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** October Poker League Result : 1st avongirl, 2nd McG, 3rd Rhino_Power **
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  1. Re: Stars Million Challenge This brutal run has me done with this. Last 37 games 1st:4 2nd:24 3rd:9. Is that amount of all-ins lost even fathomable. Including numerous 4,6,10,25x multipliers.
  2. Re: Stars Million Challenge After the Stars outage I decided to play some Spin again as the games were probably going to be juicy and they are! Managed to hit a 25x multiplier... managed to get sucked out on again A2 > AJ. Think i'm due something like $500 from all the biggest multipliers I hit over the past months to only win once. Must be nice for Russia. I get ddosed by them every time I go deep in the HU tournament and they never lose all-ins. Nice country love those cunts.
  3. Re: Stars Million Challenge Brilliant stories Matrix thanks for sharing, he really is a huge loss to the poker world! Just 7 games played today +$5, and the last 2 games were both 6x multipliers where I got 2 outtered in one and lost a flip HU in the other which just sums it up the last few days. I'm going to knock them on the head for a few days and play some HU Hypers to get some run good flow back. Admittedly my volume is terrible especially considering 20 games is a low benchmark to hit, but I'm in the middle of a very intense Masters degree in IT, so I got a lot going on and just trying to tick over with the poker.
  4. Re: Stars Million Challenge No all-ins were won in the making of this graph! Only 11 games played for -$25. Will try and play 30 tomorrow... Cheers mate :ok love your poker name story with DevilFish btw must be a great memory.
  5. Re: Stars Million Challenge -$25 it was due I guess!
  6. Re: Stars Million Challenge Hey Andy, I think they're worth persisting with so long as you know not to take them too seriously going in.
  7. Re: Stars Million Challenge +$15. 3/3 winning days so far so can't complain. Highest multiplier is 6x two times with one lost one won. Still waiting for the big one!
  8. Nade

    R.I.P. DevilFish

    Re: R.I.P. DevilFish Very sad news, and it seems to all have happened very quickly :( A true poker legend RIP
  9. Re: Stars Million Challenge +$5 Can't complain
  10. Re: Stars Million Challenge Just remembered about my Sharky subscription which I forgot automatically renews every 6months and cost $50 a few days ago so I'll be playing some HU hypers too now and again to make up for that! As for the spins, I'll be playing my set later on hoping to break-even..
  11. Re: Stars Million Challenge First day: 20 games +$50 profit. Also lost HU AK to A9 for a 10x multiplier which is pretty normal - from the spins over the past months think I've only one multiplier above 6x out of 7 or something due mostly to bad beats. Pretty brutal though when these games are all about the big multipliers, the rest of the games are just about plodding along hoping to break-even pretty much.
  12. Will be playing those $5spins over the next few weeks, playing a minimum of 20 games day, targeting a few hundred profit. Let's hope I can bink some big multipliers!
  13. Nade

    Twitch streams

    Re: Twitch streams I have mixed feelings about these streams. In the poker world we tend to judge things by how 'good for poker' they are and these streams do gain the industry new and wider exposure so naturally we can see them as good fun. On the other side though I'm not totally comfortable with the platform they're using (Twitch) a site I've been a user of for some years now and have watched hundreds of hours of gamers streaming over that time even subscribing to some. The reason it doesn't sit well with me is that the audience of people who use Twitch are young, immature and extremely impressionable kids and teenagers. I'm sure the stattos at Twitch or in Poker PR will claim there's a decent % of users on Twitch over 18, but that's unreliable as the Internet is a place for lying about your age. So it's not a stretch to say the majority of the audience on Twitch is underage, and yet Poker is being demonstrated on there like it's the norm. People can argue it's the same for streaming 18+ games like GTA5, but it's different imo because there's a common understanding that a game is a game. The danger is putting poker alongside other games is the youngsters think it's just another game with no consequences, and for them to find out otherwise could have very real life consequences - that is my concern. I think it's a debate worth having in the industry anyway :ok
  14. Re: 2015 - Story of a Micro Player (DanShot) It seems like you're often in limbo with what you want from poker, would this be right? I mean your goals often change, your games often change and your motivation is up and down so it does come across like you feel you should be playing more than you actually want to be playing. I say you could find a more content path with poker if you really know what you want from it. If it's just fun then you don't really need to set any challenges but try to maximise your potential when you do play by playing tournaments. Or if you want a steady income then you really have to fully commit on a game that suits your skill set and one that you will enjoy to play even 6months down the line. If you don't really enjoy playing or don't have any ambitions in the game then it would be time to quit, otherwise you're just lighting money on fire.
  15. Re: Transitioning from Online Tournaments to Live Tournaments - Advice request Only thing I can add to Bart's and the guys great posts is to say you will most likely make some mistake with the chips or betting actions because it's pretty common even at the very highest levels.
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