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  1. Afternoon, Just a quick reminder that tonight is the very 1st (and prob the best value) Trillion Treat. There is one more satellite at 4pm today if you want to avoid paying €109. The treat itself is €5000 added to a €100 Freezeout to kick off at 630pm. This is only on PT and not on the whole network, so will be super value due to limited player numbers. Later in the evening we have our weekly WSOP Mini Satellite. For a €20 entry we guarantee a €320 seat in our monthly final. Last week there were just 6 players! Cheers
  2. Re: PokerTrillion €5000 added MTTs There is actually one more Turbo Freezeout Sat (5 min blinds) at 4pm tomorrow afternoon. Good Luck!
  3. Re: PokerTrillion Latest News Just wanted to emphasise the exceptional value in this game. We are really advertising this big time at the moment, so our 1st game tomorrow will be better value than subsequent ones for sure. Gut feeling is around 20 players 1st time, which will mean a 7k prize fund and effectively a €350 entry value for €100. The last €5 satellite is at 1830 tonight, if you don't want to stump up the €109. Remember - this is an ADDED GAME - Not just a guarantee, and is only on Poker Trillion, not the network as a whole. Thanks for your support. Col
  4. Re: PokerTrillion Rake Race to WSOP It looks like you have been playing tournaments. The rake from these do count for Rakeback purposes but not when claculating the number of raked hands. You can simply play a 0.05/0.10 cash hand and see one flop and you are there. Sorry for the confusion. Col
  5. Re: PokerTrillion new player freeroll Weds 19.00pm If you have not received your password, please email me at colin@pokertrillion.com and I will send it to you once I checked your joined in Feb. The only reason you may not have received it is either it went to spam/junk (nature of the online poker business) or when you joined Poker Trillion you chose not to receive email from us. To check if you have chosen to receive email from Poker Trillion, log into your account and hit the profile tab. There needs to be a tick in the box towards the bottom left of the page- by your email address. Hope this helps. Col
  6. Re: PuntersLounge team up with PokerTrillion Everyone who created an account in Feb will get the password. The Poker Client will only let you register if you raked a hand in the previous 40 days. So you will be fine! Col
  7. Re: PuntersLounge team up with PokerTrillion The email will go out tomorrow - I think I said the 1st, but didnt realise it was a weekend! Dont forget our Trillion Treat this and every Thursday (1830)- €109 entry with €5k added. Got a feeling there will be less than 20 runners for the 1st one - so massive value. There are daily €5 sats also at 1830 if you don't want to spend the €109. Best Col
  8. Re: PokerTrillion WSOP Mini Packages Just started with 5 players - altough a rebuy sat - there will be some major added value. Col
  9. Re: PokerTrillion €5000 added MTTs Thanks to those who entered. Friday and Saturday are our quietest, so I am hopeful other days will produce a ticket. Col
  10. Re: PuntersLounge team up with PokerTrillion To play in the €2500 New players freeroll, you must have raked one hand in any of the preceeding 40 days before the game starts. On 1st of the month, all players who opened an account will be emailed the password. Check your settings under profile enable you to receive email. Thanks Col
  11. Re: PokerTrillion exclusive PL MTT with €500 added Now showing at the correct time, as is visible under the private tag in the MTT lobby. Registration opens 7 days prior. Don't forget the affiliate Freeroll on the 15th which you are all welcome to play. Password for this = 'paris' Col
  12. Re: PokerTrillion exclusive PL MTT with €500 added Sorry Guys. Bit of a belly up with the time for the 1st €500 added game. It has gone in at 00:00 on 25th and not 1930 as it should be. You can't register for another week anyhow - and I will have it sorted in good time. Cheers Col
  13. Re: PuntersLounge team up with PokerTrillion Just to clarify, on 6th March we will begin our €100 Freezeouts with €5000 added! These will be supported with daily €5 rebuy sats. Only on Poker Trillion so the numbers will be limited meaning even more value. To run along side:- EUR 2500 Freeroll for all new players - Run monthly on the 5th EUR 250 Freeroll for all players link to an affiliate - Run on 15th EUR 500 Added game for PL Members - Run monthly on 25th EUR 150 Daily Freeroll EUR 5000 Weekly added game - Run every Thursday EUR 75000 - From the Poker Trillion League EUR 3000 - From our monthly Rake RacesAny questions, just email or PM. Best Col
  14. Re: PokerTrillion €250 Freeroll Hi Guys, Just to clarify....... The €250 Freeroll is not going to be massively protected and I suspect a bit of leakage with the password. You will just need the password to register and there are no minimum play requirements. It satisfies the smaller affilaites who ask us every week for their own Freeroll! The €2500 New Players Freeroll is different and well protected. If you joined in February you will receive an email by 3rd March inviting you to register (check your profile allows you to receive email from us - Log in, click profile). Then if you have played a raked hand, you will be able to register with the password. Your password for the PL €500 added game on the 25th will be sent out in the way you are all familiar with. Email or PM me with any queries. Col
