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  1. I watched Rus-Vondrousova match and I think next round Vondrousova is going to get eliminated. The quality of the match was terrible. Rus just lost by herself Vondrousova just hit the ball back to court until Rus hits it to the other court basically with moon balls and very bad drop shots. Next round she'll play either Bertens or Hercog I hope Hercog wins and we'll get better odds.
  2. It's just there are some players which always plays like beast out of nowhere and burns you. Like Fognini, Klizan and Paire I get really nervous when I bet against them with low odds
  3. You never know with the Paire and these odds against him is not a good idea imo. He can just destroy Sinner if he is in the mood. Sinner still not solid enough to be that kind of fav against top 50 + he is at home might feel pressure being such a fav to win.
  4. First of all I would like to thank you guys for great input throughout the tournament. I wish you keep it up and we can appreciate it weekly basis. As for the finals I would like to give my little opinion. I think Novak's mental strength is unparalleled and in semis he was not at his best because of Fed's injury he wasn't focused enough but get the job done in the end. I love Dom's game and he is improved mentally but still he is not there. He choked in the 4th set against Nadal but recovered. Against Sasha's passive game he struggled more than I expected. I think we will see the highest level Novak here and I don't think Dom can handle it fully. I expect 3-1 or 3-0 here. Remember Novak is the greatest player statistically in Rod Laver Arena. As for Ladies I don't like Kenin's game because it's not pretty to my eyes But I didn't like Mugu's game against Pavs so I'm passing this one.
  5. @opole I can't believe how unlucky you are with your latest picks. But all of them were almost perfect. Keep it up man
  6. That tie-break comeback from Basil. Wow. I think he'll finish this in 2 after that. I don't think Pablo can recover mentally.
  7. Lajovic and JMDP played some very impressive points. JMDP was on point but Lajovic played better. I expected him to drop his level but he managed to play with it whole game. Kevin is better player obviously but in clay i don't know its risky for me but good luck.
  8. Goffin to lose 1st set and win the match @7.45 great price to me. He did it 3 times at Monte Carlo and Haase played 1 match here might start strong and choke in the end which he usually does.
  9. Yeah Zverev is not playing so well but Ferrer is just so bad. I think Spain just gifted first match here.
  10. David Ferrer - Alexander Zverev first set Home (ML) @ 2.27 2/10 PINNACLE Tennis / Davis Cup / Kick off: 06 Apr 2018, 12:30 First match after Usa hardcourts. Directly to the Spain claycourts its very difficult to adjust. King Ferrer will be freshier in the beginning. I expect him to take first set with highly motivated start.
  11. Juan Martin Del Potro - John Isner first set Away (ML) @ 2.37 3/10 PINNACLE Tennis / ATP / Kick off: 30 Mar 2018, 20:00 At noon while feeling very confident after smashing Chung with a fresh arm John will be unbreakable imo. Delpo is playing lights out but we all know he has physical problems and he played too many games in this month. With that toll on you you tend to start very slow and tired it takes time to get going which was case in the last game. You start slow you peak and you drop i think in that slow start John will punish him. I expect a better second set from Delpo and John to finish things up. But the safest thing for me is that in that 1st set John will at least take it to the tiebreak and I'll John against anyone in tiebreaks at US hard courts.
  12. E Makarova / E Vesnina - A Barty / C Vandeweghe Full Event Away (ML) @ 2.53 2/10 Tennis / Doubles / Kick off: 31 Mar 2018, 03:20 I don't think Russian pair is their best atm. They are not serving well and start to loss to good opponents regularly. Barty and Coco are not that used to play together but they are very good doubles players. They are serving better and obviosuly better servers than Russians. The crowd will be cheering for them too. Russian pair struggles with that. They could lose their mojo with pressure very quickly. This match could go either way imo. Odds are too generous.
  13. Sloane was very good after 1st set. Maybe Vika was jaded but it doesn't matter Stephens got her and I think she will win the title with ease. If u can play right now in any bookie, it is a pretty safe bet tbh. She looks rock solid.
  14. Its not that high of a stake for me but previously Vika dominated Stephens until last match. Stephens can win sure like i said she is playing well too. Pliskova played really good after 5-2 first set vs Vika and still she got beat. I donno i'm impressed with Vika she looks fitter than ever.
