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  1. Do you think Salford can score 2+ here? I dont have luck with them. Still, ebbsfleet dont have some great defense.
  2. What about Salford to win? They werent good against Braintree. Dont know much about Ebbsfleet. They dont have good results recently.
  3. I believe Salford will play first team. Will wait for lineups. Saw Marine have some good results latelly. Still, from your words, its big difference between leagues. Dont think Salford will make fool of themselves here.
  4. Mates, what about Salford -1EH? I was unlucky last week with them. How big is differnce in class here?
  5. Do you think home win by at least two difference is highly possible?
  6. Mates what about Salford ? Odds going up. HW -1.5AH around EVENS...
  7. Mates how sure is Bilericay? Fine odds (1.40) to take them big. Dont follow this tread close but i read they had some problems inside club (sorry if i am wrong ). Thanks for answer.
  8. @Darran What do you thing about Kiderrminster -1.5AH, 1.65 in my local? If i understand correctly, 4 leagues sepparate these teams? Will home side take this serious? Thanks
  9. Fuuu.kk... Many missed chances by Salford costed me a lot :-/
  10. Took them to score over 1.5... Hope for the best.
  11. Mates what about Salford to score 2+, 1.70 in my local? This league is not close to me but on first sight this looks great bet to me. Dont know can Maidstone stop them from scoring ?
  12. Mates, what about Aston Villa today? I liked the way they played against Brentford. Trying to score whenever they could. Reading should be weak to hold them. Especially after gave away two goal lead against Blackburn.
  13. About Red Star, dont really know what to think. I was leaning Red Star DNB but its anything but safe. Dont really think its that big difference here (just my opinion), eventough Salzburg reached semifinal of EL last season. About Videoton, i dont really know how they came here. Ok, Ludogorets is in mess and they take advantage of that (also Ludo missed so many chances in first match). Difference between Malmo and Vidi is not that big imo so it was coin flip. Dont know much about AEK but have feeling Vidi jurney ends here. Vidi had some big wins over past few seasons (like against Bordeau
  14. I read that forum often. Well see Albion have big problems. Only Elgin away form concerns me despite Albion being very bad. Have to think a bit. Last week i was big on Peterhead. Now not sure.
  15. @StevieDay1983 I liked the way Fulham play last season, but in the and they started to fade. Some games won on pure quality but nothing spectacular imo. Slavisa spent a lot but Fulham looked very disorganised against CP. I had feeling if CP needed 5 0 win they would get it. First 20min or so Fulham played on desire and euphoria. After that everything was CP. And about new, i didnt saw any of them brought some big quality. Dont know much about RB, but Fredericks looks miles away from him.
  16. After watching Fulham last round, think this can be ugly for them this round. Talking about their defense, i just can say its even worse than last year. No comunication no nothing. Tight and left back looked totaly usuless in attack. Midfield to slow, Serry (or smth) cant pass the ball 2m from himself. Attack one dimensional, trying to send ball on the wing and than to Mitrovic. Midfield players arent dangerous at all. Well, the Spurs playing, expect from them to win with at least 2 or 3. Werent that good against Newcastle, but cant see Fulham can hold them as defense looked shocking to
  17. Thinking to take this one big but Elgin away record is poor at least. Just one win in last 16 matches i think in al competitions. Is Albion really that bad ?
  18. Dont know about Red Star being stronger this year. Maybe they are, but lacking good target man upfront is big problem. Stoiljkovic is one funny guy who dont deserve to play. Milic is not real attacker. He is good for counters but dont know is that good in possesion game. In first match, Red Star had ball but without many clear chances. Mostly long range shots, but it was easy for Trnava keeper. My personal feeling Red Star is a bit stronger than Trnava. Still Trnava managed to achieve their goal, not to lose. In overal i think they looked comfortably in that. Expect similar game here. T
  19. Mates what do you think about Exeter? Dont know why they are at Evens. Surely they have ambitions to be promoted directly despite being four points down?
  20. Mate, is it time for Dundalk to start winning ? They were solid in first two matches but just couldnt score (dont know is luck reason or there is aomething else). Limerick have hood start despite being tipped to go down by some people. What do you think about this? Thanks
  21. Mate, what do you think about Dundalk -2AH? It can be risky as its first match of the season but looking at some previews Bray should be weak this season? Dundalk lost few players but brought 8 or 9 i think. Dont know what happened against Cork in second half. Still that can be good for them.
  22. Monaco to score over 1.5 is very good bet for me. Still playing decent attacking football and in most matches scoring for fun. Porto is overated here IMO. Have good results in league but dont think they are that good. Besiktas result (didnt watch game) can be some conformation. City should be to strong for Shakhtar here. Maybe City to score over 2.5. Two similar teams with playing style but City much better version of these two. Dont know if Guardiola will rest some players? Sevilla and Napoli should win with hendi. Especially think that for Napoli as Fayenoord dont lo
  23. Expect Porto to win this one by two at least. I wasnt imressed with them from two or three matches i saw, but looks like they are doing fine. Dont know anything about Portimonense. Saw they gave hard time to Benfica. Still lost all games away. Opiniobs are welcome.
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