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  1. Re: Question, On disconnection? Yeah its a problem with the boss software I think Kev. My mate has had exactly the same problem in a series of small pots and he has spoke to them about it. They say they are sorting it out. If you contact them about it (perhaps with hand history if you have it) you never know you might get a small bonus or something, probably worth a try.
  2. Re: Question, On disconnection? What site was this on Kev?
  3. Re: Posting Blinds when sitting at a cash table That one :lol but nah being pinickity I always wait personally unless im frothing at the mouth for some reason. Nothing wrong with posting in the cut off though. The ones I like are when people post UTG thats just great play
  4. Re: Sometimes it's not the winning that matters ... Last week I was dealing a live tourny. A total rock who literally had not played a single hand for about an hour raised all in for 1200 (blinds 50/100) after 1 limper. The BB called and the limper called. Hes gota have a monster right? BB QQ Limper 99 Rock 84clubs Flop Q9x ALL CLUBS The rest is history. This 1 hand in isolation proves beyond all doubt live poker is fixed and mrmuzemans random card generator is rigged. Thankyou for your time
  5. Re: Good fold or bad fold? Probably something to work on that, well if youre getting well into cash games anyway mate. It presumably means you never fold when a flush looks very likely or someones really showing you they have trips etc. I misread the flop btw in this hand I thought it said 875 :$ 876 makes 2 pair combos and pocket 9s more dangerous, as well as made straights obv. Its extremely close I dont think its a mistake to call or fold oddswise really. As its a tourny I think a fold is good though cos survival is key, id call in cash. My mate whos a better player than I says he
  6. Re: Good fold or bad fold? Well yeah I mean hes very likely drawing here, its a tough one cos hes not gona be far off coinflipping with you. I can see a case for folding or calling. Id call but thats me with my cash game cap on, in a tournament the fold is more of an opton. Roughly 6/4 on your money and you are probably JUST about ahead. Btw is that for real? I guess youre more a tourny player but still thats strange
  7. Re: Keep the pot small or try and take it down? Call everytime with deep stacks. Reraise with QQ though for sure, JJ its up to you
  8. Re: Straddle Bets...oh boy! In cash games things like straddles, rabbit hunting, running it twice etc etc, they are all allowed, players just have to agree to them. Live cash is sort of like a game where the players decide what goes cos its all their own money etc on the line, rules get relaxed.
  9. Re: Straddle Bets...oh boy! Those statements are not actually true although straddles are more 'regular' in pot limit I guess. You can still have them in NL no problem though and they do happen.
  10. mrmuzeman


    Re: Neteller Could you clarify the question a bit more? It is free of charge to deposit and withdraw to Neteller from Doyles Room. But I presume you dont mean that?
  11. Re: Straddle Bets...oh boy! UTG is no longer UTG as such, hes straddled so he is like the 'new' big blind so he would collect the chips. I dont think in the history of the human race anyone has ever all folded round to a straddle though. I cant speak for Alien races but id imagine the same would apply.
  12. Re: Straddle Bets...oh boy! :lol Why is it disgusting. You gota remember all these things been around for donkeys years before net poker came along. Yeah straddling is commonplace in cardrooms. It is certainly the sort of thing youd find in a local cardroom on the cash tables anyway. I dont know if they are a regular feature of your typical 1/2 game in vegas but theyll be about as an option I would think. The straddle is just a bet that acts as 2x the BB. So in a $1/$2 game the player that is usually UTG posts a straddle bet of $4. When the action comes round to them they have the op
  13. Re: Doyles Room move and tourney info Prima huh, whered you hear that? I was wondering where they were off to cos thats where ive been playing cash lately. I knew they werent going to ipoker. Oh well goodbye Doyles Room then I have a better rakeback deal elsewhere on Prima!
  14. Re: skill against luck Ill agree with most stuff here. Tournies (if were talking big entrant MTTs) are sick variance/luck factor. In can be possible for people never to get the fair deal overall in tournaments I think and so the luck element still looms large. For example you or I may only get a chance to enter a couple or major live events ever in our lives, if the luck goes against us on these big money occasions we never get the chance for it to even out. Also it takes longer in MTTs just in general I believe to get the luck factor to even out. You can easily just keep getting stiffed at
  15. Re: Dusk Till Dawn - permission granted I didnt mind the cavendish thing so much cos the owner of that knocked me out the Ladbrokes Poker Cruise ME :lol I heard through the grapevine that in 6 months or so there may possibly be a thing called a poker license for poker clubs.