  15. AZARENKA-STEPHENS Full Event Home -2.50 (AH) @ 1.862 3/10 Oh boy she is back!! Vika is playing amazing tennis. She broke Karolina Pliskova 7 times. Yes 7 times in a 2 sets match. Its the best serve game in Wta and she toyed with her service game. She is moving so well and very very hungry + this a revenge match for Vika. She lost to Sloane recently but it was her 2nd match of the season and she was clearly not as fit as of now. She beat world class players left and right. Sloane is playing very good too but I see Vika as a different animal right now. I expect a set with multiple breaks for her which would enough for games handicap. Sloane's wins looks impressive but Kerber was a no show after gruelling match against Wang and Muguruza is not playing good lately. On paper their wins looks equal but Azarenka beat better opponents for me.
  16. I think she was not fit and happy with semi-finals already so she let it go.
  17. Yeah I like that one too. Marach usually plays a very bad service game in every set. But Pavic is on another level, i rate him the best doubles player right now. But i agree its 50 50.
  18. she had easy draw - mertens csn bertens rybarikova fett ( should have lost to fett ) not played top 20 before final was very lucky. halep was very tired in the 3rd because she had to fight pliskova and kerber. kerber match was very long. so lets say if we would have changed seeds woz would never win the gs for me.
  19. KERBER-KASATKINA Full Event Home (ML) @ 1.606 5/10 PINNACLE Tennis / WTA / Kick off: 15 Mar 2018, 21:00 I don't get it. Kerber is by far the better player here. She is better than Wozniacki imo. She was playing good this year but usually makes a mess of a set or two in the process but now in the last 3 sets she dominated last champ Vesnina and demolished Garcia. Kasatkina played good matches but in form but when she is challenged by a better play she chokes all the way. Like in dubai to Svitolina. Kasatkina beat Wozniacki but Woz is a fake GS winnner and she is playing bad atm. She was making too many unf errors to win against anyone that day yet she pushed Daria all the way. Kerber is the best returner at the moment and she will choke Daria's weak second serve. I expect fairly easy win tbh for Kerber. Even last year when playing awful she managed to beat Kasatkina at hard courts. I think she will do it again.
  20. Well today they announced that Pepe and Tosic will not play for sure for Besiktas. Vida is also missing that means they have no centre backs available for this game. Which is really bad for this bet. And whats worse that Heynckes said that he will not hide players from this game that indicates full squad is likely to play. So after this informations i recommend you to bet accordingly i think its now a 2/10 stakes kind of a bet. But i make it before the news and it was my mistake i should stick with it hope for the best. Cheers.
  21. Besiktas-Bayern Full Event Home +1.00 (AH) @ 1.961 5/10 PINNACLE Football / Champions L / Kick off: 14 Mar 2018, 20:00 Bayern already qualified for next round so i expect less motivated Bayern here like Man City and Liverpool. If Bayern is motivated enough its still a very hard match form them to win yet alone win with 2 goals. They managed to beat Celtic and Anderlecht 1-2 narrowly and got beaten by PSG 3-0. Besiktas is far better team than Celtic and Anderlecht. Away gome to Besiktas is one of the hardest places to visit in the entire world especially in a CL game. Remember Leipzig player Wanger left the game first half because his ears were hurt. Besiktas historically very good on their ground they lost to Liverpool 8-0 away but reverse game they won 2-1 at home for example. They'll surely motivated for this game. Their last CL game in their best season of the club history. I'm sure they'll give their best and honestly they were playing at the same level with Bayern at Allianz before the red card. I think Besiktas will win this game. But this is the safest bet with good price imo. I might play a small stake on Besiktas after seeing the starting XI.
  22. Serena Williams-Kiki Bertens Bertens +5.0 games (AH) 2/10 Well its always hard for going against the GOAT but she is nowhere near her levels yet. She is slower and i think less powerful atm. She will be better and better and might win a Grand Slam this year. But I don't think that she can ease past Kiki right now. Kiki played 2 game against Serena in the biggest stages (french open and us open) and she almost get a set each one and was very competitve. Right now Kiki also is not in form but surely she can challenge 'this' Serena here. These slower hard courts is ok for Kiki too because she prefers slower ones. I think we will see a good match here.
  23. Sakkari vs Barty Full Event Home +5.00 (AH) @ 1.869 5/10 Ash haven't played after AO just 2 Fed Cup games. She was not in the same level when she was at the end of 2017 in AO. And this schedule won't help her form i guess. On the other hand Sakkari was playing great in the last stages in 2017 too but not as good as Barty ofc. Sakkari started season pretty bad also. Now she played a good match here, she has more matches in her belt, knows courts better because played a match on it and finding her form again. Also Indian Wells is one of the slowest hard courts which won't suit serve and volley game of Barty's imo. So i expect a good match from Sakkari.
  24. hi simon thank you for picks i am curious do you line them in order of confidence or just randomly like cska is your best pick of the weekend after that levski and then cherno more ?