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  1. Re: £2 to £200 with confident bets? Moving it to Glory Hunters as it doesn't even claim to be a system, rather a typical GH. :hope
  2. Re: Finski Liga Cup May I ask what kind of odds you expected when the home team are 1.45 to win FT? It is a cup match, right, and the bet might even win, but the above still makes me think it's a shot in the dark, based on no facts or anything. Sorry:(
  3. Re: Finski Liga Cup :welcome to PL, mate. Wow, it's a brave bet, but you will find that reasoning is mandatory here (twice as much for similar bets, if it's just a shout in the dark, it's best to issue a warning as well, if it's based on info, let us know);)
  4. Re: lay system Good going, mate:ok
  5. Re: Russian Football Leagues 2011 The bets only section is not used here mainly because all the leagues covered here are considered "minor" ones and information is crucial. Simply put it's not like writing Chelsea win (as everyone in the betting world knows at least something about Chelsea) as even most regulars here don't have to know what teams we are talking about here.;)
  6. Re: Czech Republic Gambrinus Liga 2010/2011 Pilsen v Sparta Prague will be the most interesting match of the round - battle of the first place, in fact. It seems too unpredictable from the betting perspective, though, especially as Pilsen were robbed of victory by the ref in the last round, and Sparta - cough, cough - left it very late to grab all three points. Pilsen will be all fired up, but I expect Sparta to play for a draw. Jablonec no longer the very strong team from the beginning of the season, but over 1/2 for a home win against a relatively weak HK seems good enough.
  7. Re: Czech Republic Gambrinus Liga 2010/2011 Friday 11 March 2011 Home Draw Away BPP FC Zbrojovka Brno v SK Sigma Olomouc (19:15 GMT) 4.4 3.7 1.94 101.30 % Saturday 12 March 2011 Home Draw Away BPP FK Marila Príbram v FC Slovan Liberec (15:00 GMT) 2.65 3.12 3.03 102.79 % FC Viktoria Plzen v AC Sparta Praha (16:20 GMT) 2.74 3.13 2.99 101.89 % Sunday 13 March 2011 Home Draw Away BPP FK Baumit Jablonec v FC Hradec Králové (14:00 GMT) 1.55 4.15 7.28 102.35 % SK Ceské Budejovice v Bohemians 1905 (14:00 GMT) 2.1 3.3 4.29 101.23 % Ústí nad Labem v 1.FC Slovácko (14:00 GMT) 2.82 3.15 2.82 102.67 % FK Slavia Praha v FK Teplice (16:00 GMT) 2.31 3.35 3.46 102.04 % Monday 14 March 2011 Home Draw Away BPP FC Baník Ostrava v FK Mladá Boleslav (16:30 GMT) 2.65 3.21 2.99 102.33 %
  8. Re: Research about sportsbettign Which university? Sounds more like Uni of Gambling;)
  9. Re: Draw golden system :wall This is exactly the flaw of Martingale.
  10. Re: Czech Republic Gambrinus Liga 2010/2011 Friday 4 March 2011 Home Draw Away BPP Bohemians 1905 v FK Baumit Jablonec (19:15 GMT) 3 3.1 2.62 103.69 % Saturday 5 March 2011 Home Draw Away BPP FC Slovan Liberec v FK Slavia Praha (14:00 GMT) 2.18 3.25 3.9 102.28 % 1.FC Slovácko v FC Viktoria Plzen (16:20 GMT) 4.66 3.44 1.92 102.61 % Sunday 6 March 2011 Home Draw Away BPP FC Hradec Králové v SK Ceské Budejovice (14:00 GMT) 2.36 3.2 3.6 101.40 % FK Mladá Boleslav v FC Zbrojovka Brno (15:30 GMT) 1.52 4 7 105.08 % AC Sparta Praha v FK Marila Príbram (16:00 GMT) 1.22 5.51 19 104.96 % FK Teplice v Ústí nad Labem (16:00 GMT) 1.33 5 12 103.33 % Monday 7 March 2011 Home Draw Away BPP SK Sigma Olomouc v FC Baník Ostrava (16:30 GMT) 1.85 3.41 5.1 102.99 %
  11. Re: Draw golden system Thanks for clarification. Well, I did a short recovery system a long time ago and in ice hockey where the prices are even higher - only limited the recovery to three games and that was it - on more than one occasion the negative run would sweep the bank clean. iroquois - don't want to sound stupid, but I strongly recommend you to try these martingales with hard earned to see what may come out of this kind of recovery strategies.
  12. Re: South Africa 2nd March Thanks for the insight and :hope
  13. Re: Draw golden system Why do all your systems need to be martingales, though?:unsure I guess one for fun why not, but this is simply gonna end up in tears, 100 %. Also, if martingale after all, how can you decide the stake when more matches will be played at the same time (I presume).
  14. Re: AFC Champions League 2011 I guess they are simply a popular bet and they are playing a side that is nothing special. They have enjoyed success in AFC in recent years as well, especially in early stages, if my memory serves me well. Still 1.55 @ BF and I expect the usual little drift before the KO.
  15. Re: CONCACAF champions league 2011 thread First leg QF results Cruz Azul won 2-0 Columbus Crew drew 0-0 Monterrey won 1-0 Dep Saprissa won 1-0
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