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  1. Re: Play APT for FREE with PokerTrillion The tickets can be used for either SnG or MTT. To be honest, we are only running the MTT ones to give the numbers a boost. And MTT's only run from Steps 1 to 3. Steps 1 to 6 are always available via the Satellite Tab (soon to renamed Steps). We intend to introduce other Steps soon as this will be an area we are looking to push. Hope this helps, but let me know if there are any other questions. Col
  2. Re: Play APT for FREE with PokerTrillion They should start to fill quite quick now - the freerolls alone generate 15 step 3 tickets every day......
  3. Registration is now open for this months affiliate Freeroll at Trillion. It can be found under the private tab and the password is FARO. All PL players are welcome. There are no pre-play requirements Col
  4. Re: Big Big Freeroll - Potentially Padraig busted out in 1320th position, which means he outlasted 5524 players. As promised there will be a $5524 Freeroll at 2030 GMT on Sunday July 20th. In addition, there will also be a $100 Bounty on Padraigs head. His screen name is Cantonas. All Trillion players, old and new are welcome. You just need to have contributed a total of $1 in Rake prior to registering. This rake can be from SnG's, Ring games and MTT's Good Luck! Col
  5. Play APT for FREE with PokerTrillion As proud sponsors of the Asian Poker Tour Poker Trillion are now delighted to announce you can win your APT package for FREE! 3 times every day we will run an APT Freeroll (1000, 1900, 0000 GMT) where the top 50 will win seats in our steps satellites. 1st to 5th get a ticket for Step 3 2nd to 20th get a ticket for Step 2 21 to 50th get a ticket for Step 1 These Freerolls have no pre play requirements so all are welcome. All Steps are readily available as either thrice daily MTT's or as SnG's. Winners receive a $5000 package to an APT event of their choice withany balance paid into your poker account for expenses. Let me know if you have any questions. Col
  6. Re: Big Big Freeroll - Potentially The Freeroll prize fund is growing for the the 20th July at PT (For every player that Padraig outlasts in the in the Main Event, $1 will be donated into the prize pool of the tournament) Plus remember that we'll be donating the same amount to the next 'Simon Poker Day' charity poker tournament which Padraig is involved in organising... C'mon Parkinson!
  7. On Sunday 20th July, in recognition of our association with Padraig Parkinson at the 2008 WSOP we have planned a Freeroll for all new and exisiting Poker Trillion Players. For every person Padriag outlasts in the main event of the 2008 WSOP we will contribute $1 to the Freeroll prize fund. With between 7000 - 8000 players expected to compete, it could be a very big Freeroll. Any player who has contributed just $1 in rake is welcome to play I have pasted our press release below........ Col <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Malta - Poker professional and TV poker commentator, Padraig Parkinson, today announced that on Sunday 20th July he will be hosting a very special online freeroll tournament at POKERTRILLION.com. For every player that Padraig outlasts in the 2008 $10,000 World Championship Main Event when play ceases on 16th July, $1 will be donated into the prize pool of the tournament. Bearing in mind that the betting markets are predicting anywhere between 7,000 and 8,000 entrants, it could certainly be a prize pool worth playing for. Parkinson, who is also posting his Las Vegas diaries exclusively at POKERTRILLION.com commented, “I hope my current 2008 WSOP form doesn’t run into the $10,000 event otherwise people will only be playing for a few bucks!†Parkinson continued, “But on a serious note, I can feel that my A-game is about to make an appearance and coupled with the fact that I’ve been on the receiving end of some very colourful and choice instructions from a certain CEO I will be making sure I give it my best shotâ€. POKERTRILLION.com CEO Andy Pyrah added, “As an extra incentive to Padraig I’ve promised to donate the same amount to the next ‘Simon Poker Day’ charity poker tournament. This charity helps the homeless in Dublin and I know is very close to Padraigs heartâ€. Pyrah continued, “Personally I’m always rooting for Padraig, but hopefully this gives poker fans all over the world two great reasons to get behind him in Vegas and cheer him all the way to the final tableâ€. To play in the online Freeroll tournament hosted by Padraig Parkinson on 20th July at 20:30 GMT, simply visit POKERTRILLION.com and contribute just $1 in rake. This game is open to all players, whether they be old or new visitors to POKERTRILLION.com. In the meantime, keep up-to-date with Padraigs amusing 2008 WSOP tales and take advantage of hundreds of thousands worth of guaranteed tournaments, exclusive promotions such as ‘30% Rakeback When YOU Want It!’, ‘LIVE Tournaments at a Discount’, and ‘New Players $2500 Freeroll’ by logging onto POKERTRILLION.com
  8. Re: Blonde/Punters Lounge Poker Trillion Forum Challenge
  9. Re: Blonde/Punters Lounge Poker Trillion Forum Challenge Well played everyone - great too see such support. And Gotta Fancy, your stats are legendary - you saved me a job. Cheers Col
  10. Re: Blonde/Punters Lounge Poker Trillion Forum Challenge 36h left to register......Also, just to point out that any new Trillion players who have joined in June and play in the challenge game, will automatically qualify to play in the $2500 New Players Freeroll on 5th July. Good Luck to you all! Col
  11. Re: Blonde/Punters Lounge Poker Trillion Forum Challenge It changes every month - I understand you will be given the password via the normal method. Col
  12. Re: Blonde/Punters Lounge Poker Trillion Forum Challenge Registration is now open in this game. Good Luck to all PL'ers. Col
  13. Registration opens tonight for this month's affiliate Freeroll. All PL members are welcome. The password is 'MOSCOW' and there are no other pre-entry requirements. Good Luck! Col
