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** February Poker League Result : 1st juanmoment, 2nd Rivrd, 3rd the_dak **
** Last Man Standing Results - drew005 wins £250 / Wishy wins £50 **
** January Naps Competition Result: 1st SILVER FOX, 2nd LIKE A ROUGHIE, 3rd DAISYCHAIN, 4th MRJOL. KO Cup Winner GLAVINTOBY, Most Winners: ALASTAIR **


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  1. Re: Monthly MTT - 8pm Tonight - Betfair Tournament 985572 Out in 136th i made my move all in with ak unfortunately someone had kings and no ace spelt the end. Gl all left in
  2. Re: Monthly MTT - 8pm Tonight - Betfair Tournament 985572 Still going been a strange hour. Had aces twice once paid, once not and nothing else at all. On 1795 chips so some work to be done.
  3. Re: Monthly MTT - 8pm Tonight - Betfair Tournament 985572 Off to register now lads. How to replicate and then go beyond my performance last week.
  4. Re: PL Monthly Tournament Unfortunately kings were my nemesis. Lost with 1010 vs kk on a baby flop (kind of hand you laydown in a cash game). Then i had kk shortstacked and got called by a 10 who hit not one but two aces on flop and that was curtains. Thanks to Gotafancy for a good show again. Well done to all, just unlucky near the biggish money.
  5. Re: PL Monthly Tournament Fair enough cains i wouldn't have said what i folded if it had have been anyone else. I can't call 1/2 my stack with a8 there IMO
  6. Re: PL Monthly Tournament Me and cains at the same table with 32 left. I have 19k which makes me 12th. Thanks for the support fellas.
  7. Re: PL Monthly Tournament I have 3570 in chips at first break been a bit up and down. Making me currently 78th
  8. Re: PL Monthly Tournament I will be there fellas. Gl all
  9. Re: Brick and mortar poker houses We have a few wannabe pros wear sunglasses at our gala but they normally get the mick taken out of them.
  10. Markpl1

    30k on 365

    Re: 30k on 365 I was on my parents computer and for some reason couldn't post my progress on here. I ended about 160th which was close but no cigar, lost a big race with ak vs 44
  11. Re: PL Monthly Tournament Well thats me out not my day in 272. Flopped a set of 6's on all diamond board. I push it and get called by 1, then i push all in on a blank of a turn. He calls with the bare ad and hits the flush on the river. Pot odds means nothing to some people.
  12. Re: Leicester Casinos Burt not sure which one but they have started poker again in Derby on a Tuesday and another weekday night. I believe it is 20 pound pot limit texas hold em
  13. Re: PL Monthly Tournament Just remembered this in time. I will see you at the felt. Good luck all.
  14. Re: Leicester Casinos I believe the card room has still not become operational in Leicester. I could be wrong but i have heard nothing and i try to have my ear to the ground about this stuff as i will be paying a visit when it is open
  15. Re: Which day do you want the next freeroll to be on? Hmm Gotafancy are you saying that Jez is more important than me;) . I mean you are more likely to take money off me:tongue2 . No in all seriousness Sunday are pretty good for me as Sunday night is big money night at Notts Gala 50/100 rebuy and unless im running good its out of my price range.
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