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** February Naps Competition Result: 1st adamross, 2nd paulat, 3rd rolandcooper. KO Cup Winner Fist2k8. Most Winners Zidane123 **


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  1. Kinda think Paul can take a set[+165] from a contrarian point of view.Joker has just dismantled his last two opponents so prob a bit of value on Paul who is playing with house money so to speak.Why not let it all hang out and go for it? Hes supposed to lose 3-0 in no time right?
  2. Lotta value on Pella.He might be my #1 upset pick of the mens 1st round. rodina for the women. As per usual the best value for futures for this is in the “to win Quarter”market with these two huge faves in joker and Iga to win it. So on the women Im going with Rodgers at 66-1 to win her Q Golubic at 66-1 Bouzkova at 40-1 Havent looked at the men yet.
  3. Thanks for all the picks Darran! Always enjoy them win or lose.
  4. Dont know if this bet is still available but saw Felix at 16-1 for most season aces.Finished second to isner last year .Isner was +150 and thats 0 value with his wrist injury recovery.Felix will go deep in tourneys this year and even though Big John led with half the matches played as Felix no way hes serving at 100% all year.Plus hes admitted to only playing certain tourneys at his age.
  5. Anyone see any value to win the united cup?Mixed gender with more points you get for beating a higher ranked player.So alot of juicy points for the 3rd singles player to get a scalp here playing a #1.More so than usual.We got see some upsets. Aussies have a very good doubles team with Peers/Stosur..Savvy vets..And of course Nick should carry the load with Alex..Home cooking crowd support..Could make an argument they should be the favorites ..6-1 looks like a good bet thoughts?
  6. Congrats to Parks..Winning that today ranks her in the mid 70s.Got a buffer now to make so great money next season.Not sure on next top 10 but deserves alot of credit to where she is.
  7. Could not agree more.As an american im def rooting for Frances to end our streak of not winning majors but after a win like that its going to be super tough to rise to that level.Rublev seems to just be doing his thing and no body is talking about him.A russian(ish)won wimbledon,wouldnt it be weird if one did it at flushing?
  8. Also dont count out the Wiley croat Cilic today.Gonna need to serve like a demon to pull it off but he def has the skill and guile to do it.Punchers chance..
  9. Well nick has the golden road now.Only thing that can stop him is himself.I do worry that his antics in the next 3 matches may be his undoing as he was 2-3 feet from hitting a fan last night and being defaulted.A final vs Nadal might be one for the ages..Skill Wise and just for pure morbid curiosity..
  10. I know in the USA they dont allow live betting if you are physically at the matches.They wilL toss you.Is it different in europe?
  11. Sorry guys been out of the loop here in the USA with everyday life.Good to see the forum still going strong.Love the talk about some usa college players from four leaf.Im always trying to find diamonds in the rough players which in tennis many can be found with the many small tourneys going on all the time(challengers,ITF) and people like Shelton. Ive always told myself If I ever won the lotto or sweepstakes Id buy a camper van and travel all Around europe or the states going to these small tourneys wagering lol.
  12. Have to say as much as I despise Kyrgios personally hes going to be ranked here with his last few weeks of performance.So hes going to be very dangerous .Hes no longer a floater..IMHO he should be second favorite to Medvedev.Key is the weather in NY and his fitness.The schedule makers now will probably give him later matches with the absence of Joker and maybe Nadal and just the fact he is a ratings darling whether you like him or not,so this will play to his favor. I see him At 8 or 9-1 in most markets.Still think that is value.
  13. Looks like hard to predict tourneys for the men as some top players are entered.Have to give it a good once over. Coric had a good run on the dirt recently in a challenger.I wonder if hes ready to make a run here.. Hamburg..Oh guys! Sabine Lisicki alert! Made it into the main draw.Honestly I still think shes still never recovered from that loss to bartoli..been a long way back for her.Hope she does well this week..Good win in qualies today though..That might build some confidence getting it done the hard way and not on a wildcard..
  14. Well all the credit to Cerrundolo today..Totally outplayed baez..But profit assured..
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