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  1. You are right about everything but not about this being a draw. This is clear Arsenal win with many goals scored trust me
  2. I totally agree about Fulham bet, this QPR team is nothing special, no creativity, yes they got few individuals who are capable of something but as a team nothin special, also very poor defending so I expect Fulham win to come easily
  3. Borussia to win against poorest team in league Paderborn and to cover handicap is a bet of the month. I expect trashing and a kinda recreational game for Borussia, hence Borussia to win to nil, maybe even some crazy result like 6:0
  4. I can't believe some of you saying Man U could potentially cause upset guys be real please... Man U is relegation material nowdays it's absolute pain watching them, it hurts me cause once long time ago I was fan. Liverpool might put 6 or 7 goals in their net and humiliate them big time and I reckon that they might do just that. Man U 0 - 6 Liverpool
  5. Great info... I always bet on Cukaricki and they always deliver. Once I watched game Cukaricki vs Crvena zvezda and was impressed by Cukaricki. Players with nice skill, know each other well and attacking. Pls post some info about Cukaricki I'd love to know more about this club. I predict them nice future
  6. I see how you're saying Alanya faced some weaker clubs so far and that's the reason for theirs 1st place, but they do really play nice football, making lot of scoring chances... Even though Fenerbahce is bigger club and mayble slightly favorite I couldn't go against Alanya right now. I'm not saying Fenerbahce won't win but over 3,5 & over 4,5 seems much safer option. Over 2,5 banker ...
  7. The only thing that puts me off on placing West Brom win is bad weather. Heavy rain expected according to bbc weather. Is this forecast true, any info appreciated.
  8. Re: Brazil Campeonato Paulista A1 2015 Thanks for pick Bagzi. Looking good at halftime .......
  9. Re: Juventus v Borussia Dortmund > Tuesday February 24th Juve plays the most amazing footie right now. You can't be serious punter if you think Dortmund stands any chance in this moment. Take Juve and thank me later :D
  10. Re: Stoke City v Manchester City > Wednesday February 11th Seeing this line-up one could only expect easy away win. This is too much for poor Stoke to handle :)
  11. Re: Hull City v Swansea City > Saturday December 20th By far the best play of the day when we take big odd on away win who are far better team
  12. Re: Southampton v Everton > Saturday December 20th I dont get why you guys are so excited about Everton. They are nothin special, boring to watch
  13. Re: Juventus v Atlético de Madrid > Tuesday December 9th Juventus is a great team they can go all the way and win Champions League. Seriously, they are that good. You can see how good their play is when they play vs serious opponents. So tonight they need a win with two goal difference and I'm absolutely sure that's what they'll get. I respect Atletico but playing in Italy vs motivated Juventus is a tough, really tough.
  14. Re: Liverpool v FC Basel > Tuesday December 9th I just hope Brendan finally realized how bad of a player Sterling is and leave him on a bench or get rid of him forever. He ruins every well built up action Coutinho creates. I am aware how much money he gets but he is bad investment. Until that happens I am not putting money on Liverpool although I think they'll win tonight just because they are a big club with tradition playing on home.
  15. Re: FC BATE Borisov v FC Porto > Tuesday November 25th A picture is worth a thousand words hehe. Thanks for this pic Lisandri. Under 1,5 is a banker.
  16. Re: 2.Bundesliga > October 3rd - 6th There is a reason why you are senior and mr.koji? GOD punter. :L I absolutely agree about easy win for Furth. This is one - way traffic. '
  17. Re: Arsenal v Manchester United > Wednesday February 12th Persie and Rooney, potentially the best tandem in the world, it's time for those two to start showing some magic, I think.
  18. Re: Everton v Crystal Palace > Wednesday February 12th Hey comrades, can we take Everton as a banker of the week considering quality of players, plus home factor (crazy fans, my respect). Can they trash this poor Crystal Palace side ?
  19. Re: Ligue 1 Orange > February 11th - 16th Rennes strengthened their side and this is only chance to save season. Auxerre is in the middle of the table and won just one from last six.
  20. Re: Ligue 1 Orange > February 11th - 16th Can't win em all, meatman! Your luck will change I'm sure, just keep up the good work. One question for you meatman : Don't you think that odds on Rennes are must take and maybe bet of the year ?
  21. Re: Manchester City v Manchester United > Sunday September 22nd His time is coming, trust me ;) He's a very clever guy, he'll find the way to break down United today
  22. Re: Manchester City v Manchester United > Sunday September 22nd City has a best coach in the world right now. I believe in him and this team, I have a feeling this is gonna be a good year for City. City to win for me today, nice odds. United is playing below their standards, only good thing about them is defense.
  23. Re: Arsenal v Aston Villa - Sat 17th August Where I can find a bet for Giroud to score a hat - trick today vs Aston Villa. I think he is well adopted now and ready to show class. I got a strong feeling he'll be top scorer this year.
  24. Re: UEFA Euro Under 19 2013 (Lithuania) That can't be good value, there is absolutely no talent in this France team, unlike Spaniards who play amazing. Easy win for Spain in my opinion.
  25. Re: Europa League Final > Chelsea v Benfica > 15th May Benfica is not afraid by this Chelsea team, they know they are better team, they can win this one easily than we might think. Atl.Madrid demolished Chelsea and Benfica play similar football so I think it's gonna be hard night for Chelsea. Chelsea - Benfica 1:3