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  1. Re: Polish Ekstraklasa 5-7.12 i will follow your bet. i hope it will not finish 0:0. good luck
  2. Re: Poland Ekstraklasa Cup I must admin that odds on belchatow are tempting but u must be aware of one thing: belchatow needs only draw to qualify to next stage so home win is not so sure (we even dont know first eleven from belchatow) belchatow completes my nice combo but i think i will bet cover my bet... Slask is in my mind couse Carcovia must focus on domestic league but have to read more news...
  3. Re: Polish ekstraklasa 25.10 Legia-Wisła hard match to bet and i can't see a winner here. I will probably pass and bet live maybe. anyway good luck !!!
  4. Re: Polish Ekstraklasa and Second League 7/5 BetExplorer - Polish 2nd league 2007/2008 stats, Soccer - Poland - tables, results Arka(1,85)+Lechia(1,4) @ 2,6 6/10 bwin Wisła-Arka 2 @1,85 5/10 Arka new coach and amaizing results.Last 4 matches =4 wins with 14 goals scored and only 1 conceded.They r fighting for promotion. Missing: Bartosz Ława , Karwan , Mazurkiewicz. Wisla before the season one of the mian contender to advance. Now playing crap. Caoch was fired and the team is in mess. Wisla will play only for pride today. Missings:Wiśniewski, Krzyżanowski, Geworgian, Mierzejewski, Wyczałkowski , Strugark Lechia- Kmita 1 @1,4 8/10 Lechia is fighting for promotion.Great at home 11-2-1. Kmita their performance is not so good like in the past. Coach ordered to stay 5 main players(Laskowski, Makucha, Bębenek, Cebula, Bagnicki) at home becouse they have most important game on Saturday agains Warta.They are fighting against relegation but even coach doesn't belive in goo dresult in this game and prepare team to next match. :hope:hope:hope Arka(1,85)+Lechia(1,4) @ 2,6 6/10 bwin pick lost :( Lechia 1:0 ft Arka 1:1 ft
  5. Re: Polish cup and Second League Wed 30/4 Zdrój Ciechocinek - Unia Janikowo 0:1 FT :gimme One more for today : Kujawiak Włocławek - Kotwica Kołobrzeg 2 @1,8 4/10 damn Kujawiak Włocławek - Kotwica Kołobrzeg 0:0 FT but Jarota Jarocin - Rega-Merida 1 @1,5 3:0 ft :)
  6. Re: Polish cup and Second League Wed 30/4 ok once again sth from lower league: III liga 2007/2008, grupa: 2 01.05.2008 11:00 Zdrój Ciechocinek - Unia Janikowo 2 @1,9 5/10 Short preview couse game startr in 10mins: Unia much stronger side.Won last Saturday with leader Flota 3:0 ! Zdrój average site wit many jungsters form SMS-fotball school. Zdrój trainer is ex-Unia's coach but i don't care. Some missings in Zdroj team. First match 1:1(i lost some maoney them) No is payback time! Go Unia!!!
