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  1. Re: Grand Slam Of Darts:Starts 15th Nov ITV4 Agree with Woody here. One bet for me. Young to beat Newton @ 11/10. Not an expert by any means. Young started off his match terribly but came back in the second half of the match as strong as anyone on the night and came out on top. Newton had a low average and won a pretty scrappy match with lots of missed doubles.
  2. Re: Grand Slam Of Darts:Starts 15th Nov ITV4 Always liked Gary Anderson from the BDO section. Remember him getting beat in a close semi final against Phil Taylor a year or two back. Anyone know what hes playing like at the minute? At 12/1 should I get a run for my money or should I play safe and go each way as he's likely to be against Phil Taylor in the final should be progress...
  3. Re: 2008 Olympic Games Dont know how arb's work but you can lay the record @ 1.35 and back it on Will Hills for 1.40 Is that any good?
  4. Re: 2008 Olympic Games Have to agree with Karel. To be fair, I should be the last one to comment after tipping him not to break the 100m world record on Saturday but there you go. Ive been watching his 200m runs on youtube with him getting his personal best 19.67 last month. In this, he didnt ease up at all. He pushed everything he had through the line and still fell quite short of the record. All his runs seems to be between 19.67 and 19.90. With the 100m we already knew he was capable as he was the current record holder. The 200m he wont be able to showboat to the line and still br
  5. Re: 2008 Olympic Games What does everyone think on the 100m mens final betting? Its even money on the world record NOT to be broken. I might be a little pissed but this looks like a hell of a bet to me. I know he pissed his heats in 9.92 without getting out of first gear but surely the final is a different ball game. It maybe close but to break his world record it odds on and even money to not break it must be well worth the risk?? Ive already invested my drunken money but would like re-assurance :)
  6. Re: Rich in Olympic Games Boxing - Light Welterweight 64kg Bradley Saunders @ 25/1 (SkyBet) will definately come down in price. I live in the same town and everyone round here is backing him. Spoke to him not so long ago and hes extremely confident of a medal (around 5 or 6/1). Im sure he beat the 7/4 second favorite earlier in the year and wont be far away. Will be 16/1 at best by Sunday.
  7. Paddymcgintysgoat @ 10/1 Being backed heavily. Will go off a lot shorter. Off a man who should know..
  8. Re: Sandown ~ 06/07/07 Cashel mead I might add :lol Isnt it funny how one tip can make a dull weekend into a long p!ss up :lol
  9. Re: Sandown ~ 06/07/07 Great Work on Cape Royal Bowles!! Got 9.4 on Betfair!! Shame I didnt get the 14.0 when it drifted but its made my weekend!! Cheers matey.
  10. Re: How many racecourses have you been to? Been to: Sedgefield (live there) Newcastle Cartmell Think thats my un-impressive lot!!
  11. Re: John McCririck Arrogant as fcuk and wouldnt like to meet him but dont mind watching him on the box. Always good for a laugh. Wife Swap was quality :lol
  12. Darlo Fan 1

    Are you game?

    Re: Are you game? Ive just realised ive got to take my lass shopping on Saturday so wont be able to participate. Was really looking forward to it aswell.
  13. Darlo Fan 1

    Are you game?

    Re: Are you game? I guess ive got the biggest weapon cos im the only one registered :lol
  14. Re: Saturdays NAP Thread. 4.20 @ Epsom HALA BEK @ 11/1
  15. Re: Cheltenham I was only joking when I said I didnt know horses :lol
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