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** September Nap's Competition Result: 1st Boulder5111, 2nd Craig Bluenose, 3rd Barnsley Chop, 4th Zilzalian KO Cup: Bathtime For Rupert, Most Winners: Waggy**
**September Poker League Result : 1st Kevsul £75, 2nd Gemic £45, 3rd Barry John £30**


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  1. Re: Tennis : US Open 2005 (August 29th - September 11th) I agree with a lot of your thoughts NW... 5pts Puerta/Berdych Double @ 1.75 with Skybet Missed the 1.50 on Puerta at Skybet, but odds still look ok. Its just a case of opposing to Wawrinka recently who should be no match for Puerta on hardcourts - he even managed to go down 6-3 6-2 to Saulnier in New Haven, and scraping past Ram in a long 5 setter in the first round is hardly a feather in his cap. Berdych was perhaps not wholly convincing in the first round, needing two tiebreaks to see off Kohlschreiber, but again its a case of m
  2. Re: USA F1 Grand Prix Most cars on the grid, but it sounds like all but 4 cars will go back to the pits after the formation lap, leaving just the Jordan's and Ferrari's to race. And it looks like it will go ahead :unsure
  3. Beanie

    Some MTT help...

    Re: Some MTT help... Great find Dave...picked up some more really helpful tips(especially the bit about focusing too much on the money :o ). Another big thanks to all that have helped on this thread - I've certainly seen results in recent tournaments. I owe you all one :cheers
  4. Re: My Poker Novice Diary - Comments Welcome Cheers Dave :ok Just what I was looking for.
  5. Re: My Poker Novice Diary - Comments Welcome
  6. Re: Some system help... Cheers Chris. :ok I'd also be interested in the other way around as well if anyone knows(ie a much shorter price than the rest).
  7. Re: Doing your bankroll :( I had Celtic by 2 aswell, and if you'd seen Sutton's 87th minute penalty while at 1-0, you'd have known it wasnt your day. :\ Not a good story to hear, so all the best anywayz :ok
  8. Re: Some system help... Cheers slapdash - I'll check out that site when I get a little cash this summer and do some proper ground work. I know what you mean that it might just be something that doesn't happen to often but simply sticks in my mind when it does, and I guess that's what I want to find out. GL with your task spreadman...something to do whilst sunbathing I suppose(or whilst sitting in from the rain as it is up here :\ ) WFTE - your right - from what McRiriririckirick was saying after the race it sounded like that was the price the horse started the race at while he was menti
  9. Re: Some system help... Cheers spreadman. Thats certainly an idea...have a look at Laddies prices ASAP, and if they're way out of line with the exchanges, back at that price and wait/hope they fall. However, just to use the 20/1 horse example again - many bookies/exchanges sent off the horse @ 20/1 or thereabouts, while Ladbrokes stuck out like a sore thumb sending it off at 10s, and it won well. This type of situation, where Ladbrokes' price stays out of line right till the off wouldn't allow for much of a back/lay proposition(maybe only slightly). Did they know something the other
  10. Over the past few months, I've noticed on quite a few occasions instances where Ladbrokes had prices which were quite far out of line(lets say shorter) with the general price level, and with alarming regularity these shorter prices are the eventual outcome. I finally decided to put in the work on a potential system this afternoon, when Fight Your Corner won a televised race on Channel 4, with the price up at 20/1, while Ladbrokes went just 10/1. So I'm looking for some System gurus to give me a few suggestions as to how to test this(I'm hypothesising that the Labrokes odds setters are a li
  11. Re: The Punters Lounge $1000 Freeroll - FREE Entry! :clap Great effort getting this set up - I'd certainly be interested if there's space. :nana
  12. Re: Punters Lounge X - the final showdown I'll have a bash.....be gentle! :\
  13. Beanie

    Some MTT help...

    Re: Some MTT help... Cheers Dave and Jezza - exactly what I was looking for :clap I'll give that all a go tomorrow in a few lowish buyin tourneys, and see how I get on. :ok
  14. Just about all of the tournaments I'm playing in seem to be going the same way right now. I'll use the one I was playing in earlier today as the example. 200 people to start, and I more often than not play tight, picking off some of the early all-in merchants with a decent hand quite early on. As was the case this afternoon, I'm sitting in the top four after a patient but strong start, mostly folding but playing confidently on the odd strong hand. Then as we get down to about 40 people left in, I seem completely unable to maintain the top 4, or even top 10 position through a gradual increa
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