  16. Re: AA Problem? If he did have 108 I disagree that he played it well. Checkraising isnt the sort of play I think is good in general when you have a big hand (apart from river checkraising which is a delight). If he leads into you on the flop, you raise him and he goes back all in over the top its difficult to see you folding AA. Leading into preflop raisers is the way to win big pots. Not check calling on dry boards then check raising the turn on a blank, hes just letting you know he has a big hand and you can correctly get away from your Aces. Which is good for you obviously.
  17. Re: ''Toke'' the dealer ??? Yeah I guess you have to check, I dont work in a casino btw its a poker club so maybe the rules are different between casinos and private clubs. I have to say I dont really like the idea of tipping in ring games much either. A little bit in big pots is fine but I certainly wouldnt be an excessive tipper if I was playing. Dont think you must tip every hand or anything like that. Im really not sure I will ever want to deal in cash games either cos I dont like the idea of it so much relying on tips from people to earn a wage at all. Something doesnt sit comfo
  18. Re: ''Toke'' the dealer ??? Hey mate, to answer your questions (im a dealer btw, no not a drug dealer)... It is actually up to you. I would personally give the following advice, if you win a reasonable pot, tip the dealer a dollar or two and if you win a big fat pot or all in pot, tip the dealer 5 dollar. Dont worry about the smallish pots at all. As I said though it is up to you. Dealers wages vary a lot from place to place. In some cases all the dealers earn is tips with no other wage paid to them, so obviously tips are very important to dealers. In some cases dealers are paid rea
  19. Re: AA Problem? Good fold V. To quote myself I was gona say why dyou keep saying online whatr do you, live what do you do. Personally it makes no difference to me which it is. Although now I see why you put it. Shame you didnt ACTUALLY get to see what he had though. It looks like me PP read was probably a good one though, works good that does.
  20. Re: Updated Live play rules That rule shouldnt exist anywhere, they must have a mistake, you can always raise that if the action hadnt got to you yet. This isnt the same thing though as youve already acted. There is discrepancies within the rule though, I have encountered 2 types. Say you raise to 300, shorty pushes all in for 450. This is sometimes deemed an underraise and you cant do anything apart from fold or call when it comes to you. Say you raise to 300, shorty pushes all in for 450. This is half of a full raise and thus COUNTS as a raise and the action can be reraised when
  21. Re: AA Problem? Why is this btw, I think its quite good to look weak here. The turn deuce changes nothing, hes shown us that he surely (bar weirdness) he either has a PP or has flopped a boat (66) or trips (getting freaky deaky with 78 or 89 preflop). Any of those are possible but you have to presume your ahead for now. Bet again cos this pots well worth taking down now with 3k in it but no need to hammer it incase hes got us and if he has just the PP we would like him to stay but still at a reasonably hefty price. A 2k bet looks good. If he checkraises then its gona have to be an a
  22. Re: Laying down AA first hand I think you hit the nail on the head there :lol It depends on the type of game. In an ME type scenario thered be a lot of raise it and take it going on id imagine and not much action at all so probably in the region of 30 hands an hour. But in your standard £10 rebuy donkathons where theres muchos action your looking at more like 20 I reckon.
  23. Re: Laying down AA first hand I appreciate the observations but in reality it doesnt really work like this imo. You cant think along these lines in all honesty in the heat of battle. By this sort of logic youd only ever risk your entire stack if you were a 90%+ favourite or had a lock and you cant do that in poker. A tournament is won or done well in by a series of different moments where hopefully you get your money in infront and hold up, this being one of those moments. I guarantee Hellmuth would call this. Hed be in there like a fcuking shot with one of his patented all in shoves
  24. Re: AA Problem? Well UTG is to act first so we need to know what he did first! Ill assume he checked though as im guessing thats what happened. Well if this PARTICULAR 886 board had 2 to a flush on it id definitely bet, probably 600-700. BUT it doesnt its rainbow so its actually totally ok to check behind here if you want to. If he has 2 high cards then hes TOTALLY missed the flop and he cant move ahead of you whatever may hit on the turn. It also makes it look like you have missed also with an AK for example if hes someone who thinks about things. So thats 1 possible move. The oth
  25. Re: Poker IQ Test - No cheating now! I got 124 btw. Not that its a competition but IF it were Norfolk Enchance would have got the gold medal by 1 single point with 125, I DEMAND A RECOUNT :lol
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