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  1. Re: I hate Poker Hi Jezza, I would say that 70% are bad beats and 30% is bad play. I usually play quite tight, esp when the blinds go up. When the blinds are low I play all sorts to see the flop cheaply. When the blinds go high I usually only play decent hands. If I have no hands for a long time, happens frequently, then I am forced to play a average hand and invariably lose. I guess you will say this is a bad tactic... I've had full houses beaten by a higher full house after going all in and also noticed that flushes and straights happen very often, a lot more often than 3 of a kind.
  2. Hi guys, After less than a month of playing BillHill poker, I'm getting fed up. I'm over £100 down playing £10+1 an £20+1 STT... I have been placed 4th so many times and have so many cr*p hands and beaten in the showdown so many times when I initially have the better hand!! It's sooo frustrating!! :wall I've got £50 left in my account and after that's gone, that's it! So... what do you guys reckon I should play to win back my money :hope ? Are STTs the way to go? Or shall I take my £50 to the cash tables and try my luck there?
  3. Re: New to Online Poker Starting to get frustated with online Poker now. The numbers of times I get beaten on the river is unbelievable! :cry yet I keep on going back for more. :wall I even went for a few £20+2 tourney (and lost) and find that the play seems to be a lot slower there. p.s. I usually play at Billy Hill
  4. Hi Guys, Great forum! :ok I've just been playing online poker for a week now, started with the 2.25+.25 MTTs and Freerolls and now moved up to the £5/£10 STTs. I have won one, came 2nd in 2 out of about 8 STT. Is that a good ratio? What do people mostly play on? Is it STT, MTT or cash games? And how long and how much do you win/lose in a week? I can see it's easy to get addicted too. :\
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