  14. Re: WSOP Last chance Saloon! Correct - UK time will be +1 on GMT. Would be great if these can go in the diary.
  15. Re: WSOP Last chance Saloon! It was actually $0.01 + $0.00 lol
  16. Re: WSOP Last chance Saloon! Step one finished yesterday. The other steps finsish now on a daily basis.
  17. We have just pulled the stops out at Poker Trillion and created a final chance to win a main event package for this years WSOP. The game is a $275 + $25 event at 2200 GMT on Tuesday 17th June. This event will Guarantee a $12,500 package. This game is the final step 6 to the WSOP. You can join now at step 2 for just $0.08 + $0.01. Step 2 closes 13/6 Step 3 is $0.75 + $0.05 and closes on 14/6 Step 4 is $5.50 + $0.50 and closes on 15/6 Step 5 is $30 + $3 and closes on 16/6 In addition to these we have a Mega $10 Satellite at 2100 GMT this Sunday and this game will GUARANTEE 10 TICKETS to final on Tuesday. Both the Sunday satellite and the step 6 final on Tuesday are sure to have a lot of added value. Give me a shout with any questions. Col
  18. Re: PokerTrillion €5000 added MTTs This game finished as from June 1st we increased the mothly GTD games to $500,000 which means we are currently adding over $3500 every day. The Treat also was not receiving the support we would have liked. Once the summer months have passed we will consider re-introducing it, especially if the numbers in the GTD games pick up and the overlays are lower. Hope you understand, but I still think you will find Trillion an unbeatable package when you compare the market. Col
  19. Re: Trillion June News I will get the website ammeded so this is displayed. In the meantime, players can look up any they are interested in via the tournament calender on the link below https://account.pokertrillion.com/en.tournaments.weekly-schedule This link is also useful if you ever have the need to look up a result in a previous game. Col
  20. Hi PL'ers, Our players will have just been sent our newsletter, but for those who are not yet members, I wanted to point out some improvements from June 1st. 1st though, we are delighted to be exclusively featuring Padraid Parkinson's WSOP blog. There is a link from the homepage. Tournament GTY's increase to $500k The biggest change is with our MTT's. All game should now start as there is a blanket minimum 25 players rule. There are more MTT's and the GTY's have increased to $500,000pm. We expect to be adding $1000's every day in shortfalls. Due to the support we have to give to the GTY's we will be suspending the Trillion Treat. The last Trillion Treat will be on 5th June, so if you have a voucher for this game, you should use it on this day. Land based satellites As a proud sponsor the the new Asian PT, satellites for these events will replace our current steps satellites for the WSOP. There will be 6 steps with step 1 just 5c with no house fee. Players will compete for a $5000 package which includes $2500 expenses and entry to an APT of their choice. All APT's have a GTD prize fund of $1,000,000. We will also be supporting the Olympic Holdem series in Poland at the end of August. This could be the perfect location for a short break. Flights are accommodation are real good value and the main event is a €750 game. Our packages are just $2000 which includes $800 for expenses. There are 3 daily $1 games which feed $20 weeklies which feed two $200 Grand finals. Each stage guarantees a ticket to the next stage (weeklies GTY 2) Our final announcement on the satellite front is for a Caribbean Poker Cruise in March 2009. Players compete for $3000 packages which include a cruise for two and $1000 expenses. The cruise is with Carnival for 8 days and has 4 'sea days' all of which have a tournament. Buy in's on board are between $125 and $550. New Deposit Options USA players will be pleased to know we know accept PIC club for deposits and we should have Maestro on board next week for the UK players who don't like MoneyBookers. Enjoy the value! Col
  21. After the 1st monthly challenge the results are as follows:- Punters Lounge = 1st = 5pts Blonde = 2nd = 4pts Punters Lounge = 3rd = 3pts Punters Lounge = 4th = 2pts Punters Lounge = 5th = 1pt Blonde = 4 PL = 11
  22. Re: Blonde/Punters Lounge Poker Trillion Forum Challenge Thanks to all PLer's for their support with this game. Just a reminder that 1 hour before the challenge game is our weekly $10k Guaranteed. This is a $50 deepstack freezeout (5000 chips) and has averaged less than 130 players over the past 3 weeks, so this is well worth playing and will have plenty of added value also. This game also awards 240 points to the winner in the $100k Poker Trillion league. There are $2 rebuy and $6 freezeout sats every hour feeding this game, and the sats also guarantee a ticket! Good luck and I will post of both forums tomorrow the 1st league table after tonights game. Cheers Col
  23. Just a reminder that you can now register for the 1st game this week. For those of you who did not know -there is $1500 added to this $10 Freezeout and the best performing forum over the course of the year will win a $5000 Freeroll just for their own players. More PL'ers who play, the more chance you have of winning the Freeroll. Col
  24. Re: PokerTrillion €5000 added MTTs Forgot to say - you can exterminate the dealer. Just click on him/her and a new one appears!
  25. Re: PokerTrillion €5000 added MTTs I didnt realise about the games being listed alphabetically! Crazy, I will get onto this. I am going to ask for it to be made possible for players to opt out of getting pop ups. I will let you know when this will be here and it will likely be under the options tag. Points noted about the delay after the flop. Will bring this to the attention of IT. Re-sizeable tables are already on the agenda - hoping for a June fix on this. By then hopefully there will be enough games so you can all 10 table at a time! Thanks for the feedback. Col
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