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** November Poker League Result : 1st ian309, 2nd juanmoment, 3rd McG **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st Soi Bongkot, 2nd fischer21, 3rd chillymonster, 4th Pempi, 5th patriciamarc **
** October Naps Competition Result: 1st sirspread, 2nd kenisbusy, 3rd Artie77, 4th Mick33. KO Cup Winner: The Equaliser, Most Winners: CS333 **


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  1. Re: PL Cheltenham Competition Day 3 Selections *Sponsored by Stan James* Cheltenham 2.05pm Thehillofuisneach Cheltenham 2.40pm Somersby Cheltenham 4.00pm Salut Flo Reserve 1 - Cheltenham 1.30pm Peddlers Cross Reserve 2 - Cheltenham 4.40pm Sunnyhillboy Cheers again
  2. Re: PL Cheltenham Competition Day 2 Selections *Sponsored by Stan James* 1.30pm Allee Garde 2.40pm Grands Crus 4.40pm Edeymi Reserve 1 - 2.05pm Simonsig Reserve 2 - 4.00pm Dare Me Cheers
  3. Re: At The Races Cheltenham Competition 2012 *Sponsored by Stan James* Ignore that i've sorted it :ok
  4. Re: PL Cheltenham Competition sponsored by Stan James - Day 1 Selections Cheltenham 1.30pm Trifolium Cheltenham 2.40pm Hold On Julio Cheltenham 4.00pm Scotsirish Reserve 1 - Cheltenham 2.05pm Al Ferof Reserve 2 - Cheltenham 3.20pm Hurricane Fly Nice one chaps
  5. Re: At The Races Cheltenham Competition 2012 *Sponsored by Stan James* Been a good couple of years since I've been on PL, was just going through my e-mails and thought i'd show face :-) If there's still time i'll have a go, but the layout of the site has changed a bit so if someone could point me in the right direction as to where selections are gonna be posted be much obliged , cheers
  6. Re: Competition!!! Had the 1st & 2nd in my 2nd & 3rd positions, deary me......... Congrats !
  7. Re: Competition!!! Good gesture mate, can't see myself winning as I never bloody do but no harm in entering eh :) 1 - Evasive 2 - Balthazars Gift 3 - Regal Parade 4 - Al Qasi 5 - Prime Defender Any Nr's , can I have Palace Moon instead of that runner please? Cheers again 5 -
  8. Re: English Premiership Betting System 09/10 Jack - I'd suggest getting this moved to the "Systems" section of the forum , and trialing it so we can all see how it goes mate.
  9. Re: Predict the 2009/10 Premier League Table Nice one Runadrum, great idea ! 1 - Man Utd 2 - Chelsea 3 - Liverpool 4 - Man City 5 - Arsenal 6 - Everton 7 - Tottenham 8 - Aston Villa 9 - Sunderland 10 - Fulham 11 - Blackburn 12 - West Ham 13 - Bolton 14 - Wigan 15 - Birmingham 16 - Stoke 17 - Portsmouth 18 - Hull 19 - Burnley 20 - Wolves Championship - Middlesborough League 1 - Norwich League 2 - Bury Good luck everyone, but not too much ;)
  10. Re: Fantasy Premier League 2009-2010 Im in ! Love these leagues. Anyone fancy putting a few quid in to spice things up? ;)
  11. Re: martingale the virtual football at corals?!?! Only just quickly flicked through this thread and from what I can see you are trying what I done last season, for a while anyway? I didn't bet on the virtual Football though, would never do so either. I looked at past stats from previous seasons and saw that Aston Villa were the team most likely to draw most in the season. I started with a £1 stake and doubled up each game, until they drew. I did have the results written down, but don't have them anymore. Won a decent amount of money, but stopped after the fourth game they drew (against Man Utd) if memory serves? You have to have a lot of bottle, and keep doubling up but it is "easy" money. The team will draw eventually, it's just whether they go 5 games , or 25 games when you have to put a LOT of money on. Good luck :)
  12. Re: Best bet of the day 8th July Well done Billy, brilliant as per.... Worcester 7.40 Hope Road WIN This one looks sure to follow up after a comfortable success over C&D , finally winning after 19 defeats. This race doesn't look as tough, the price is short but ill still be on.
  13. Re: James Sherwood Would love to strangle the little bas*ard
  14. Re: Royal Ascot PL Comp Day 3 18/06/09 - Selections here 4.20 Brief Encounter 50 Points EACH WAY If NR, then 50 Points EACH WAY on London Bridge in the 5.30 Cheers lads.
  15. Re: Royal Ascot PL Comp Weds 17/06/09 - Selections here 4.55 Don't Tell Mary (sorry)
  16. Re: Royal Ascot PL Comp Weds 17/06/09 - Selections here 4.20 Don't Tell MARY 100 Points win Reserve if NR 3.05 Lush Lashes 100 Points win cheers
  17. Re: ATR Royal Ascot Comp - Rules and Latest Tables. Sponsored by Paddy Power Just give him the £100 now !!
  18. Re: Royal Ascot PL Comp Day 1 Tues 16/06/09 - Selections here please .................. and Samba wins the tourney after just one day haha. well done mate, good tipping :)
  19. Re: Dog racing at Hove Friday 19th at lunchtime I always back the Racing Post NAP when I go greyhounds, usually there or thereabouts. Other than that, it is pretty much a pin job as far as I am concerned.
  20. Re: ATR Royal Ascot Comp - Rules and Latest Tables. Sponsored by Paddy Power He only joined to enter the comp anyway ;)
  21. Re: ATR Royal Ascot Comp - Rules and Latest Tables. Sponsored by Paddy Power Nice one lads, even more to play for. Bragging rights and free bets :)
  22. Re: Ascot Wed 17th June HELP! Still nearly ALWAYS placed in these big sprints, so must be backed, for me anyway.
  23. Re: confederations cup 2009 After watching all the games I can safely say Brazil will struggle when coming up against the better sides (Italy and Spain if they get that far) and Egypt are stronger than I thought, as are the USA. New Zealand, Iraq and South Africa are pathetic and shouldn't be playing in tournaments such as this. Im happy with my Spain bet though, 11/8 looks a decent price after seeing all teams in action.
  24. Re: Ascot Wed 17th June HELP! Not decided which day im going yet, going to be spare of the moment I think. Borderlescott a MUST each way bet, always there or thereabouts at the finish. 10/1
  25. Re: Royal Ascot PL Comp Day 1 Tues 16/06/09 - Selections here please Ascot: 3.05 Borderlescott 25 points E/W 4.55 Sesenta 25 points E/W Any NR's then the remaining stake on Mastercraftsman in the 3.45 to WIN please
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