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  1. anyway i can view this deleted thread? https://forum.punterslounge.com/topic/120115-getting-accounts-unrestricted/




    1. Sir Puntalot

      Sir Puntalot

      @Punterbro - Unfortunately not, new regulations mean we had to clean that whole forum. However, it can't be done. Once you're restricted, it doesn't get overturned.

  2. In creating his account my husband missed out the e in his surname.  It should read Brian Pake.


    Lynn Pake

    1. Sir Puntalot

      Sir Puntalot

      Hi Lynn, that's fixed. :ok 

  3. hi sir puntalot  can i please enquire if PL keep a record of members 

    P/L  figures on posting of selections [ similar to what i post on my submissions] 

    expect bill has got the bubbly out after to day  :beer

    [ they dont do an imogee for snorting a line do they ?] 

    1. Sir Puntalot

      Sir Puntalot

      Hi @black rabbit

      No, it's up to the member if they wish to do this or not. ;) 

  4. Hello!

    I just stumbled upon your ELO system 3 days ago, and as i am good with math and enjoy developping systems myself, i found yours to be very effective with premier League and bundesliga. Not so much with the romanian one (where i'm from) or polish.

    Anyway, i just wanted to let you know that i applied a tweak to it, and when the elo differential is anywhere from -15 to 10, i bet it will be a draw. If the elo difference is > 30, i bet with -1 handicap, and if it gos >70 -2 handicap, >100 with -3 handicap. These tweaks increased the earnings by 100% in the bundesliga, and only a couple percentages in premier league. I also found a high increase, somewhere around 50% in Argentina. 

    I will do similar tests on the rest of the leagues and will let you know of my results, if you are interested that is.

    Thank you so much, and best of luck to you, sir!

    1. Sir Puntalot

      Sir Puntalot

      Always interested in different ways of using them. :ok 

      There's some minor leagues where there is an element of missing data, but we're looking at solutions for those. Big leagues are all fine though.

  5. Hello! :)

    I just wanted to ask about this ELO rating, how exactly it works? Based only on statistics? How it is for example in sutiation that 3-4 important players are out because of suspension, injuries, etc.?


    Kind regards,


    1. Sir Puntalot

      Sir Puntalot

      Totally based on stats. It's impossible to create ratings based on injuries/suspensions. Everyone bets differently but it's very rare that a team has 3-4 important players out where it doesn't have replacements for them these days. 

  6. Hello Paul, would you have an objection to me asking for collaborators on your website.

    I have an idea for a model and would appreciate some help in terms of input, I would share the output with the collaborators.

    Let me know if you have any objections. I am a long time member and poster.






    1. Sir Puntalot

      Sir Puntalot

      Hi Neil,

      Email me at [email protected] with more info please. :ok 



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