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  1. Re: Tennis: The value in Qualifiers

    Hi A-Team, Thanks for your useful update. Not having 10 Bet I used Ladbrokes for the RUSSELL v Pless. They've posted it on my account as a loss! How did you get a void? chris
    Chris 10bet rules state the match must be completed, I'm afraid Russell retired at the end of the 1st set. With Ladbrokes, if it starts then the result is whoever goes through is the winner. Russell retired at the end of the 1st set. :wall
  2. Re: Quick System

    nice winner but EP was much more than SP It started at 17 and drifted to 7
    Morning fav was a non runner, rule 4 45%, I took 10/1, works out at 11/2. Stiil great tipping :clap
  3. Re: Football: Fleet's Trebles

    Hi Anyone can advice me on if Betfair allows Treble bettings ? I cant seem to find how it can be done. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. Anyway FleetFantastic, Cheers for your tips ! Won in brazil yesterday :) Thanks
    Craver, betfair don't allow trebles, sometimes do Saturday bankers when the English season is in full swing. Betdaq do multiple bets, but not as much money available. Cheers
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