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** October Nap's Competition Result: 1st Zilzalian, 2nd Mickyftm32, 3rd Joales, 4th internetmails KO Cup: redno2009, Most Winners: Xtc12**
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st MrJol, 2nd buga00, 3rd glavintoby, 4th Boulder5111, 5th bobsyerunkle **


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  1. Re: Todays placepots Might as well throw in the Kempton placepot while im at it only another £4.50 :\ (sigh) Kempton Placepot, 17.50,Love Delta 18.20,Bonded 18.50,Ryker 19.20,Croix Rouge,Our Kes,Grove View Star 19.50,Inch Lodge,Mr Plod,Andaman Sunset 20.20,Dunelight 9 bets
  2. Re: Todays placepots Newbury Placepot, 11.50,Salden Licht :dude won 2/1 12.20,Veiled :( 4th 12.50,Fistral Beach,:D placed @ 2/1 13.25,Oscar Whisky :dude won 4/11 :eek 14.00,Wheels Up :D placed,Fighting Chance :dude won @ 4/1 14.35,Gentle Ranger :D placed @ 8/1 1 let down for £106.50 :eyes Lingfield Placepot, 12.00,The Name Is Frank :D placed @ 4/1 12.30,Leaving Alone :( 5th 13.00,Licence To Till :dude won 7/4 13.35,Radiator Rooney,:D placed @ 8/1 ,Grand Palace :D placed @ 11/2 14.10,Mafeking :D placed @ 9/2 14.45,Dream Of Fortune :D placed @ 15/2 ,Fujin Dancer :D placed @ 2/1 1 let dow
  3. Re: Todays placepots Bangor Placepot, 12.10,Zazamix 12.40,Astracad 13.10,River Logic 13.45,Peddlers Cross 14.20,Dansimar,Trigger The Light 14.55,Catch Twenty Two,Guydus,French Leave 6 bets The reasoning behind the above placepots is this is my first program that I,ve written in Python and so I thought I,d put my kneck on the line and see how good/sh*t it is . This is only version 1 theres lots of other bits and bobbs to be added yet when I eventualy find out how to do them. All the horses should actualy be backed as singles but as its the first run Ive put them in a placepot. Had a small
  4. Newbury Placepot, 11.50,Salden Licht 12.20,Veiled 12.50,Fistral Beach,Quinz 13.25,Oscar Whisky 14.00,Wheels Up,Fighting Chance,Signs of Love 14.35,Gentle Ranger,Minella Four Star 12 bets Lingfield Placepot, 12.00,The Name Is Frank,Thoughtsofstardom 12.30,Leaving Alone 13.00,Licence To Till 13.35,Radiator Rooney,Makshoof,Grand Palace 14.10,Mafeking 14.45,Dream Of Fortune,Fujin Dancer,Rapid City 18 bets
  5. Re: strange system oops missed out the 2.20 at gowran park. heres the lot with the actual prices available @ 12.00 time track horse price 12.40 chel still at lunch 14/1 13.15 chel royal country star 16/1 13.25 donc cash for honours 10/1 13.40 south handsin the mist 9/2 13.50 chel beat the boys 20/1 14.00 donc western 5/1 14.15 south admiral bond 7/1 14.20 gowr kyleberg krystal 10/1 14.25 chel silly wupple 33/1 14.35 donc oniz tiptoes 20/1 14.50 south elusive fame 7/2 15.00 chel planet earth 3/1 15
  6. Re: strange system You wouldnt believe me if I told you, I didnt believe it myself, thats why Im just putting the selections up then if it works I,ll explain the idea behind it. All I'll say at the moment is its nothing to do with form,jockey ,trainer,etc infact nothing to do with racing at all :unsure . Hampshire Ian No i've definately not backed them.(personally I wouldnt back them with stolen money as theres no logic to why they should win/place, but each to their own.) All 1pt ew over 5/1, 2pt win under 5/1. The lad who told me the system wanted me to backcheck it for him in
  7. Re: strange system well , yesterday would have doubled my money :eek (if I,d have had anything on them) staked 30pts returned 60.55pts Some nice prices should be found with todays motley crew. All prices sporting life. Lets see how they perform today (lead balloon springs to mind :rollin ) time track horse price 12.40 chel still at lunch 6/1 13.15 chel royal country star 12/1 13.25 donc cash for honours 12/1 13.40 south handsin the mist 6/1 13.50 chel beat the boys 8/1 14.00 donc western 11/2 14.15 south admiral bond 7/1 14.25 c
  8. Re: strange system 14.35 1pt ew won @ 13/2 :D 14.40 1pt ew PU lost :( 14.50 1pt ew cantability 3rd (7ran) lose :eyes 15.00 1pt ew lose :( 15.05 1pt ew 4th @ 3/1 :\ (16 ran so would be a return of sorts) 15.20 1pt ew lose :( 15.50 1pt ew placed 3rd @ 11/1 :D 16.30 1pt ew placed 3rd @ 8/1 :D 17.30 1pt ew won @ 5/1 :D 18.00 1pt ew 4th lost :(
  9. got given a system the otherday so I thought I,d check it out today out of curiosity as it is so wierd its unbelievable out of 15 selections today the first 5 gave 12.30 hunt mistress to no one 2pt 13.30 hunt first avenue 1pt ew 13.40 lud ocean transit 1pt ew 14.05 fairy l,oiseau de fea 2pt 14.10 lud buck mulligan 1pt ew 12.30 2pts win placed lost 13.30 1pt ew placed 2nd @ 10/1 :D 13.40 1pt ew won @ 4/1 :D 14.05 2pt won @ 9/2 :D 14.10 1pt ew won @ 12/1 :eek so I thought Id put the others up (2.40 running as I type horse 6 just won @ 13/2 and horse 7
  10. Re: legacy? The Legacy Selection Procedure Below is the step by step guide you need to follow to arrive at selections. 1. Obtain a copy of the Racing Post, other dailies can be used but for accuracy we suggest you use the racing Post. You can also access their website. The address is:- www.racingpost.co.uk 2. Refer to the subsection ‘Qualifying Meetings and Races- Flat’ and only consider races from these meetings. You can also include any qualifying evening and Sunday meetings. 3. Delete any blind meetings. This is any meeting that is not given a full show and results servic
  11. Re: ***Grand National Competition*** 1 Point Barrow (NAP) 2 Joes Edge 3 Hedgehunter 4 Mckelvey 5 Idle Talk :ok :hope
  12. Re: Grand National Discussion Thread Available @ partypoker
  13. Re: PL Cheltenham Tipsters Comp - friday 16th Selections 2.00 Katchit 5pts win 4.40 Greenhope 5pts ew 5.20 Osana 10pts win
  14. Re: PL Cheltenham Tipsters Comp - Thursday 15th Selections 2.00 new little brick 5pts win 3.15 blazing bailey 10pts win 5.20 kadoun 5pts ew
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