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  1. @Darran Mate what do you think about Spennymoor to beat Farsley? You give them good chances to be in promotion race. According to bookies Farsley should be bottom half.
  2. @Darran Tamworth to make clear win today? Maybe -1.5AH ?
  3. Mate from this matches what do you think is the safest ? O
  4. What about Solihull win ? They are scoring for fun. Ebbsfleet with current form can have long afternoon.
  5. FC Copenhagen- Crvena Zvezda I was on stadium watching both teams in tough first leg. Expected more from FCK as watching them in previous matches had impression that they are way more creative. Ok Skov was sold and Falk wasnt there. Still pretty much one way attack, sending balls to Ndoye. Fisher wasnt there at all. Holse also. Wind couldnt make room for himself. Still managed to take 1 1 draw thanks to to their opponent. Zvezda played like cowards second half. Let the ball to FCK and waited who knows what. Poor mentality. Think they are much worse than last season. Everything depend
  6. Also thinking about BTS in Paok Ajax match. From what i saw against Vitesse that shouldnt be problem. Ajax looked pretty bad in defense and showed some weeknesses. Van Den Beek will be in first eleven despite almost surely going to Madrid. Paok always have hot pitch at home. Bought some interesting players and i think they can cause problems to Ajax here.
  7. Mates what do you think about Billericay win today ? They were pretty poor in first round, especially in first half. Still managed to win. Braintree should have problems this season as they lost most of the players. Should be class difference here.
  8. Mates what about Salford today ? According to bookies they are promotion candidates this year. Can they start campain with the win ?
  9. Opinions about Sheffield utd ? If they win they will probably get promoted. Odss are low but probably realistic at this point.
  10. @Darran Do you think Salford will win this one ? Did Maidstone gave up from this season ? After last week win Salford should be full confidence for this one.
  11. @Darran What do you think about Salford to win ? Seems they picked form recently. Bromley blows hot and cold but seems their defense isnt good. Salford should take adventage of that IMO.
  12. Does anyone know what is with Adam Rooney from Salford? Is he injured or ?
  13. @Xtc12 Time for Dundalk to win finally ? Maybe in convicing manner ?
  14. @Darran What do you think about Salford ? Is it time to put good game finally? Read that David Beckham will be presented at this match. Surely should be motivation for them. Also read that Matlock have big problems with injuries ? Farsley are in good mood and this can be good bet ?
  15. Dont know how Kings Lynn havent score 4 or 5 ffs. What a daaay
  16. Darran, what do you think about Kings Lynn scoring 2 or more here ? Lieston conceding in every match and just didnt score against Kettering.
  17. Darran, what is happening with Billericay ? They are in real slump recently. Also what do you think about Oxford City and Concord ? Oxford is in really good form and their oposition is weak away. Something similar is with with Concord. Thanks
  18. Odds really went down so cant take guests anymore. What do you this about Farsley to score 2 or more (1.85)? They have pretty good scoring record and look really good upfront. Thinking to take this big.
  19. According to Aldershot website, they will have 11 fit players for this match. Dont know how many of them would be in starting eleven in normal conditions. Odds on guests jumped a bit.
  20. @Darran Mate what do you think about Kings Lynn HW? According to your previews in last few weeks, this should be clear win?
  21. Probably will go with Darran on Kings Lynn strong. Still you all should have on mind that i am very unlucky with England lower leagues. Barwell couple weeks ago was top of iceberg probably. Dont know anything about these teams and dont like playing on away team but Darrans look very confinedt on this one (in my eyes) which is enough for me.
  22. I tought if its strong home win? I would take it big if you have big cinfidence?
  23. Darran, do you think Barwell worth big stake ? Or its still coin toss?
  24. What about Bilericay? Easy win against East Thurrock?
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