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  1. Re: Poker Trillion Issues Im on the case - will have a solution soon. On second thoughts can you send me an email with your username and nicknames. Chances are its your own account it is clashing with. Either way, I will get it sorted right away for you. Col
  2. Re: PL Exclusive game at PokerTrillion with $1000 Added email sent
  3. Re: Poker Trillion Issues There will be regular Omaha and Hi/lo games on the tournament schedule - from May, we will even have a daily Omaha Freeroll.... Col
  4. Re: PL Exclusive game at PokerTrillion with $1000 Added Just having played one PL added game is enough to qualify for the $25. If you have not been paid, please email colin@pokertrillion.com - do not PM - it will take longer. Sorry a few got missed - Col
  5. Re: Poker Trillion Issues As you already have an account it does not matter, however there is an issue with our trackers which you have highlighted and I will sort today. If anyone needs a new acocunt the correct trakcer here is www.pokertrillion.com/?bonus=punters Col
  6. Re: Poker Trillion Issues Yup - The reason we had to make it May 1st, was we know everyone will be completly finished with thier Boss account the previous day. In theory, you could log into Boss PT and play until 29th. Sorry there is a wait. Col
  7. I am delighted to report that our migration to our new home is complete. If you are having any problems loggin in or have any other general enquiries then please use our excellent live help. The direct link is below. https://server.iad.liveperson.net/hc/71175134/?cmd=file&file=visitorWantsToChat&site=71175134&byhref All loyalty payments have now been made and if you are due one, will be in your account when you log in. If you have not been paid and think you should have been please email (not PM as can't pick up when mobile) colin@pokertrillion.com and I will reply and credit if due. Tomorrow your added game and the 1st official day at our new home, and also when you can start to earn Rakeback again. The real beginning however will be on 1st May when:- $10,000 New Home Freeroll - Open to all Poker League Resumes - $100,000 prize pool 1st Trillion Treat on new home - GTD $5 daily sats begin tomorrow GTD Tournament schedule begins - $385,000pm GTD Rake Race Begins - Top 20 rakers in May play off for a WSOP Mini package. The player area will be back online tomorrow, just as soon as we have finished converting it all to Dollars. www.pokertrillion.com/move will answer questions about pending rakeback, existing account balances, loyalty payments and new login details. If you still have further questions, just let me know, or for even faster help, try our new live support. Looking forward to welcoming you all to our new home. Col
  8. Re: Poker Trillion Issues Live help is the way to go. Here is a direct link: https://server.iad.liveperson.net/hc/71175134/?cmd=file&file=visitorWantsToChat&site=71175134&byhref If not resolved for any reason, please email me (not PM as cant get these whilst mobile) colin@pokertrillion.com and I will personally sort. Col
  9. Re: PL Exclusive game at PokerTrillion with $1000 Added Hi chatoman, There is a live support link at the bottom of our homepage. I am also going to get another link added to the client. If you were due the $25 and have not got it yet, then that is my fault. Drop me an email so it is in my in box and I will deal with any $25 credits we missed today. Here is the live support direct link again.... Col https://server.iad.liveperson.net/hc/71175134/?cmd=file&file=visitorWantsToChat&site=71175134&byhref=1&VISITORVAR!PLY_iID=&VISITORVAR!PLY_Nickname=
  10. Re: Blonde/Punters Lounge Poker Trillion Forum Challenge hmmm, I am guessing some conflict with the old software. If you are done with Boss, I would suggest de-installing this one. I will bring up with IT tomorrow - they have all gone now, but it is also worth asking live support. There are very good and if it is an issue that the network has had before, then they will likely have an answer for you. Col
  11. Re: Poker Trillion Issues We class any activity apart from freerolls or play money, on or since 25th March to have qualified for the $25 loyalty payment. If anyone has not got their $25 and played since 25/3, please email colin@pokertrillion.com and I will look into each case individually tommorrow and make credits where they are due. Cheers Col
  12. Re: Blonde/Punters Lounge Poker Trillion Forum Challenge I am accepting a bit of the blame for the slow running and hang ups. I invited 12,000 players to download at once via email and it seems a lot have all tried to do this at once. If you do get any problems our new live help are superb and are on hand 24/7 to assist and if anyone finds a recuring situation which is not acceptable, I would like to know. Only with our players feedback can we get our platform perfect. Cheers Col
  13. Re: Poker Trillion Issues Any money left in Boss will be refunded via your most recent deposit method, they do not auto migrate. However, if the balance was below €20, then we will credit you with the dollar equivalent on 1st May. Please can you email colin@pokertrillion.com you full details, and I will check out the $25 loyalty payment in the morning. I am unable to make manual credits until the morning anyhow. Will be sorted tomorrow though... Col
  14. Re: Poker Trillion Issues 25th of march - you will get it. Any issues, let me know. Col
  15. Re: PL Exclusive game at PokerTrillion with $1000 Added Live support will helkp you right away, or you can email me, but live support is very quick. Col
  16. Re: PL Exclusive game at PokerTrillion with $1000 Added The time of the client is EST. This is 8pm UK time. The time on the client will change to GMT before the 25th. Col
  17. Re: Poker Trillion Issues We do not offer deposit bonuses, but all get the 30% Rakeback and new PT players will get an invite to the next $2500 New Players Freeroll on 5th May. Same as on the old client..... You can find your Boss PIN by loggin in, and clicking the profile tag. It will be displayed in the centre of the screen. Or live help on our new client will be able to assist. Col
  18. Re: Poker Trillion Issues The password will initially be your old Boss PIN number. As soon as you have logged in, please change it to somthing private. If you still have problems, then we have extra staff manning the live help to resolve any teething troubles.... Or you can PM or email me. Col
  19. Re: PL Exclusive game at PokerTrillion with $1000 Added For players who did not have an account on our Boss Client, you can now visit pokertrillion and download the new software and create an account. For our existing players, you will receive an email tomorrow with your login details. Just need to point out that if you do decide to play on our new software before Friday, you will not earn Rakeback. You can still earn Rakeback via the Boss client until 25th. Numbers online will obviously increase once our migration is complete, and will be noticable after 1st May when our league resumes, and the new GTD tournaments start. The 1st will also have the 1st Trillion Treat in Dollars and our $10,000 new home Freeroll. Let me know if you have any questions. Col
  20. Re: Poker Trillion Issues No Problem. You raised some intersting points and I just wanted to let the fourm know our views. Your post gave us the change to clarify a few points.... Appreciate your reply. Col
