 not so much anymore. So it makes him vulnarable a lot and I don't believe he is going to turn them up suddenly. But he is a champion and you can never underestimate a champion here. Let's see
  9. To be honest Gary did not look good at all. He was about the get whitewashed but Ian White failed on a match dart and went down on his knees like it was his one and only chance. And from now on Ian just did not play good enough. Even in the match interview Gary said Ian buckled under pressure. I watched Rob Cross as well to me he looked amazing. Actually he is my fav to win it all. He did 5 100+ checkouts and was amazing at covering shots especially at T18s. He looked deadly.
  10. I really hoped that De Souza would win so I could go heavy against him next round. I think Rydz should demolish Soutar.
  11. that 130 finish on the second leg of last set lost our bet unfortunately.
  12. cmon guys i think you a little over-reacting about nole here. this year he demolished everyone everywhere when he is fully fit. something happened to him in the olympics and he wasn't at his best even when beating zverev in the semis, he did just enough and yesterday obviously he wasn't at his full capacity. i think next year he really has a shot at getting all 4. he will just focus on grand slams no olympics or anything. probably no covid restrictions and full crowd. now he has the experience of this pressure as well. we all know how crazy these 3 players are and nole is the most freak one. everyone seems to forget last 10 years in one match. he will be ruthless in 2022 just wait.
  13. Ah Bublik had a low percentage of 1st serve in wonder why. ?
  14. Just an insight Sandgren ran in the snow in Kazakstan without tshirt as a punsihment after losing his match. So he may be motivated.
  15. my best bet is Hercog to win tonight. simply because i am not impressed by Vondrousova at all and I expect Hercog to get the job done.
  16. I watched Rus-Vondrousova match and I think next round Vondrousova is going to get eliminated. The quality of the match was terrible. Rus just lost by herself Vondrousova just hit the ball back to court until Rus hits it to the other court basically with moon balls and very bad drop shots. Next round she'll play either Bertens or Hercog I hope Hercog wins and we'll get better odds.
  17. It's just there are some players which always plays like beast out of nowhere and burns you. Like Fognini, Klizan and Paire I get really nervous when I bet against them with low odds
  18. You never know with the Paire and these odds against him is not a good idea imo. He can just destroy Sinner if he is in the mood. Sinner still not solid enough to be that kind of fav against top 50 + he is at home might feel pressure being such a fav to win.
  19. First of all I would like to thank you guys for great input throughout the tournament. I wish you keep it up and we can appreciate it weekly basis. As for the finals I would like to give my little opinion. I think Novak's mental strength is unparalleled and in semis he was not at his best because of Fed's injury he wasn't focused enough but get the job done in the end. I love Dom's game and he is improved mentally but still he is not there. He choked in the 4th set against Nadal but recovered. Against Sasha's passive game he struggled more than I expected. I think we will see the highest level Novak here and I don't think Dom can handle it fully. I expect 3-1 or 3-0 here. Remember Novak is the greatest player statistically in Rod Laver Arena. As for Ladies I don't like Kenin's game because it's not pretty to my eyes But I didn't like Mugu's game against Pavs so I'm passing this one.
  20. @opole I can't believe how unlucky you are with your latest picks. But all of them were almost perfect. Keep it up man
  21. That tie-break comeback from Basil. Wow. I think he'll finish this in 2 after that. I don't think Pablo can recover mentally.
  22. Lajovic and JMDP played some very impressive points. JMDP was on point but Lajovic played better. I expected him to drop his level but he managed to play with it whole game. Kevin is better player obviously but in clay i don't know its risky for me but good luck.
  23. Goffin to lose 1st set and win the match @7.45 great price to me. He did it 3 times at Monte Carlo and Haase played 1 match here might start strong and choke in the end which he usually does.
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