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  1. Re: PokerTrillion €5000 added MTTs As discussed on MSN, I will get a solution in place so that players can opt out of the pop ups. Currently they run 15 mins before a GTD game begins. The game play will speed up once we have fully tested the new faster servers - the move to these was the main reason for the downtime on Tuesday. There is a big list for more improvements, like more info in the lobbys, late tournament registration, new fee structure and clearer STT choice - but nothing for graphics atm. We have actually had pretty good feedback on visuals.. We really appreciate all feedback, and unlike at our old home, we are able to make the changes our players suggest happen pretty quickly, so please let us know any other areas where we can make it better. Cheers Col
  2. Re: Average Overlays on Trillion 1000 = rebuy 1100 = Freeze 1200 = Freeze 1700 = rebuy 1800 = rebuy 1900 = rebuy but Freeze on Sundays for the 10k 2000 = Deepstack Freeze 2100 - rebuy 2300 - Freeze Hope this helps. Col
  3. Just wanted to let PL Players know which of our daily GTY's are producing the best overlays. The chart below shows our scheduled GTY games. In addition is our weekly Trillion Treat with $5k added and we also add a few hundred more each week guaranteeing the satellites to the $5k Daily and $10k Weekly. From memory I cannot recall where there has been so much regular added value, especially for the lower buy ins..... Time / Frequency Entry Fee Average Overlay 1000 GMT Daily $10 $700 1100 GMT Daily $5 $120 1200 GMT Daily $5 $105 1700 GMT Daily $5 $50 1800 GMT Daily $1 $28 1900 GMT Mon -Sat $25 $1375 2000 GMT Daily $10 $110 2100 GMT Daily $2 $16 2300 GMT Daily $10 $320 0000 GMT Daily $10 $180 1900 GMT Sunday $50 $4250
  4. Re: Trillion $5000 Gtd Nice result guys! FYI Boogooloo has actually taken down the monthly MTT league before, so initial impressions can be mis leading! Also worth notiing, if you do get a nice result in one of our bigger games, its really worth having a look at the league, as its a lot easier than you would think on our new network to climb it. The winner each month get $2000 and prizes are paid down to 25th. Hope you enjoyed the added value in this game. It is coming in between $1000 and $1500 currently. Col
  5. Re: Registration open for our $500 Freeroll This is the one game we operate an 'open' password policy on. It is for all the affiliates sites we work with. RIVRD - Sent
  6. Re: Registration open for our $500 Freeroll on 15th - you have 4 days yet....
  7. All PL members are welcome in our monthly affiliate Freeroll. The next is on 15th at 8pm UK time. The password is DUBLIN Good Luck! Col
  8. All PL members are welcome in our monthly affiliate Freeroll. The next is on 15th at 8pm UK time. The password is DUBLIN Good Luck! Col
  9. Re: Blonde/Punters Lounge Poker Trillion Forum Challenge I love your stats Trevor! All correct too. Can you work the stats so that Arsenal can still win the league ?
  10. Re: ** Poker Thursday 8th May ** Ubermonkey AND RedFear win WSOP Package Congrats to Paul on his terrific win in the Trillion Poker Player game. It will be a pleasure to meet you there! Col
  11. Re: All Trillion's $5k & $10k Satellites GUARANTEED Yes, you can get as many tickets as you like.
  12. With immediate effect we will be running satellites at 15 and 45 mins past each hour. For the $5k Daily we will alternate between $1 Rebuys and $3 Freezeouts For the $10k Weekly, we will alternate between $2 Rebuys and $6 Freezeouts. All of these games start with just 5 players and all will GUARANTEE a ticket. These two daily games, along with the Trillion Treat represent our biggest money added games, and this satellite structure will make them accessable to more players. Col
  13. Definitely one for the calender. Our big game of the week at PT is now the $50, $10,000 Guarantee. Kicking off at 8pm UK time, this is a $50 Freezeout with 2500 starting chips. Early days we expect to be adding around $5000 to this game - And when we build it, we will up the Guarantee. Plenty of STT and MTT sats for smaller budgets. This game will also be the top earner for the Trillion league, where the winner at the end of the month will pocket another $2k. Good Luck. Col
  14. Re: PokerTrillion $10,000 New Home Freeroll Can you try live help? They are more likely to be able to help you and are there 24/7. Direct link to them is below.... https://server.iad.liveperson.net/hc/71175134/?cmd=file&file=visitorWantsToChat&site=71175134&VISITORVAR!PLY_iID=not_logged_in&VISITORVAR!PLY_cNickname=not_set&referrer=http%3A//www.pokertrillion.com/ Col
  15. Re: Poker Trillion Issues Yes, I forgot to report back. We will be able to accept direct deposits and withdrawals by the end of the 2nd week in May. I think this now just concerns Maestro cards. Col
  16. Re: Poker Trillion Issues Ok, as you may be aware we have just moved network and this is the 1st time this game has been run on our new home. If you can email colin@pokertrillion.com, I will ensure you are added to the game. The network operates a Poker Points program, but PokerTrillion opted out of this and chose to give players 30% Rakeback. The default entry requirement should have been set to 1pp which is 10c in Rake, so it seems like a simple solution to fix. As I say, if you cannot register, please email me, and I will make it right. Col
  17. Dear All, Just like to say that with immediate effect we have reduced the minimum number of players in our daily $5k GTY and Sundays $10k GTY Freezeout to just 25 players. The $10k game on Sunday is likely to have a very large overlay. Entry is $50 for this Freezeout, and there are smaller satellites constantly running at Trillion. We realised that these minimum numbers may not be reached (as was the case with the $5k yesterday) and we have responded quickly to feedback to ensure value. Cheers Col
  18. Re: Poker Trillion Issues Can you forward it to me - I am far too dim to be able to find post 118! Cheers Col
  19. Re: Poker Trillion Issues Hi morlspin, If you can whack an email thru to colin@pokertrillion.com I will ensure you get the credit by Monday. Cheers.
  20. Re: PokerTrillion $10,000 New Home Freeroll Everyone is welcome, but I think we may be restricted to 1500 players. No min play requirements at all. Col
  21. Re: Poker Trillion Issues Re-sizeable tables are coming. Not sure about the chat. And 10 10 will always hold up against AK, when the other guy has 10 10 !
  22. Re: PL Exclusive game at PokerTrillion with $1000 Added
  23. Re: Poker Trillion Issues Hi Marlin, Our exisiting player base are exempt from providing docs for a month, however as an EU licensed network, proofs for age and money laundering are a requirement. We will not hold anyones deposit up, however it is good practice to send off the proofs in your own time, then if you need higher limits or need to make a large withdrawal, there will be nothing to hold it up. When sending credit cards, you can hide the last 4 numbers, and there is a handy uploader on in the cashier section. Hope you understand. Col
  24. Re: Poker Trillion Issues Replied - To clarify. No player with the same IP can play at the same cash table or in the same STT/MTT. Col
  25. Re: Poker Trillion Issues Just checked. You already have an account - and your $25 is sitting in there waiting for you.... Email me and I will give you your login details. Col
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