  21. Re: Poker Trillion Issues Working on it so maybe today....Will keep you posted..
  22. Re: Poker Trillion Issues Hello, I would like to take a few moments to defend our move to ELG after the comments by dobbin...... What a horrible choice We needed a network that shared our ambitious plans for growth. In addition it was also the ability to run our own promotions with the minimum of fuss was also important, like the recently announced Blonde / PL challenge. Cash Games 1.This network has barely 300 people playing at peak times.. (No point of having rakeback when nobody plays there) (Its only reached 300 players at peak time twice this year) Current peak time players on the network are around 1500 at about 8pm. We beleive the introduction of PT will increase this number by between 25% - 30%. There is currently plenty of cash games up to and including $5/$10. 2.There was massive rumours last year about that network using bots to win money at cash tables How could we debate a poker room on a poker forum without a rumour? However, I can assure you it is not the networks, nor PokerTrillions policy to use bots. 3.The worst software I have ever seen at a poker site. Software contstantly improves and I challenge you to have a look now. Functionality and re-connect capabilities are superb (no more having to restart if you momentarily lose internet connection) and we can also introduce three new features our players have asked for. Omaha tournaments, Heads up cash and Inter account transfers. 4.In the 2-3 years that network has been open its never had any traffic and that was with poker4ever throwing thousands of $$$$$$ every week.. As a network ELG has only been going 5 months so the rate of growth has been substantial. Poker4ever has been around a little longer but only opened up their poker room to other partners 5 months ago. PokerTrillion have many other marketing ideas, other than 'throwing thousands at it' which we will also be doing with our $10,000 Freeroll on 1st May! Tournaments The only Tourney that has any decent number of players playing in it is the daily $200 freeroll with 900+..The next best is a $500Gtd tourney with 60 odd) From 1st May the monthly GTD games on the network will increase to $385,000 from the current $60k. The main daily game will be a $25 ($5k GTD) with a weekly $50 ($10k GTD). We intend to grow the guarantees to $1mil by the end of the year. Additionally, we will also run 3 small daily freerolls with no entry restrictions. These will be in adidtion the the $10k Freeroll on 1st, our $2500 new players freeroll and our $500 Affiliate Freeroll on 15th, which all PL'ers and welcome to play. Even the new poker sites on that network cannt get any traffic even with giving free money away.. Our deep pockets and innovative ideas and excellent marketing team, should mean we can grow PokerTrillion and at the same time increase further the liquidity on the network. Good Luck with that network Pokertrillion ,you will def need it Thanks - It will be a challenge for sure. Col
  23. Re: Poker Trillion Issues Soz for the delay. Full details, including a great new Promo for PL members on this thread.....http://www.punterslounge.com/forum/showthread.php?t=66169 Col
  24. Re: Blonde/Punters Lounge Poker Trillion Forum Challenge Sorry Guys - PR is here: http://www.pokertrillion.com/media-centre/Everleaf/ We should be able to accept new accounts Tue/Weds whilst exisiting accounts will be ready to go on Thursday. Players who already have a PT account on our Boss platform please see www.pokertrillion.com/move for details of the migration and extra rewards you may get. In addition to the PL game on 25th, the 1st is a big day for us, as we will have our 1st Trillion Treat on our new home - now $5,000 added for a $109 buyin, but the daily $5 sat's will now guarantee a ticket. The 1st one of these will be on 25th. Also on 1st is our $10,000 New home Freeroll, which you are all able to enter. I will be sending the mod here the new banners and tracking links tomorrow, so that anyone who has not got a PT account (or was unable to create one due to the daft Boss 3 max rule) can create one. I am around if anyone has any questions. Col
  25. Re: Poker Trillion Issues Hiya, The balance will not transfer accross unless your Webdollar balance is under €20. It is is, then you will see a credit on the new software in $US at the rate of €1 = $1.60. If your balance is over €20 and you do not / cannot withdrawl, then this will be automatically refunded on 29th April by whichever method you used to make your last deposit. For most people the username and nickname will stay the same. You password will be the 7 digit Boss Pin Number. If you do not know this, you can request a new password from our new software. Even if you do know it, you should change it to something private asap. If your current Boss username and nicknames are the same, then on the new client, your username will have a 1 at the end, as the new system does not allow for the same usernames and nicknames. If your username or nickname currently contain non roman charaters or numbers, you will be sent your new login details. Our new system only supports A thru z and 1 thru 9. This and more can be found at www.pokertrillion.com/move or just ask away on here. Thanks to everyone for thier support at this time. Col
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