  7. Re: Polish cup and Second League Wed 30/4 Mazowsze Grójec - Ruch Wysokie Mazowieckie 1 @6,6 2:1 FT :gimme :nana:nana:nana:nana:nana:nana:nana:nana :gimme Tur Turek v Arka Gdynia 1:4 FT :gimme Piast - Stal 2:0 FT :gimme Arka+Piast @2,4 5/10 :) Radomiak Radom v Dolcan Ząbki 0:0 FT :(
  8. Re: Polish cup and Second League Wed 30/4 I found a value bet form 3rd league gr.1 30.0417:00 Mazowsze Grójec - Ruch Wysokie Mazowieckie 1 @6,6 2/10 :hope http://www.90minut.pl/liga.php?id=3205 Bwin odds on home win @6,6 when polish local @3,2 . Ruch Wysokie Mazowieckie fired coach Adamus after defeat against Dolcanem Ząbki 1:3 last Saturday. Coach had a meeting with club bosses during the week and he was arguing with them .Next day after this hot meeting he was fired and was even not allowed to say goodbye to his players! He was not allowed to come to club’s building ! He was working with these players from 06.2007. and left the club on 1st position. I think this behaviour will have a bad effect on players and there is a chance for surprise. Mazowsze Grójec didn’t play at the weekend so they are rested. Last Wednesday they lost 0:1 with Radomiak but played with 10men from 60min.They didn’t play bad according to club site. Of course Ruch is still a favourite but odds 1,4 are funny and I have to try to grab nice odds on home team. First match between these teams: Ruch Wysokie Mazowieckie 3 - 2 Mazowsze Grójec 30.04 17:00 Radomiak Radom - Dolcan Ząbki 2 @2,05 5/10 Dolcan is flying high at the moment. No defeat after winter break -5wins and 2 draws! They are 2nd now and have only 3 points less then the leader Ruch and won with them last Saturday 3:1 away! Radomiak have new coach after last defeat against strong OKS Olsztyn and that’s why I’m a little bit affraid because players will surely try to show that they have potential. There will be some substiutions new coach said but nobody knows if it will help. Info 28.04 Strike in Radomiak camp. Players want ex-coach back and they didn’t train Monday. First match : Dolcan Ząbki 1 - 1 Radomiak Radom moreover: Arka+Piast @2,4 5/10 For tomorrow : Zdrój Cichocinek - Unia Janikowo 2 @1,9 Jarota Jarocin - Rega-Merida 1 @1,5
  9. Re: Polish Ekstraklasa and Second League 25-27/4 3rd league gr.2 league table : http://www.90minut.pl/liga.php?id=3206 26.04 17:00 Elana Toruń - Kujawiak Włocławek 1 @1,65 bwin Derby match in Toruń. Elana Toruń is fighting for promotion. Even 4th position gives promotion to new 2nd league. Elana have quite strong first 11 but poor reserve players.Tomorrow everybody is fit and nobody is suspended for cards so host will come to this match with strong line-up. Kujawiak is young and unexperienced team. Some older players left the club during winterbrake couse club didn't have enought money to pay them. Main playermaker is doubtfull but even with him Elana is favourite in this game. Kujawiak is without a win after winter braek. It will be first match when Elana's coach will have all players available. In first match between these team Elana won away 5:0 ! I don't think it will happen again but i think Elana should win. Elana is drawing a lot of matches(3-5-1 at home) and that concerns me a little but odds 1,65 are fine for me. They will surely fight for 3 points. :D:D:D:D ELANA
  10. Re: Polish Cup Tue/Wed 15-16/4 agree agree agree :hope Wisła -0,5&-1 @1,72 and over @ 2,2 for me :hope
  11. Re: Polish leagues 4-6/4 POL D1FTKorona Kielce2-0 (1-0)LKS Lodz POL D1FTLech Poznan2-0 (1-0)Odra Wodzislaw POL D1FTWidzew Lodz2-0 (2-0)Jagiellonia POL D1FTZaglebie Lubin0-0 (0-0)Polonia Bytom :nana:clap:nana:clap:nana:clap :gimme
  12. Re: Polish leagues 4-6/4 POL D1HTKorona Kielce1-0 (1-0)LKS LodzPOL D1HTLech Poznan1-0 (1-0)Odra WodzislawPOL D1HTWidzew Lodz2-0 (2-0)JagielloniaPOL D1HTZaglebie Lubin0-0 (0-0)Polonia BytomPOL D1HTZaglebie Sosnowiec0-1 (0-1)Cracovia nice so far for me :hope
  13. Re: Polish leagues 4-6/4 I'm thinking of Widzew+Lech @2,6 expekt 4/10
  14. Re: Polish Orange Ekstraklasa 28-30/03/08 Legia Warszawa - Korona Kielce 2:0 Kmita Zabierzów - Tur Turek 2:0 arota Jarocin- Kujawiak Wloclawek 2:1 :nana:nana:nana:nana:nana:nana:nana:nana:nana:nana:gimme
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