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  1. Dreadful news. My thoughts are with all concerned. RIP Paul.
  2. Re: Chester Tipsters Competition ~ Day 1 Selections 1.45. charlies star 2.15. bright approach 2.45. communicator 3.15. ballista 3.50. computer 4.25. masamah 5.00. lovelocks
  3. Re: Snooker Shootout: 24-26 Jan Have you got front row tickets again mate?;)
  4. Re: The Jockey Thread According to RacingUK yesterday, Murphy was found to be the sole aggressor, and his shoulder popped out as one of the valets tried to prevent a scuffle. There was no blame of any sort attached to Elsworth.
  5. Re: *****PL Tipster Comp - £400 Cash for Horse Racing Tipsters only!***** All information can be found here
  6. Re: PL Poker Champs 2013 - Sat Sep 28th - Sponsored by Grosvenor Poker (£1800 Added)! I took my time, but I'm in!:nana
  7. Re: PL tipsters comp Please could you send any similar requests to Your request will be sorted much quicker than putting it in here. Thanks
  8. Re: Yield table? We'll get it checked out. :ok
  9. Big Andy

    Taking a Break

    Re: Taking a Break Never mind the poker Jase. My best wishes go to you in getting the young 'un sorted as soon as possible fingers crossed.
  10. Re: cheltenham chat thread 2013 Cheltenham Spa to the course is an absolute nightmare, in fact unless you get to the course ridiculously early, you would be quicker walking it and it is not a short walk, the bother getting taxi's is a total pain too. I would certainly consider coach travel, National Express have coaches running from their terminus in Brum, it's £20 return and worth every penny, you're dropped off and picked up on the coach park behind the Best Mate enclosure. It is late in the day so I'm unsure of the availability but it's definitely an option to consider. I've used it more than once and it's cracking value for money.
  11. Re: First 3 members to reply get a Free 200 Page Cheltenham Betting Guide Sent! :wall
  12. Re: *****PL Tipster Comp - £400 Cash for Horse Racing Tipsters only! From Feb 1st**** Ted, if your odds are over 21.00 and your original stake was 10pts, just email and I will reduce your stake accordingly.
  13. Re: *****PL Tipster Comp - £400 Cash for Horse Racing Tipsters only! From Feb 1st**** You can't cancel bets once settled but you should email any bets that need correcting to and they'll be dealt with. Include every bet in the email that needs sorting. Also it seems I have to say this again, any queries about the tipster competition should be sent to the aforementioned email address, because your problems will get addressed much quicker than putting them in this thread.
  14. Re: *****PL Tipster Comp - £400 Cash for Horse Racing Tipsters only! From Feb 1st**** Hi Chilli. The odds for horse racing, unlike tips for football, tennis or any other sport for that matter, are entered at the settling stage. So when you decide to settle your racing bet, enter the SP odds, then whatever profit or loss your tip has made. Just make sure you enter the "-" symbol then click "loss" for any losses, and for a winning tip just enter the profit rather than the total return and select "win". hope that helps.
  15. Re: jump racing 26th january Last Shadow is a very interesting one in this race. ATR analysed his debut over hurdles at Doncaster just over 2 weeks ago and it appeared that Tony McCoy was under strict orders just to get this horse round safely without any fuss. In fact I don't think AP even showed the whip to the horse that day which is something you rarely hear about when it comes to him. It finished a decent fourth, doing the best work at the end of the race and it definitely looks like a great each way bet tomorrow. I'll be doing the same bet as BH. :ok