  15. Re: PokerTrillion exclusive PL MTT with €500 added Hi Joe, Would you like to email or PM me and I will get this sorted for you? Cheers Col
  16. Re: PokerTrillion exclusive PL MTT with €500 added Hope to see a good crowd in this game. It will be visibile on the system one week before, at which time you will also be able to register. Let me know if you have any issues. Col
  17. Re: PuntersLounge team up with PokerTrillion Hello, Responding to bstrass. You have understood the deal 100% corrrectly. You have to understand our 50% discount games are not going to benefit smaller rakers, however for the larger rakers out there at say €3000+pm these events are very acheiveable and often compare very favourably to sponsorship deals, as the player gets too keep 100% of their winnings. Some big value freerolls offered elsewhere are also great for smaller players, but (being honest, I have no idea how many players play in the paradise €7500 Freeroll) say there are 100 players in the freeroll you mention, this has a per player value of just €75. Larger rakers are going to see past this. Poker Trillion also has some smaller events. We have a WSOP mini package for €1325ish (x rate dependant) which you would be able to acheive between now and July on the rake you mention. This includes a $1000 super sat and a $1500 event (52) For MTT players the Trillion league also offers extra value and from March 1st we will be running monthly rake races which will mean even more added value. And, don't forget as a member of this great forum, you also get to play in a €500 added game every month. For UK players there are also the festival in the UK and Europe. A £500 main event here would attract a 25% discount. Please also consider the flexibility. The 30% rakeback is yours, and if you ever went broke (horrible, but it happens) you can get an instant credit to your account. I hope this has addressed your concerns, and good luck, wherever you decide to play. Col
  18. Re: PuntersLounge team up with PokerTrillion Hooray for the edit button!
  19. Re: PuntersLounge team up with PokerTrillion
  20. Re: PuntersLounge team up with PokerTrillion Thanks guys! Sorry to have to correct the 1st post, but it's best you all understand now what discounts you get from Poker Trillion to the live events. The 50% discount is only for WSOP and EPT main events. For most Euro ranking events we offer a 25% discount, there are some exceptions but these are normally due to legal issues in the country concerned with wire payments etc. Any event has to be paid in full with your 30% Rakeback. A list of the events and how much rakeback you have saved can be viewed in the players area. You cannot make up with difference if you do not have enough rakeback. We always pay direct to the casino for the game you choose, we cannot give you the cash. Generally games are listed in the players area 3 months before the event and are removed 2 weeks before it. All games are subject to availabilty and we check this when you book, so for popular games like EPT's they can get sold out. We currently have the GUKPT's at 25% discount as these are Euro ranking main events. If you are an active player at Trillion and there is an event you would like to play that isnt listed, then please contact us, as it may be possible to geta 25% discount. We do have a WSOP Mini pack in our discounted games. This includes $1500 (event 54?) and a $1000 super sat, at a 25% discount. And finally, you need to wear our gear at the events. The players area is only accessible from 0700 GMT the morning after you create your account. If you wish, and at any time, as long as we owe you €50 or more rakeback, you can request it as an immediate credit to your poker account, so no more waiting until a set day to get your rakeback - you have it when YOU want it! Hope this all makes sense !
  21. Re: PuntersLounge team up with PokerTrillion Hello, I would like to introduce myself to all the members at Punter's lounge. Poker Trillion is delighted to be working with your forum. My name is Colin Hawker and am known as Kingcole when I play online. I am marketing director here at Poker Trillion and also in charge of player welfare, so if there is any player needs, then I am the one to speak to. Our CEO is Andrew Pyrah, who has considerable experience in the industry, most recently with Barry Hearne and Matchroom and was invlolved with bringing the WSOPE to the UK last year. I know it takes some time to earn players trust, however we are based in London, we have proper offices and can be contacted via phone, email, MSN or Skype. Or you can even visit us in person! We are currently working under Boss Media's Maltese EU gaming license. Your funds are not held with Poker Trillion. We use a 3rd party payment processor called Webdollar, which itself is owned by Boss Media, a listed Swedish company on their stock market. So, I hope this gives you a little information about us. Our offers speak for themselves, however if anyone has any questions, just ask away. Thanks for reading!
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